Publication of the second edition of Gerlyver Kescows in printed form is expected once the new Gerlyver Brâs has been finalized. Meanwhile the full text of the English-Cornish section appears below. This may be modified from time to time in the light of comments. So if you are supportive of revived traditional Cornish and the Kernowek Standard spelling system, please let us know in the event you find any errors or think something might be improved.

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Last updated: 11 June 2024 (18:00)


The English-Cornish section is not intended to be a stand-alone resource. It is an index for use in conjunction with the other parts of the dictionary. Every Cornish word should be checked back to the Cornish-English section, or to the Grammar Words section if it is marked with a superscript G. Cross-checking will ensure you do not use a word or phrase in the wrong context. It will also help you employ each Cornish word with appropriate grammar.

The index does not include the numerals: these are more easily looked up in the Numerals section itself. ‘Outbursts’ and place-names can be found in the sections dedicated to them. The index also necessarily omits a few Grammar Words that have no straightforward lexical equivalent in English.


A Level Level A

abandon forsâkya

abandoned See also sqwattya

abdomen torr

abilities teythy

ability gallos

able adj abyl

be able to phr gallos

abode aneth

abortion avortans

about prep aG, adro dhe, ow tùchya [dhe]

above adv avàn

above prep a-ughG

above all phr dres pùptra

abroad See mor

abrupt adj desempys

abruptly adv desempys

absurd adj gocky

absurdity gockyneth

abundant adj pâls

abuse tebel-dyghtya

academic n academyk

academy academy

accelerate uskys’he

accent ton, merk diacrytycal

accept degemeres

acceptable adj plegadow

accident droglabm

by accident phr dre wall

Accidents and Emergencies Department [Adran] Droglabmow ha Gorothobmow

accompany keveylya

accomplish obery, colenwel

according to prep acordyng dhe, warlerghG, orthG, worthG, wor’G

accordion acordyon

account acownt

account acowntya

current account acownt kesres

savings account acownt erbysyon

accountant acowntyas

accumulate cruny

accuracy kewerder

accurate adj kewar

accuse cùhudha

ace âss

ache pain

achieve cowlwil

achievement(s) cowlwrians

acid trenken

acknowledge aswon, avowa, alowa

acquire aqwîrya

acquisition cafosyans

acquittal lyfrêson

acre erow

across prep dresG

act act

act obery

action gwythres See also actions below

action gwythresa

actions gwrÿth

activate bew’he

active adj gwythresek

activist gwythresor

activity gwrians

actor gwarior

actual adj very

actually adv in gwrioneth

acute adj lybm, glew

adapt askewera

adapter askeweror

add keworra, addya

adder nader

addict keth

addiction kethneth

addition keworrans

additional adj keworransus

additive keworransyn

address trigva

adjective nasêr

adjust desedha

adjustment desedhans

administer menystra

administrator menystror

admiration estêmyans

admire estêmya

admit amyttya, avowa, alowa

admittedly phr res yw alowa / avowa

adopt degemeres, asvaba

adult adj/n tevysak

advance avauncyans

advance avauncya

in advance phr dhyrag dorn

advantage prow

advantageous adj vas, a brow

adventure aventur

adverb adverb

adversary contrary

advert argemmyn

advertise argemydna

advertisement argemmyn

advice cùssul, avîsyans

advise cùssulya

adviser cùssulyador

