Exercise 15

Pandra leverta?

What are you saying?

Ymowns y ow viajya, dell gresaf, in degolyow.

They’re travelling, I believe, on holiday.

A kemeryth mynysen rag consydra?

Will you take a moment to think about it?

Medhow owgh why oll, dell welyn.

You’ll all drunk, as we can see.

Ev a gev neppëth uthyk i’n gyst.

He’ll find something horrible in the box.

Ny’n car hy in gwir.

She doesn’t love him really.

Avorow y towns y.

They’ll be coming tomorrow.

Mar reth dhybm nyver hy fon, me a yll pellgôwsel orty.

If you give me her phone number, I can call her. 

Exercise 16

Ny’n cresaf.

A’th welaf avorow?

Pandra lever (or laver) an den?

Me a’ga re (or ro) dhis kettel vowns y parys. or Y’ga rov dhis kettel vowns y parys.

Me a’s car. or Y’s caraf.

Exercise 17

Lily Goss, head teacher of the primary school, is meeting Powl Tonkin, who is chair of the governors, to make sure everything is ready for the new academic year. She's made a brief note of the points they covered. At the end of the meeting she reads the note aloud to wrap things up. Here’s part of it.

Expanded from note form:

History will be taught this year through the medium of Cornish. Head Teacher has written to every family of the Cornish stream. Chair of Governors will ask Curriculum Committee to assess present state of learning through the medium of Cornish. Curriculum Committee will consider next steps. Chair of Governors will welcome Rowe with personal letter of encouragement.

Exercise 18

To: Demelsa Pentreath, Sixth Form

Dear Demelsa,

Last term, we settled on your appointment as chair of our School’s Cornish language society for the new academic year. I’ve asked Mr Mundy, head of the English Department, to be responsible for this Society. He’s a Cornish speaker and I’ve no doubt you’ll work well together. Mr Mundy will be meeting with you in the first week of this Term. Agree with him a committee of students and put together a programme of various events. There’s a small budget to reimburse expenses. I’ll be taking great interest in the success of the society.

Best regards,

Alson Combellack

Head Teacher