Put the definite article in front of the noun (as for Drill 6), add a suitable adjective to each noun (as for Drill 16), add the introductory words an re-na yw, and translate. The first one has been answered for you as an example.

1.       fardelygow

          An re-na yw an fardelygow bian. Those are the small packets.

2.       jynjiow

3.       parcow

4.       mebyon

5.       mergh

6.       gwelyny

7.       fenestry

8.       cothmans

9.       eskern

10.     abransow

11.     caderyow

12.     kelyn

13.     lorednow

14.     lywansow

15.     pluvogow

16.     scubellow

17.     lagasow

18.     tavernyow

19.     pùscadoryon

20.     meyn


1.       An re-na yw an fardelygow bian. Those are the small packets.

2.       An re-na yw an jynjiow coth. Those are the old engine-houses.

3.       An re-na yw an parcow gwer. Those are the green fields.

4.       An re-na yw an vebyon guv. Those are the kind sons.

5.       An re-na yw an vergh dhu. Those are the black horses.

6.       An re-na yw an gwelyny trogh. Those are the broken sticks.

7.       An re-na yw an fenestry ledan. Those are the wide windows.

8.       An re-na yw an cothmans caradow. Those are the kindly friends.

9.       An re-na yw an eskern sëgh. Those are the dry bones.

10.     An re-na yw an abransow tew. Those are the thick eyebrows.

11.     An re-na yw an caderyow brehek. Those are the armchairs.

12.     An re-na yw an kelyn wheg. Those are the sweet puppies.

13.     An re-na yw an lorednow ker. Those are the expensive satellites.

14.     An re-na yw an lywansow teg. Those are the beautiful paintings.

15.     An re-na yw an pluvogow medhel. Those are the soft pillows (or cushions).

16.     An re-na yw an scubellow nowyth. Those are the new brooms.

17.     An re-na yw an lagasow glas. Those are the blue eyes.

18.     An re-na yw an tavernyow leun. Those are the full pubs.

19.     An re-na yw an bùscadoryon vysy. Those are the busy fishermen.

20.     An re-na yw an veyn vian. Those are the small stones.