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Pùb gwir gwethys / All rights reserved

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Text an recordyans / Text of the recording

Egery in dyw several fenester rag gweles an text ha goslowes i’n kettermyn.

Open in two separate windows to see the text and listen at the same time.

Yma try ger i’n textow Kernowek rag ‘proverb:’ proverb, lavar coth ha poynt a skians. I’n textow yma lies ensampyl a broverbys pò lavarow coth pò poyntys a skians. In Origo Mundi ny a gav ambosow orth tryher gwrës, anedha nyns eus laha ‘agreements made under duress are not binding.’ In Bêwnans Meryasek yma leverys: le may fo an bugel medel an lowarn a leha an devysyow ‘where the shepherd is weak, the fox reduces the flock.’ In Bêwnans Ke gans despît Modred traitour a lever: A varwa awos arveth, nynj yw gwyw dhe varhogeth ‘he who is killed by insults isn’t fit to ride to war.’ Pelha yma meur a lavarow coth kefys i’n tavas dewedhes, rag ensampyl: An men eus ow rolya ny vedn nevra cùntell bèst ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss;’ nyns eus gûn heb lagas na ke heb scovarn ‘walls have ears;’ bÿdh avîsys dywweyth kyns gweskel unweyth ‘look before you leap;’ an gwiryoneth yw an gwelha ‘honesty is the best policy;’ gwell yw gwetha avell gofyn ‘it’s better to save than to beg;’ yma a’n gog i’n lowarth awartha ‘he’s bats in the belfry;’ pobel abell a bew castylly ‘far away hills are greener;’ ny dal dywgh gwil treven wàr an treth ‘one should not build houses on the sand;’ ha na wra gasa an fordh goth rag an fordh nowyth ‘the old ways are best;’ Yma nebes lavarow coth kefrÿs usy ow concernya sêsons an vledhen, rag ensampyl gwâv in hâv tereba Golowan ha hâv in gwâv tereba Nadelyk ‘winter in summer until Midsummer; summer in winter until Christmas;’ in hâv porth cov gwâv ‘in summer remember winter;’ deber morgy in mis Mê rag dhe wil maw ‘eat a dogfish in the month of May to have a son.’ Lavar coth aral a gows adro dhe’n gewar: cabmdhavas i’n mettyn glaw yw etn ‘rainbow in the morning there is rain in it.’ Yma Lhuyd ow ry dhyn an lavar den heb tavas a gollas y dir ‘a man without a tongue missed his chance.’ Wàr an dyweth yma Tregear ow meneges lavar gwir in mes a’n Beybel: an den gwiryon a goodh seyth treveth i’n jëdh ‘the righteous man sins seven times each day.’ Dre rêson an remnans a Gernowek dhe vos lymytys lowr, yma otham dhyn whath a lies lavar fur. Ny a yll aga thrailya dhyworth Sowsnek pò dhyworth tavosow erel. Ot obma peswar lavar fur trailys indelha: pellder a wra melder ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’; whor yw an glanythter dhe’n sansoleth ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’; ny gav menowgh onour ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ ha pàn ella an gath alês, y teu an logas in mes ‘when the cat’s away the mice will play.’ Certan oma fatell yll ow goslowysy desmygy moy proverbys rag an tavas.