affect tùchya

affection kerensa

affectionate adj kerenjedhek

be afraid phr *own, kemeres own

after prep wosa, warlerghG

after all phr wosa pùptra

afternoon dohajëdh

in the afternoon phr dohajëdh

afterwards adv a’y wosa

again adv [unweyth] arta

once again phr unweyth arta

against prep warbydnG, erbydnG, wàrG, orthG, worthG, wor’G

up against prep orthG, worthG, wor’G

age oos

age cothhe

ageism osieth

agency mainorieth

agent mainor

aggravate gwethhe

aggression argas 

get agitated phr frobma

agitation frobmans

ago adv nansG, alebma

in agony phr in ewn angùs

agree assentya, acordya, agria

agreeable adj plegadow

agreement assentyans, acord, agrians

agriculture amêthyans

aim meder

aim at phr medra

air air

air force airlu

air traffic control controllyans daromres air

aircraft airen

airport airborth

airtight adj airstanch

aisle tremenva

alarm alarm

album albùm

alcohol alcohol

ale coref

dark ale coref gorm

pale ale coref gell

algorithm augrym

alien adj estrednek

alien bÿsestren

set alight gorra tan in

alimony alymona

alive adj bew

all adj/adv oll

all that phr myns aG

all who phr myns aG

Allah Allâh

allergic adj alergek

alley scochfordh

alleyway scochfordh

alliance kefrysyans

allot kevradna

allotment pastel losowek

allow alowa, ry cubmyas rag

allude to phr campolla andydro

almond alamand

almost adv ogas, ogas ha, ogasty, namnaG, namnagG

alone adj honen ollG

along prep ahës

alphabet abecedary

in alphabetical order phr in aray an abecedary

already adv solabrës

also adv kefrës, inwedh

alternate eylya

alternative adj ken maner

alternative dôwys

although conj kynG, kynthG

aluminium alûmynyùm

always adv pùpprës

amateur adj amateurek

amateur amateur

amateurish adj amateurus

amaze sordya marth in

be amazed phr gwil marthùjyon

ambassador lÿscadnas

amber adj melen

ambiguous adj omborthus

ambition uhelwhans

ambitious adj uhelwhansek

ambivalent adj omborthus

ambulance carr clevyon

ambush contreweytya

amen interj âmen

amiable adj hegar

among prep [in] mesk, interG, intraG

amount sùm, myns

amount left over phr gwedhyl

amplify whethfy

amuse dydhana

amusing adj dydhan

anaesthetic clamderyas

analogy analogieth

analysis dielvednans

anarchy dyrêwl

ancient adj auncyent

and conj haG, hagG

and so conj ythoG

angel el

angle elyn

right angle elyn pedrak

Anglican adj/n Anglycan

anger sorr

anger serry

angry serrys

get angry phr serry

animal best

animate bew’he

ankle ufern

announce nôtya, declarya

announcement nôtyans, declaracyon

annoy ania

annoyance anians

annual adj bledhednek

anomolous adj dygompes

another adj ken

another pron ken onenG

another one pron ken onenG

answer gorthyp

answer gortheby

anti- pref gorth-

antibiotic adj/n gorthviotyk

anticipate gwetyas

antisemitism gorth-Yêdhowieth

antler corn

ants mùryon

anus gwèn

anxiety fienasow

any adj nebG, kenyverG, vëth [oll]G, nagonenG

anyhow adv in neb câss

any one pron neb onenG, kenyver onenG

anyone pron nebonenG, kenyver onenG, den vëthG, nagonenG

anything pron neppëthG, neptraG, kenyver traG, tra vëthG

anyway adv in neb câss

apart adv alês

apart from prep adar

apartment ranjy

ape appa

apologize omdhyvlâmya

apology omdhyvlâmyans

app ap

appalled adj diegrys

apparatus darbar

apparently adv dell hevel

appear apperya, dysqwedhes, omdhysqwedhes, hevelly

appearance apperyans, semlant, favour

appendix stagell, appendyx

appetite ewl [boos]

