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We attend the unveiling of the blue plaque at Botallack to the memory of Brenda Wootton. We go on the trail of the Five Carns. We start the story of 'Moving House' by Dick Gendall. We find out more about Gweles, the new quarterly magazine in Cornish. And we learn about Porphyria.

Yth eson ny i’n solempnyta rag dysmailya an plack blou in Bo’talek dhe gov Brenda Wootton. Yth eson wàr fordh an Pymp Carn. Yth eson ow tallath whedhel ‘Chaunjya Chy’ gans Dick Gendall. Yth eson ow tesky moy adro dhe Gweles, an lyver tremis nowyth in Kernowek. Hag ow tesky a'n cleves Porfyrya.