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Text an recordyans / Text of the recording

Egery in dyw several fenester rag gweles an text ha goslowes i’n kettermyn.

Open in two separate windows to see the text and listen at the same time.

In y gramer Kernowek a’n vledhen mil naw cans naw deg try yma Wella Brown ow campolla lavarow gans an form hir a’n verb bos ‘to be’ sewys dre ow ha’n hanow verbek. Avell ensampyl ev a re an lavar-ma: yth esof owth obery. Brown a lever: ‘the present participle construction can only be translated by the English continuous present “I am working.”’ I’n gwetha prës i’n mater-ma yth yw Brown myskemerys. Yma lies ensampyl i’n tavas hengovek a lavarow a’n sort-na na yll bos trailys poynt gans an present pêsus pò ‘continuous present.’ I’n contrary part res yw aga thrailya avell present sempel. Ot obma nebes examplys: yth esof prest ow cresy y vos lel Duw ‘I believe always that he is true God’ (Bêwnans Meryasek); rag nynj eson ny ow cara Duw mar veur dell on ny kelmys dh’y cara ‘for we do not love God as greatly as we are bound to love him’ (Tregear); nynj eson ny ow pesy dhe Dhuw mar perfect dell via res dhyn, nynj eson ny ow ry, ow gava, ow cresy, ow cara, ow trystya mar perfect dell via res dhyn ‘we do not pray to God as perfectly as we should, we do not give, pardon, believe, love and trust as perfectly as we should’ (Tregear). Mars esowgh why worth ow cara vy, gwethowgh ow comondmentys ‘If you love me, keep my commandments.’ (Tregear). Symon mab Joannes, esta jy worth ow cara vy moy ès an re-ma? ‘Simon son of Jonas, do you love me more than these?’ (Tregear). rag yth on ny megys gans an keth sam tra ujy an eleth ow gweles ha ow trembla ‘for we are fed with the very same thing which the angels see and tremble at’ (Sacrament an Alter). Indella yma Crist orth agan maga ny gans y kig ha goos y gorf ‘Thus Christ feeds us with his flesh and the blood of his body’ (Sacrament an Alter): ort an hager-awel ujy va gwil da derevel warnan ny kenyfer termyn dell eron ny mos dort Pedn an Woles da Syllan ‘because of the storms that he causes to rise up against us every time that we go from Land’s End to Scilly’ (Jowan Boson). Tryja, ort an gorhal ujy va gwil gen ascorn scoodh davas ‘thirdly, because of the the ship that he makes with the shoulder bone of a sheep’ (Jowan Boson). Der taclow munys yw brÿs tus gonvedhys avell in taclow brâs, drefen in taclow brâs yma anjy menowgh hedha gà honen, bùs i’n taclow munys yma anjy sewya hâs gà honen ‘by small things are the minds of men discovered, as much as by great matters, because in great things they will often stretch themselves, but in small matters, they follow their own nature’ (Pryce). An losowen bian gen y arr nedhys, eus o tevy in an hallow ny, eus cries Pleth Maria ‘the little plant with the twisted stem which grows on our moors is called Lady’s Tresses’ (Lhuyd). Pelha rag Inquam ‘I say, quoth I’ yma Lhuyd ow ry Th’ero’vy cows; th’ero’vy lawl. A les ywa inwedh fatell yw an Kembrek ha’n Scot-Godhalek kepar ha’n Kernowek i’n negys-ma. Rag ‘I understand’ i’n dhew davas nebonen a lever ydywf fi yn deall ha tha mi ’tuigsinn, hèn yw warlergh an lytheren i’n dhew gâss: ‘yth esof ow convedhes’.