appetizing adj dâ y vlas

applaud applaudya

applause applaudyans

apple aval

appliance(s) daffar

application govynadow

apply gorra dhe wil, ombrofya

appointment appoyntyans

make an appointment phr settya dëdh

apprentice prentys

approach nes’he

appropriate adj fytty

approval comendyans

approve comendya

approximately adv adro dhe, ogas lowr

apricots bryketh

April mis Ebrel

in April phr mis Ebrel

apron aparn

aquarium pyskva

Aquarius an Dowror

arbitrary adj siansus

arch gwarak

arch- pref argh-

architect pednser

archive covscrifva

ardent adj gwresak

area leurneth, splat

argue argya

argument argùment, bresel

Aries an Hordh

arithmetic arsmetryk

arm bregh See also arms below

arm arva

armchair cader vrehek

armed forces ôstys ervys

arms dywvregh

army army

around adv adro

around prep adro dhe, in kerhyn

all around adv adre dro

all around prep in kerhyn

arouse sordya, anowy

arrange araya, restry, trevna

arrangement aray, arayans, trevnans

arrest dalhen

arrest dalhedna

arrival devedhyans

arrive dos

arrogance gooth

arrogant adj gothys

arrow seth

arse tin

art art

arteries gwythy brâs

arthritis fakel mellow

article artykyl

articulated adj kevelsys

artificial adj creftus

as adv marG, magaG

as conj dellG 

as prep avellG, haG, hagG, inG

just as conj kepar dellG, par dellG

as if conj kepar ha pànG

just as if conj kepar ha pànG

as many phr kebmysG

as much phr kebmysG

as well phr magata

ash lusow See also ashes below

be ashamed phr *meth, kemeres meth

ashes lusow

aside adv adenewen

ascend ascendya

aspect tremyn

assault assaultyans

assault assaultya

assembly cùntellva

assert declarya

assertion declaracyon

assess arvrusy

assessment arvrusyans

assist ry gweres dhe

assistant gwas, maghteth, darbaror

ask govyn See also pesy

ask oneself phr omwovyn

askew adj/adv treus

assets pëth

association cowethas, cowethyans

assume desevos

assumption desef

assure afydhya

astride adv gawlek

political asylum harbereth gwlasek

at prep inG, orthG, worthG, wor’G, dheG

at all phr màn, nes, poynt, wàr neb cor, malbew dabm

athlete athlêt

ATM abbr spencer mona

atmosphere airgelgh

atom atom

atrocious adj outrayus

atrocity outray

attach staga

attachment stagell

attack assaultyans, omsettyans, shora

attack assaultya, omsettya orth / wàr / warbydn

attain drehedhes

attempt assay, attent

attempt assaya

pay attention to phr attendya

attic tâlyk

attire gwysk

attitude stauns 

attitude(s) cowntnans

attract dynya

attractive adj sêmly, dynyak

attributes teythy

auction strîfwerth

audio adj clôwes

August mis Est

in August phr mis Est

aunt modryp

under the auspices of prep in dadn scoos

austerity asperyta

authentic adj warrantus

author auctour

authority auctoryta

automatic adj automatek

autonomous adj anserhak

autumn kydnyaf

available adj dhe gafos

avalanche erghslynk

avenue rôsva

average adj cresek

avoid goheles, avoydya

awake adj dyfun

award pêwas

away adv in kerdh, dhe ves

away from home phr adre

awful adj dyflas, uthyk, a’n pla

awkward adj tyckly

axe bool

axis ehel

axle ehel


babble clattra

baby baby

babysitter floghcovior

back adv wàr dhelergh, tre

back keyn, kil, tu warlergh

back again phr arta

back end kil

at the back phr dhelergh

backgammon See tâbel

background kilva

backpack pack keyn

backwards adv wàr dhelergh

bacon backen

bacterium bactêryùm

bad adj drog, drog-

badge arwedhyk

badger brogh

bag sagh

baggage fardellow

bagpipes pîbow sagh

bail mewgh

bait trustrum

bake pobas

balance kespos, omborth, gwedhyl

balance kesposa, omberthy

balcony balcon

bald adj mol y bedn

ball pel, pellen

balloon gùsygen air

hot air balloon baloun air tobm

ballpoint pluven belvleyn

