Published writings available in Kernowek Standard (KS)

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The second edition of Gerlyver Kescows and the second edition of Kescows Nebes Moy (work-in-progress) can be read on this website: On-line dictionary.


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Published 2012

Jowan Chy an Hordh

Published 2020

The Charter Fragment and Pascon Agan Arluth (ed. Nicholas Williams)

Published 2022

Noah and the Ark: From Origo Mundi, Cornish original with English translation by Alan M. Kent, for school performance

Published 2023

De creatione hominis, Edmund Bonner's First Homily, translated by John Tregear

Origo Mundi (now being re-edited)

Passio Christi (work in progress)

Passyon agan Arlùth (ed. Ian Jackson)


Published 2009

Lewis Carroll Aventurs Alys in Pow an Anethow

Harriette Taylor Treadwell & Margaret Free Kensa Lyver Redya

Jules Verne Adro dhe’n Bÿs in Peswar Ugans Dëdh, abridged

Craig Weatherhill Jowal Lethesow

Published 2010

Alan Kent Devôcyon dhe Greryow

Robert Louis Stevenson Enys Tresour

Published 2011

Alan M. Kent, Gabrielle Cailes, Neil Kennedy The Beast of Bodmin Moor – Best Goon Brèn, bilingual

Nigel J. Roberts Whedhlow ha Drollys a Gernow Goth

Published 2012

Arthur Conan Doyle Ky Teylu Baskerville

Edith Nesbit Flehes an Hens Horn

Published 2013

Kenneth Grahame An Gwyns i’n Helyk

H.G. Wells Gwerryans an Planettys

Published 2014

Jerome K. Jerome Tredden in Scath

Robert Louis Stevenson Câss Coynt an Doctour Jekyll ha Mêster Hyde

J.R.R. Tolkien An Hobys

Published 2015

Jane Austen Gooth ha Gowvreus

Lewis Carroll Der an Gweder Meras ha Myns a Gafas Alys Ena

Published 2016

Charles Dickens Carol Nadelyk, extracts - devydnow

H. Rider Haggard Honna

Bram Stoker Dracùla hag Ôstyas Dracùla

Published 2017

L. Frank Baum Pystrior Marthys Pow Òz

Published 2018

Carlo Collodi Pinocchio

Published 2019

John Buchan An Nawnjek Stap warn Ugans

Published 2020

Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre

Wilkie Collins An Loorven, Prologue

Charles Dickens Gwaityans Meur, Chapter 1

Winifred Holtby Pastel Vro Soth, Chapter 1

Barones Orczy An Flour a Vrathles Cogh, Chapter 1

Anna Sewell Beawty Du, Chapter 1

Anthony Trollope An Warden, Chapter 1

Published 2021

Matthi ab Dewi Kepar ha Cyta Encledhys

Anthony Hope An Prysner in Castel Zenda

Ian Jackson Nadelyk Dickens (short extracts from Carol Nadelyk, Paperyow Pickwick, Senyans an Clegh)

Published 2022

R.D. Blackmore Lorna Doone, Chapter 1

Jack London Dans Gwynn, Chapter 1

Robert Louis Stevenson Viajya gans Asen i'n Cevenas, Chapter 1

Owen Wister Den Gwlas an Werhes, Chapter 1

Published 2023

R.M. Ballantyne An Enys Coral, Chapter 1

Arnold Bennett An Ostel Babylon Veur, Chapter 1 

John Bunyan Prieryn ow Mones Rag, Christian Starts Out on His Journey

John Meade Falkner Moonfleet, Chapter 1

Thomas Hardy An Genesyk Dewhelys, Chapter 1

George Orwell Penrêwlys an Nowgows (Appendix to Ninety Eighty-Four)

Beatrix Potter Tâla Conyn Peder

Published 2024

A.E.W. Mason An Peder Pluven, Chapter 1

Charles Dickens Den an Arwedhyow

Serialization from January 2021

George Orwell Amêthva an Bestas

SHORT STORIES (translated)

