Click on the link for the 28 January 2022 edition

We get a report on the James Webb Space Telescope. We have another science lesson, this time from Nicholas Williams who talks about the different forms of carbon. Jerry Sethir reads the third part of Chapter 11 of The Lord of the Rings. And I review the latest issue of the magazine An Gannas and provide some information about this year’s Cornish Language Weekend in April.

Yth eson ow cafos derivas a bellwelor efander James Webb. Yma ken lesson sciens: an dro-ma dhyworth Nicholas Williams, usy ow côwsel adro dhe formys dyvers an elven carbon. Yma Jerry Sethir ow redya Arlùth an Besewow, an tressa radn a’n Unegves Chaptra. Hag yth esof vy ow qwil daswel a’n dewetha nyver a’n jornal An Gannas hag ow provia nebes kevarwedhyans adro dhe'n 'Pennseythen' Kernowek hevleny mis Ebrel.