banana banana

band bond, menestrouthy

elastic band bond gwethyn

bandage lysten

bandage lystedna

bang bobm

the Big Bang an Bobm Brâs

with a bang phr sqwat

bangle modrewy

bank gladn, arhanty

banner baner

banquet banket

baptism besyth

Baptist adj/Besydhak

baptize besydhya

bar barr, predn

bar barrya

barbecue barbecuw

barber barber

bard bardh

the Grand Bard an Bardh Meur

bare adj noth

barely adv scant

bargain bargen

bargain bargednya

bark hardha

barking hardhva

barn skyber

barrel ballyer

barrier barryas crash

barrier scooske

barrister dadhelor

base goles

base growndya

basic adj elvednek, selvenek

basin bason

basis selven

basket canstel, costen, cowel

bat eskelly grehyn

bath kybel

bathe badhya

bathroom golghva

bathtub kybel

in batter phr ha kestew in y gerhyn

battery pil

battle batel

battle batalyas

bay bay, cabmas, dyberthva

be bos

beach treth

beak min

beam keber, dewyn

beans fav baked

beans fav pebys

bear ors

bearable adj perthadow

beard barv

beat gweskel, cronkya, fetha, overcùmya

beautiful adj teg

beauty tecter

because conj dre rêson, drefen, awos, ragG

because of prep dre rêson, dre rêson a, drefen, awos, ragG

bed gwely

bedroom chambour

bedsheet lien gwely

beef [kig] bowyn

beer coref

bees gwenyn

beetle whyl

beetroot(s) betys

before conj kyns, kyns ès, kyns ès dellG

before prep kyns, kyns ès, dhyragG, arâg

beforehand adv dhyrag dorn

begin dallath

to begin with phr wostallath

beginner dalathor

beginning dallath, dalathfos

on behalf of prep abarth, abarth dhe

behave fara, omdhon

behaviour fara, omdhon, conversacyon

behind prep adrëv, adrëv dhe, warlerghG

belief crejyans

believe cresy

bell clogh

belly torr

belong to phr perthyn dhe

below adv awoles

belt grugys

life-belt grugys sawder

safety belt grugys sawder

bench scavel

bend pleg, stubm

bend plegya, stubma, crobma

beneath prep in dadnG

from beneath prep adhadnG

on benefits phr ow kemeres pêmons socyal

bent adj crobm

berries greun

beside prep rybG

best adj gwella

do his best phr gwil gwella galla

bet gwystel

bet gwystla

betray traita

better adj gwell

better adv dhe well

between prep interG, intraG

bewilder sowthanas

bewilderment sowthan

beyond prep in hans dhe

bias leder

biased adj ledrek

bib brodnlen

bicycle dywros

bid profyans

bid gorhemmyn, profya

bidding gorhemmyn

big adj brâs

bikini bykîny

bilberries lus

bilingual adj dywyêthek

bill recken, scot

billionaire bylyonêr

bin argh

litter bin strollgyst

wheelie bin argh atal

bind kelmy

binoculars dewweder

biography bewscrif

biological adj biologyl

bird edhen

birth genesygeth

give birth denethy

birthday pedn bloodh

biscuit byskyt, tesen gales

bisexual adj/n dywreydhak

bishop epscop

bit tabm, byt

tiny bit myjyn

bit by bit phr tabm ha tabm

a bit of quant tabm a, spot a

a tiny bit of phr myjyn a

bite densel, brathy

bitter adj wherow

black adj du

blackberries mor du

blackbird molgh dhu

blackcurrant corynt du

blackmail godrosladrans

blackout clamder

blackout clamdera

bladder gùsygen

blade laun

blame blam

blame blâmya 

to blame phr dhe vlâmya

blanket ledn

blasé adj mygyl

blasphemy blasfemy

blaze tanjys

bleat brivya

blemish nàm

blend kemmysk

blend kemysky

bless benega

blessing bednath

blind adj dall

blind ledn dewl

blink plynchya

blister gùsygen

block stock

blog blòg

blood goos

shed blood phr devera goos

blossom flourys gwëdh

blouse cris

blow cronk, sqwat, bobmen, strocas

blow whetha

blue adj blou, glas

bluebell blejen an gùcû

blueberries lus

blunt adj sogh

blurred adj dyscler

blush rudhya

board astell, bord, kesva

board eskyna

diving board astell dîvya

boast bost

boast bôstya

boat scath 

fishing boat côk