Published 2016

Hans Christian Andersen An Brynces wàr an Bysen

Hans Christian Andersen Mowes Vian an Tanbrednyer

Published 2018

Hans Christian Andersen An Corn Tan

Published 2019

Breder Grimm An Logosen, an Edhen, ha’n Selsygen

Published 2020

Aesop An Ky ow Ton Kig

Hans Christian Andersen Dyllas Nowyth an Emprour

Rudyard Kipling An Canker neb'rug Gwary gans an Mor

Lûcyan a Samosata Prentys an Gorhenyas

Nigel J. Roberts Lûty ha’n Vorvoren (versyon nowyth)

Published 2021

Nigel J. Roberts Bool an Daran Radn 1

Nigel J. Roberts Gwary Nadelyk

Nigel J. Roberts Maghteth an Dor

Published 2022

Nigel J. Roberts Bool an Daran (versyon nowyth)

Wilhelm Hauff An Golon Yêyn

Published 2023

Pwyll pensevyk Dyfed, First Branch of the Welsh Mabinogi, originally published 1934, ed. E.G.R. Hooper 'Talek' 1968, re-ed. Jackson 2023

Branwen myrgh Llŷr, Second Branch of the Welsh Mabinogi, originally published 1934, ed. E.G.R. Hooper 'Talek' 1968, re-ed. Jackson 2023

DRAMA (translated)

Published 2021

William Shakespeare An Wheffes Harry, Tressa Radn Act 2, Golok 5 (devyn)

Published 2022

Noah and the Ark: From Origo Mundi, Cornish original with English translation by Alan M. Kent, for school performance

Published 2023

POEMS (original)

Published 2017

Ian Jackson In Pow Blackmore

Published 2018

Ian Jackson An Âls a’n Barth West

Published 2020

Ian Jackson Mornya rag ancow Craig Weatherhill

Henry Jenner Dhe'm Gwreg Kernowek, originally published 1904

A.S.D. Smith 'Caradar' Trystan hag Isolt, Part 1, originally published 1951

Published 2021

Nicholas Williams An Lowarth Cosel, originally submitted to Esedhvos Kernow 1998

Nicholas Williams Dëdh Lowen, originally submitted to Gorsedh Kernow 2000

Nicholas Williams Kynnyaf, originally published in Poetry Cornwall 33

Nicholas Williams Mernans an Gov, originally submitted to Gorsedh Kernow 1997

Nicholas Williams Moyses, originally submitted to the Gorsedh Kernow 2019

Nicholas Williams Ow Marhogeth an Mordardh, originally submitted to Gorsedh Kernow 2001

Published 2023

Nicholas Williams Gormola an Benenes

POEMS (translated)

Published 2021

Gray Lightfoot Dre Fenester Kyttryn in Kernow

Published 2022

Taras Shevchenko Testament

SHORT STORIES (original)

Published 2010 

A.S.D. Smith 'Caradar' Nebes Whedhlow Berr, originally published 1948, ed. Williams

A.S.D. Smith 'Caradar' Whedhlow an Seyth Den Fur a Rom, originally published 1948, ed. Williams

A.S.D. Smith 'Caradar' Fordh an Broder Odryk, originally published 1964, ed. Williams

Published 2020

A.S.D. Smith 'Caradar' An Wreg Yonk Gwynn hy Blew, originally published 1948, ed. Williams 2010, ed. Jackson 2020


Nicholas Williams Podcast Library: currently 461 articles (spoken and written text) 


Published 2010

Ray Chubb Skeul an Tavas

Published 2012

Nicholas Williams Desky Kernowek

Published 2014

Nicholas Williams Geryow Gwir

Published 2017

Ian Jackson Gerlyver Kescows

Second edition now open access on-line

Published 2018

Ian Jackson Kescows Nebes Moy

Second edition (work in progress) now open access on-line

Published 2023

Ian Jackson Cara Kernowek 1

Open access on-line

OTHER (translated)

Published 2009

Andy Phillips Lyver Pejadow rag Kenyver Jorna

Published 2011

An Beybel Sans (An Testament Coth ha'n Testament Nowyth)

Published 2017

Abraham Lincoln Areth Gettysburg

Published 2020

An Testament Nowyth

Published 2021

Kahlil Gibran An Profet

Published 2023

An Awayl warlergh Mathew, Chaptra 2, Gwersyow 1-20 (Wella Rowe / Wella Kerew)