Radyô an Gernowegva, Dyllans 546, 21 mis Gortheren 2021

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We learn about the origin of the name of Damascus, and we talk to a prize-winning writer. The Grand Bard tells us about the Gorsedh’s adult awards. And there’s information about an upcoming Cornish language camping weekend on the Lizard.

Yth eson ny ow tesky a dhalathfos hanow Damask hag ow côwsel orth screfor a wrug gwainya pêwas. An Bardh Meur a vydn derivas adro dhe prîsyow kesstrîf an Orsedh rag tevysogyon. Y’gan beus nebes manylyon kefrÿs a bedn seythen campya Kernowek a dheu wàr an Lesard.