body corf

boggy ground kenak

boil bryjyon

boiler cawdarn

bold adj bold

boldness bolder

bolshy adj stowt, treus

bolt barrya

bomb tanbellen

bomb tanbeledna

bond colm

bone ascorn

bonfire tanjys

book lyver

book ragerhy

booklet lyvryn

boom taredna

boost kenertha

boot trog

boot sordya

boots botas

border or

bore sqwîtha

bored adj sqwith

boredom anians

boring adj sqwîthus

be born bos genys

borrow benthygya, kemeres in prestyans

both pron an dhewN, an dhywN

both ... and conj ha (hag) ... ha (hag)G, kefrës ... haG, kefrës ... hagG

both of them phr aga dewN, aga dywN, pùbonen a’n dhewN, pùbonen a’n dhywN

bother trobel

bother trobla

bottle botel

bottle bank bank botellow

bottom goles, tin

at the bottom phr awoles

bow colm, gwarak

bow omblegya

bowels colodhyon

bowl bolla, scala

box box, trog, kysten

box boxesy

box office tôkynva

boy mab, maw

boyfriend caror

bra brodngolm

brace stroth

bracelet modrewy

bracken reden

braid plethy

brain(s) empydnyon

brake frodn

brake frodna

brambles dreys

branch scoren

brand merk

brandish swaysya

brandy brandy

brass brest

brassiere See bra above

brave adj colodnek

bravery colonecter

breach torrva

bread bara

in breadcrumbs phr ha browsyon bara in y gerhyn

breadth les

break torrva, sqwat See also tùch

break terry See also broken below

breakdown torrva See also meth

breakfast hawnsel

breast brodn

breastfeed ry an vrodn dhe

breath anal

breathe anella

breed maga

Breton adj/n Bretonek

brewery chy brîhy

Brexit Brexyt

brick bryck

bridge pons

suspension bridge pons cregys

bridle frodn 

brief adj cot

briefcase scryp

briefly adv wàr verr lavarow

bright adj golow, glew, cler, spladn

brim min

bring dry, kerhes

British adj Bretednek

broad adj ledan

broadband bond ledan

broadcast darlêsa

broaden ledanhe

broccoli cawlvlejen gales

broken trogh

broker mainor

bronze brons

brooch brocha

brook gover

broom scubel

brother broder

brow tâl

brown adj gell, gorm

browse pory

bruise brew

bruise brêwy

brush scubylen, pyncel

brush scubya

brusque adj dyscortes


bubble bothel

bucket bùcket

buckle bockyl

Buddha Bùdda

Buddhism Bùddieth

Buddhist Bùddyst

budget bojet

buffet bùfê

bug corrbrëv, defowt

build byldya

builder byldyor

building byldyans

bulb crenwredhen, bollen

bulge bothan

bull tarow

bullet bùlet

bully compressa

bump bonk

bun torthen

bunch tysk

bundle pùsorn

bungle cabmwonys

bungling n cabmwonys

burial encledhyas, encladhva

burger borger

burn lesky

burst tardh

burst tardha

bury encledhyas

bus bùss, kyttryn

single- / double-decker bus kyttryn udn / dew leur

bush bùsh

business negys

busy adj bysy

but conj mèsG, sawG, adar

butter amanyn

butterfly tycky Duw

button boton

buy prenas

buy prena

buyer prenor

buzz sia

by prep rybG, gansG, genG, er, warbydnG, erbydnG

by-election is-dôwysyans

by-pass les’hens

byte bayt


cabbage cavach

cabin cabyn

cabinet cabynet

cable capel

cactus cactùs

café coffyva

cage bagh, cowel

cairn carn

cake tesen

calculate reckna

calculation recknans

calculator recknel

calendar dedhyador

call cry, garm, galow

call cria, gelwel

calm adj cosolek

calm cosoleth

calm coselhe

camel cowrvargh

camera camera

speed camera camera toth

camp camp, caslÿs

camp campya

campaign caskergh

camper havyas campya

camper van carven campya

campsite campva

campus campùs

can cafas, cana

can gallos

watering can cafas dowrhe

canal dowrgledh

cancel dylea

cancer canker

Cancer an Canker

candidate ombrofyor

candle cantol 

cannabis kewarhen

cap cappa

capable adj abyl

capacity dalgh

capital kevalaf, pedncyta

capitalism kevalavieth

Capricorn an Avar

capsule bolhednyk

captain capten

car carr [tan]

