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Consultation on updating Gerlyver Kescows: Click on Gerlyver Kescows Second Edition

Kernowek Standard Spell-checker

Use the consultation draft of Gerlyver Kescows Second Edition to check up-to-date KS spellings

A Concise Dictionary of Cornish Place-Names

Craig Weatherhill's carefully researched handbook

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Conversational Phrases

ON-LINE HERE: Short phrases worth learning for fluent everyday conversation

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Cornish Names for the Calendar Months

ON-LINE HERE: Origin of each Cornish name

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Everyday Words in Cornish

ON-LINE HERE: KS spellings for all the words in this popular picture book (Standard Written Form spellings too)

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Five Hundred Most Useful Words

ON-LINE HERE: Minimum working vocabulary for those wishing to learn just a little Cornish, or the first step for those aspiring to greater things

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Gerlyver Kescows

Dictionary specially designed for students of revived traditional Cornish

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Gerlyver Kescows Second Edition

ON-LINE HERE: Consultation draft

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Gerlyver Kescows Supplement

ON-LINE HERE: Glossary for reading Whedhlow ha drollys a Gernow Goth by Nigel Roberts

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Gerva an Cùrunvîrùs

ON-LINE HERE: Useful words / phrases for the Covid-19 crisis, NOW WITH NEW ENGLISH-CORNISH LISTING

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