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Pùb gwir gwethys / All rights reserved

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Text an recordyans / Text of the recording

Egery in dyw several fenester rag gweles an text ha goslowes i’n kettermyn.

Open in two separate windows to see the text and listen at the same time.

Hedhyw me a garsa leverel neb tra ow tùchya an fordh dhe screfa lytherow ha rivbostow in Kernowek. Kyns oll res yw determya an fordh ewn rag screfa an jorna, an mis ha’n vledhen. Y hyller screfa an re-na in mes yn leun. Jowan Keigwin ow trailya Lyther Charlys Mytern a scrif: i’n degves dÿdh, mis Hedra, in bledhen Mil whegh cans dewgans ha try ‘on the tenth day of the month of October, in the year one thousand six hundred forty and three. Jowan Boson a scrif: Mis Ebrel, pympes dÿdh, seytek cans ha deg ‘The month of April, fifth day, seventeen hundred and ten. Wàr an tenewen aral yma Oliver Pender ow screfa fygùrys yn udnyk. Dew, dew Est, onen seyth onen onen ‘two, two August, one seven one one’, hèn yw ‘The twenty second of August, seventeen eleven’. Ytho gwren ny soposya agan bos whensys dhe screfa: ‘July the fourteenth, two thousand and twenty.’ Ny a yll screfa An peswardhegves dëdh, mis Gortheren, in bledhen dyw vil hag ugans ‘the fourteenth day, the month of July, in the year two thousand and twenty’ pò Mis Gortheren, pymdhegves dëdh, dyw vil hag ugans ‘the month of July, fourteenth day, two thousand and twenty’; pò in fygùrys yn udnek: onen pymp Gortheren, dew màn dew màn ‘one five July, two zero two zero’. Lebmyn in pana vaner a res dallath lyther formal? Yma Oliver Pender ow tallath lyther gans an geryow Sera wheg ‘Dear Sir.’ Hag yma Jowan Boson ow screfa: Sera wheg onorys ‘Dear honoured Sir’. Yth yw an tîtel madama kefys in Passio Christi. Rag hedna ny a yll screfa A Sera wheg  A Vadama wheg. Ow tùchya corf an lyther oll an re-ma yw kefys i’n Kernowek Dewedhes: Me a wrug fanja gàs lyther seythen alebma, bùs nag era termen dym da screffa dywgh straft arta ‘I received your letter a week ago, but I didn’t have time to reply to you immediately.’ Th’ov vy lowen dhe glôwas dhort why ‘I am happy to hear from you’. Me a re marcy dhywgh rag agas nowodhow ‘Thank you for your news.’ Nyns yw kefys i’n tavas hengovek a oos vëth an lavarow usy ow sewya, saw yma oll an geryow inhans kefys i’n textow: Gromercy dhywgh a’gas lyther ‘Thank you for your letter’; Gromercy dhywgh a’gas messach ‘Thank you for your message.’ Pelha in Lhuyd ny a gav: Ny woraf vy screfa na moy ‘I can write no more’. Mars eson ny whensys dhe dhewedha lyther formal, ny a yll folya gis Wella Pryce ha leverel: Th’ov vy gàs gwas isel ‘I am your humble servant; yours faithfully’.’ In onen a’y lytherow yma Jowan Boson ow screfa gen oll an colon vy. In Kernowek agan dedhyow ny hedna a via: Gen oll ow holon vy ‘With all my heart, Yours sincerely.’ Yma Jowan Boson ow corfenna lyther gans: Yêhas dhe why lebmmyn ha woja hemma inwedh ‘Good health to you now and hereafter.’ Yma Nicholas Boson ow screfa gen bonùjeth dâ. In Kernowek agan dedhyow ny hedna a via gans bolùnjeth dâ ‘with good wishes’, fordh gompes rag gorfenna lyther.