Put the definite article in front of the noun (as for Drill 10), add a suitable adjective to each noun (as for Drill 20), add the introductory words an re-na yw, and translate. The first one has been answered for you as an example.

1.       kigoryon

          An re-na yw an gigoryon genwerthek. Those are the commercial butchers.

2.       barr

3.       seghyer

4.       boos

5.       cowetha

6.       âlsyow

7.       corf

8.       mêstrysy

9.       codna

10.     breow

11.     dyber

12.     soper

13.     canstel

14.     mordryg

15.     flehes

16.     chîcok

17.     kewer

18.     lînenoryon

19.     bùssow

20.     treven


1.       An re-na yw an gigoryon genwerthek. Those are the commercial butchers.

2.       Hèn yw an barr meurgerys. That’s the much loved (popular) bar.

3.       An re-na yw an seghyer gwag. Those are the empty bags.

4.       Hèn yw an boos saworek. That’s the tasty food.

5.       An re-na yw an gowetha ogas. Those are the close companions.

6.       An re-na yw an âlsyow uhel. Those are the high cliffs.

7.       Hèn yw an corf keherek. That’s the muscular body.

8.       An re-na yw an vêstrysy wothys. Those are the proud masters.

9.       Hèn yw an codna dygig. That’s the scrawny neck.

10.     An re-na yw an breow isel. Those are the low hills.

11.     Hèn yw an dyber cales. That’s the hard saddle.

12.     Hèn yw an soper yêyn. That’s the cold supper.

13.     Hòn yw an ganstel dhown. That’s the deep basket.

14.     Hèn yw an mordryg trist. That’s the dreary low tide.

15.     An re-na yw an flehes dyscoos. Those are the vulnerable children.

16.     Hèn yw an chîcok bysy. That’s the busy house-martin.

17.     Hòn yw an gewer yêyn. That’s the cold weather.

18.     An re-na yw an lînenoryon compes. Those are the straight rulers.

19.     An re-na yw an bùssow menowgh. Those are the frequent buses.

20.     An re-na yw an treven cles. Those are the cosy houses.