This class is for complete beginners. Mondays, 19:30, by Zoom. The course is Common European Framework of Reference A1 (Breakthrough), the coursebook is Skeul an Tavas, Standard Cornish edition, available from Amazon UK. We supplement it with a lot of additional material. Fully compatible with all the podcasts and literature on this website.

  • Date: 27/03/2023 19:30
  • Location: Online Event


There is an optional CEFR A1 summer examination. But this class is not exam-oriented. There is a strong emphasis on speaking Cornish authentically, idiomatically and with confidence. Everything is bench-marked against historical evidence. The tutor is Ian Jackson, a qualified languages teacher and author of Gerlyver Kescows – a Cornish dictionary for conversation. Places on the course are subject to availability. There is no charge, but participants must have their own copy of the coursebook.

The period for new joiners has expired. You may still request a place in this class if you can self-study to catch up grammar and vocabulary already introduced. Contact Us.