A playlet for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 8

© Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition, July 2020


One learner becomes the commentator (‘menegyth’). The others divide into two groups: the players and the spectators. These mime whatever the commentator says they are doing. The players should decide in advance which player is going to be fouled and which will score. Unless the class venue is large and very robust it will be best not to try to use a real ball.



Fyt dâ yw hebma! An gewer yw yêyn, mès an fyt yw tobm ....

Ymowns y ow ponya.

(A player is fouled:) Ogh, yma an den-na ow ponkya! Hag yma an aral owth esedha hag ow qwevya dhe’n breusor.

(Play resumes:) Lebmyn ymowns y oll ow ponya arta.

Ymowns y oll ow qwary yn tâ.

Hag yma onen ow ponya dhe’n gol ... (shoots:) hag ow pôtya ... (scores:) ha gol yw!

Yma an rûth ow lebmel. Hag ow tauncya inwedh. Lowen yns y.

Ymowns y ow cana lebmyn.

Ha’n warioryon ow ponya unweyth arta.

Ha’n rûth ow cana whath!

Ogh, ha lebmyn an whyb! Hèn yw dyweth an fyt.


Extra vocabulary

fyt match (game)

an aral the other [one]

breusor referee                                                         

arta again

gol goal

rûth crowd

ha’n = ha + an

gwarior player

unweyth arta once again

whyb whistle

dyweth end