Forms of the verb 'be'

Worksheet 3 for use with Skeul an Tavas Lesson 3

© 2019 Ray Chubb and Ian Jackson

2nd edition July 2020

Insert the correct form of the verb ‘be’, and translate. Only use forms of ‘be’ that have already been introduced. And in this exercise use o ‘was’ or vëdh ‘will be’ only when the sense absolutely requires it.

1.       Pëth _______ hedna?

2.       Hèn _______ keus.

3.       Pyw _______ why?

4.       Pyw _______ y?

5.       Hy _______ gwragh.

6.       Kernowyon _______ ny.

7.       Nyns ______ gwynsak de.

8.       _______ ev trist?

9.       Dâ lowr _______ vy.

10.     _______ hobma goodh?

11.     Fatell _______ an gewer avorow?

12.     Te _______ maw.

13.     Kyst vrâs _______ .

14.     Pedrak  _______ hy.

15.     _______ an dra-na pluven?


1.       Pëth yw hedna? What is that?

2.       Hèn yw keus. That is cheese.

3.       Pyw owgh why? Who are you?

4.       Pyw yns y? Who are they?

5.       Hy yw gwragh. She is a witch.

6.       Kernowyon on ny. We are Cornish people.

7.       Nyns o gwynsak de. It was not windy yesterday.

8.       Yw ev trist? Is he sad?

9.       Dâ lowr ov vy. I am fine.

10.     Yw hobma goodh? Is that a goose?

11.     Fatell vëdh an gewer avorow? How will the weather be tomorrow?

12.     Te yw maw. You (familiar) are a boy.

13.     Kyst vrâs yw. It is a big box.

14.     Pedrak yw hy. It is square.

15.     Yw an dra-na pluven? Is that thing a pen (or a feather)?