Desky Kernowek Support Group

On-line support group for those learning Cornish with the self-study book Desky Kernowek by Nicholas Williams. You can get the Zoom joining details by contacting Ian Jackson

  • Date: 12/05/2021 20:00
  • Location: Online Event


We will be looking at the alternative sentence patterns Yth ov dyscor / Yth ov vy dyscor / Dyscor ov / Dyscor ov vy / Dyscor yth ov / Dyscor yth ov vy / My (Me) yw dyscor. Why are there seven different ways of saying something as simple as ‘I am a learner’? Cornish is much richer in its basic grammar than English. To bring back Cornwall’s own living language we must appreciate its expressiveness as a characteristic of Cornwall’s history and people. Otherwise there’s a risk we may just be employing Cornish words to put across English ideas. See Desky Kernowek 6A.5 on page 37. But more can be said.