An Prysner in Castel Zenda

Soon to be published in print by


the quarterly magazine in the Cornish language

Translated by

Ian Jackson

Cover illustration by

Nigel Roberts

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An Prysner in Castel Zenda E-text rag tro.pdf

Y fëdh An Prysner in Castel Zenda ow carya an redyor dhe Rùrytânya, tyller a henwhedhel in perveth Ewrôpa goth. Res yw dh’agan gorour Rudolf Rassendyll gwil gweres dhe Vytern an wlas vian-ma, ha hebma in studh a beryl brâs. A yll Rassendyll lettya hager-dhevîs Dûk Michael, hanter-broder dhe’n Mytern? A yll diank orth cas Rupert a Hentzau ha’y dhrog-golîtys? A yll dry oll an aventuryans dhe dhyweth fusyk, heb terry colon an Brynces Flavia, ha’y golon y honen kekefrës?

Anthony Hope a wrug screfa an tala-ma in 1893/4. Rùrytânya ha'y manylyon lywus a gibyas fancy an bobel desempys yn tobm. Yma an trailyans gans Ian Jackson ow cachya froth ha frobmans romantek an mamlyver.

Cornish fully compatible with Skeul an Tavas and Desky Kernowek

With glossary of words not found in the on-line edition of Gerlyver Kescows