Exercise 5

Ny a’th verkyas de i’n hel arethya. or Y’th verksyn de i’n hel arethya.

We noticed you yesterday in the lecture hall.

Ny’n mockyas an rûth.

The crowd did not mock him.

Y’m gortsys in tyller cabm. or Ty a’m gortas in tyller cabm.

You waited for me in the wrong place.

An knava a’s knoukyas dhe’n dor. or Y’s knoukyas an knava dhe’n dor.

The rascal knocked her down.

A’s kefsowgh yn êsy lowr?

Did you find them quite easily?

Exercise 6

Me a’s gwelas. or Y’s gwelys.

A’gan clôwsons ny?

Ny’n gwrug vy.

A’s kefsys?

Ny’n gorfensowgh.

Exercise 7

Powl and Mark support the football club Plymouth Argyle. Today they're getting ready to attend a game in the Home Park stadium. But they’re late. All is hectic bustle.


Mark, hurry up! It’s not just a short trip. You have to reckon with the traffic too. Where’s Powl?


Upstairs. In the study. The car boot was full of papers. Belonging to the big trial he’s involved in. He’s taken them out. That will save fuel all the way there and back.


And keep the things secure. A pity he didn’t leave them in a much more suitable place. Safely in his office.


Where’s my supporters scarf? Have you seen it anywhere?


On the peg by the front door. You put it there so you’d remember it.


So I did! And here comes Dad.


Powl, go carefully. It’s only a football match. You shouldn’t be in a dangerous rush.


No need to worry. There’s still plenty of time without any crazy driving. Come on, Mark, quick as you can. See you, sweetie! We’ll be back for supper.

Exercise 8

Y’gan beus gwir dh’y wodhvos.

Y’s teves flû.

Y’m beus tybyans.

Y’th eus mona lowr.

Y'n jeves lies talent.

Exercise 9

An boosty a’n jeves steren Michelin.

An ostel a’s teves pymp chambour warn ugans.

Tôkyn owrek a’n jeves Charlie.

Sîra Wydn a’n jeves bùngalow ryb an mor.

Pëth a’th eus in dha sagh?

Exercise 10

A’n jeves cubmyas dhe wil hedna?

An kyttryn usy ow mos dhe Loundres – a’n jeves attêsva?

A’gan beus moy ès dôwys heb dôwys?

An botellow gwin – a’s teves, oll anodhans, top screw?

A’s teves floghwith?

Exercise 11

Amowntyor dêwlin ny’m beus.

An ky-ma ny’n jeves mycroscobmyn.

Nefra ny’gan beus lùck dâ.

Ny’n jeves ma’s try foynt wàr y gubmyas lewyas.

I’n tor’-ma anjy yw oll an bobel na’s teves gwir vëth dhe asteveryans.