Kescows Nebes Moy is organized by topic. Here are all the topical lists that have been published so far in the second edition.

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1  Body

1-A  Figure, fitness

1-B  Head

1-C  Mouth, nose, throat, neck

1-D  Bones, limbs

1-E  Reproduction, sex

1-F  External, internal

2  Health

2-A  General

2-B  Genetic disorders

2-C  Mental / psychological disorders

2-D  Bacterial / fungal / parasitic diseases

2-E  Viral diseases

2-F  Inflammations etc

2-G  Other conditions

2-H  Physical injury

2-I  Symptoms

2-J  Medical equipment

2-K  Drugs etc

2-L  Medical personnel

2-M  Surgery

2-N  Dental

2-O  Eyes, ears

2-P  Miscellaneous vocabulary

3  Life, death

3-A  Conception, birth

3-B  Lifetime

3-C  Death

3-D  Sentenced to death

3-E  Honouring the dead

3-F  Miscellaneous vocabulary

4  Family

4-A  Relatives

4-B  Lineage

4-C  Marriage etc

4-D  In-laws

4-E  Children

4-F  Baptism

4-G  Miscellaneous vocabulary

5  Attire, grooming

5-A  Clothes

5-B  Formal

5-C  Style

5-D  Clothing parts

5-E  Fastenings etc

5-F  Fabrics etc

5-G  Headwear

5-H  Footwear

5-I  Underwear

5-J  Jewellery

5-K  Make-up, personal grooming

5-L  Miscellaneous vocabulary

6  Food, drink

6-A  General

6-B  Meals

6-C  Cooking, preparing food

6-D  Bread, biscuit, cake, pudding

6-E  Eggs, dairy

6-F  Meat

6-G  Fish, seafood

6-H  Vegetables

6-I  Fruit

6-J  Nuts, seeds

6-K  Herbs

6-L  Spices

6-M  Various ingredients

6-N  Sweet tooth

6-O  Tea, coffee

6-P  Alcohol, mixers etc

6-Q  At the table

6-R  Rooms, spaces

6-S  Miscellaneous vocabulary

7  Home

7-A  Structure

7-B  Rooms, spaces

7-C  Fixtures and fittings

7-D  Furniture

7-E  Small children

7-F  Bedroom, bathroom

7-G  Kitchen, dining room

7-H  Laundry, cleaning

7-I  Needle, thread etc

7-J  Plumbing, heating, cooling

7-K  Electrics, lighting

7-L  Garden

7-M  DIY

7-N  Storage

7-O  Miscellaneous vocabulary

8  Equipment

8-A  General

8-B  Tools

8-C  Machines, instruments

8-D  Plant, heavy machinery

8-E  Combustion, explosives

8-F  Fluids

8-G  Weapons (see War for modern armaments)

8-H  Electrics, lighting

8-I  Audio-visual

8-J  ICT

8-K  Miscellaneous vocabulary

9  Town

9-A  Street

9-B  Access

9-C  Parking

9-D  Buildings, structures

9-E  Church, cathedral

9-F  Shopping

9-G  Planning

9-H  Miscellaneous vocabulary

10  Countryside

10-A  General

10-B  Hill, valley

10-C  Moor, meadow

10-D  Woods

10-E  Water

10-F  Coast

10-G  Structures

10-H  Miscellaneous vocabulary

11  People

11-A  About town

11-B  Artisans, skilled labour

11-C  Intellectual

11-D  Nobility etc

11-E  Identity

11-F  Sex

11-G  Disapproving, disparaging

11-H  At the movies

11-I  Scouting

11-J  Miscellaneous vocabulary

12  Travel

12-A  Rail

12-B  Road

12-C  Bus

12-D  Car, caravan

12-E  Bicycle, motorcycle etc

12-F  Horseback, horse-drawn

12-G  Air

12-H  Outer space

12-I  Tourism

12-J  Miscellaneous vocabulary

13  Ship, boat

13-A  Vessels etc

13-B  About the vessel

13-C  Spars, sails, rigging

13-D  Navigation

13-E  Personnel

13-F  Shore

13-G  Miscellaneous vocabulary

14  Physical world

14-A  Physics

14-B  Chemistry

14-C  Land

14-D  Sea

14-E  Sky, weather

14-F  Our planet

14-G  Outer space, cosmos

14-H  Miscellaneous vocabulary

15  Material

15-A  Element

15-B  Allotrope, isotope, alloy etc

15-C  Compound

15-D  Mineral

15-E  Biological

15-F  Miscellaneous vocabulary

16  Shape, pattern

16-A  Shape

16-B  Pattern

16-C  Miscellaneous vocabulary

17  Quantity, calculation

17-A  Degree, quantity, size

17-B  Units of measurement

17-C  Mathematics

17-D  Miscellaneous vocabulary

18  Animals

18-A  General

18-B  Domestic

18-C  Livestock

18-D  British mammals

18-E  British reptiles and amphibians

18-F  British inland birds

18-G  British birds of prey

18-H  British water birds

18-I  British insects etc

18-J  Fish etc

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