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This website is dedicated to supporting those who are learning the Cornish language (Kernowek) in LOVINGLIVINGCORNISH classes and/or using the self-study book DESKY KERNOWEK.

Desky Kernowek and the Cara Kernowek coursebooks used by lovinglivingcornish employ the modern spelling system known as Kernowek Standard (KS). Most Cornish written material on this site is spelled in KS. To check any KS spelling, go to Vocabulary.

It is important to realize there are several other approaches to revived Cornish, drawing on the historical sources to strike different balances in matters of grammar and vocabulary. There are alternative spelling systems too, most publicly the Standard Written Form (SWF) favoured by Cornwall Council. Debating the merits of such differences is outside the scope of this site.

The weekly lovinglivingcornish class in Newlyn (Lulyn) has its own website kernoweklulyn.com carrying further compatible material. There is also moderncornish.net, the website of Cussel an Tavas Kernôwek who specialize in applying the later historical sources, and the associated blog Te ha Tesednow. There is a lively magazine Gweles with a majority of its content in Cornish (KS and SWF with traditional graphs). Additional material appears on its website gweles.com where you can subscribe.

Are you a prospective teacher of a class in traditional Cornish? We offer a full Scheme of Work, as well as classroom kit and logistical support. Don't hesitate to get in touch. And whether teacher or student, you can always contact us with questions about traditional Cornish grammar or vocabulary, or with queries about idiom or style.

We are not a commercial website. We are however eager to carry high-quality literature in Cornish, original or translated. We also welcome high-quality podcasts in Cornish. We accept advertising for publications in KS, and for events suitable for learners where Cornish is spoken. Click on Miscellany for our literary / audio and advertising policies.