Exercise 12

Dear Mr and Mrs Tonkin,

Danyel was allocated to the Cornish stream when we started offering some of our lessons in Cornish; and last academic year he was able to have geography lessons in this language, thanks to a teacher, Mr Edward Teague, who could visit us from the big secondary school. This year we have employed Mr Teague again, with Danyel now in Year 5.

I’m also happy to announce that history lessons will be provided this year in Cornish, by Mrs Eryca Rowe, who joins the school staff on a full-time basis.

We hope timetabled teaching in Cornish can gradually be expanded in future years. But there will be no change to our policy of offering lessons in Cornish only when we have a teacher qualified both in the language and in the specific subject.

Yours sincerely,

Lily Goss

Head Teacher

Exercise 13

Here's part of the text published on the website of a luxury hotel. “Try our bubbling jacuzzi, soak in our hot pool, let our sauna work its magic.” Elen Tonkin is chatting to her cousin Jana Bligh.


Have you been in the hotel spa yet? It has a sauna. And a swimming pool.


I tried it last month. And I had their Bright Body too. That’s a detox skin treatment.


Would you recommend it?


So far as I know, the therapists are well trained. Something like that’s never going to be cheap. But if you want to pamper your body …


My birthday’s next week. Powl’s bound to see we have a nice dinner in an upmarket restaurant. Perhaps I could go to the spa the same day?


Great idea. Why not? Take a look at the list of options on the internet. There are various massages too: for the head, or the back, or the whole body.


Really? (Checking on her phone:) I’ve got the website here. Ninety minutes for a massage: face, head, body. It’s not at all cheap. But a special one-off, for one special day … I’ll do it!

Exercise 14

Do you wonder what happened to Crysten and Tôny, whom we met in Cara Kernowek Book One? Well, imagine you’ve received this invitation printed in gold ink.

You are invited to the wedding of


The Church of St John the Evangelist, Truro

Followed by reception

Write a reply. To accept; and to pass on to them your wholehearted congratulations.