car park park kerry

car wash golghva kerry

caramel caramel

caravan caravan

caravan park park caravanow

card carten

credit card carten cresys

debit card carten debys

greetings card carten dynerhy

scratch card carten cravas

cardboard pasbord

cardigan cardygon

care gwith, cûr, rach

he couldn’t care less phr ny’n deur màn

intensive care dourwith

take care phr kemeres with

care about phr gwil fors a

care for phr cherya

career resegva

careful adj dour

carefully adv dour, wàr gàm

careless adj lows

carelessly adv in sevureth

carer gwethyas

carnage arva

carnival carnyval

carousel res adro

carpet leurlen

carriage caryach, carven

carrots caretys

carry don

carry out colenwel

cart kert

carve kervya

case câss

in any case phr in neb câss

in case conj rag dowtG

in that case phr dhan[a], mars yw taclow indelma

cash mona parys

cassette snod clos

cast felshyp

castle castel

cat cath

catalogue menegva

cataract kenen lagas

catch cachya

catch up cachya

caterpillar prëv del

cathedral peneglos

Catholic adj Catholic

cattle gwarthek

cauliflower cawlvlejen

cause ken

cause causya

without cause phr heb ken

cautious adj war

cave cav

cavity cow

cavort lappya

CCTV camera camera kelgh clos

cease cessya

ceiling nen

celebrate gôlya

celebration kyffewy

cell kell, gogell

cellar(s) selder

Celt Kelt

Celtic adj Keltek

cement cyment

cemetery corflan, encladhva

centi- pref centy-

central adj cresek

centre adj cres

centre cres, cresen

century cansbledhen

cereal greunvoos

ceremony solempnyta

certain adj certan

certainly adv heb dowt

certainty certuster

certificate testscrif

certify desta

chain chain

chair chair

chair caderya deck

chair chair howl

chairman caderyor

[stick of] chalk calhen

challenge chalynj

challenge chalynjya

challenging adj gorholus

chamber chambour

champagne shampên

champion campyor 

championship campyory

chance chauns

by chance phr dre hap

change chaunj

change chaunjya

small change mona munys

channel canel

chaos dyrêwl

chaotic adj dyrêwl

chap pollat, gwas

chapel chapel

chapter chaptra

character gnas, teythy, arweth, person

characteristic adj noswedhek

characteristic nosweth

charcoal glow predn

charge carg

charge carga, govyn

charger cargor

charity cowethas cheryta

chase châcya

chat clappya

chatter clattra

cheap adj iselbris, a varhas dhâ

cheat hyga

check ardak, checker

check checkya

check in omrolya

checkmate cowlardak

checkout reckenva

cheek bogh

cheeky adj taunt

cheerful adj jolyf

cheerfulness jolyfter

cheese keus

chef kegynor

chemical kemek

chemist apotecary

cheque checken

cherries keres

chess gwëdhpoll

chessboard checker

chest brèst, côfyr, kyst

chestnuts kesten

chevron keber

chew densel

chicken kig yar

child flogh

childminder floghcovior

chill yêynder, anwos

chilli chyly

chimney chymbla

chin elgeth

china chêny

chinaware chêny

chip scobmyn

chips asclas

chiropodist troosvedhek

chocolate choclet

choke taga

choice dôwys

choir keur

choose dôwys

chop skethry

choppy adj todnek

chopstick gwelen debry

chord cord

chough palores

Christian adj/n Cristyon

Christianity Cristoneth

christen besydhya

christening besyth

Christmas Nadelyk

chunk darn

church eglos

churchtown treveglos

churchyard corflan

chutney sawor Eyndek

cider cîder

cigarette cygaryk

cinema gwaya-mir

circle kelgh, balcon

circuit kelgh

circular kelghlyther

circulate mos adro

circumstance cyrcùmstans

circus cyrk

citizen dynasyth

citizenship dynasydhieth

city cyta

civil adj dynasak

civilian adj/n dynasak

civilization wharheans

civilize wharhe

cladding gorheras

claim pretendya, goledna

clamber crambla

clamp byns

clap tackya dêwla

clarify clerhe

class class, rencas

classic adj/n classic

classify classya

clatter clattra

claw ewyn, paw

clay pry

china clay pry gwydn

clay pit poll pry

clean adj glân See also clean-and-neat below

clean glanhe

clean-and-neat adj glanyth

clear adj cler

cleft sawen

clever adj codnek, sley, skentyl

click clyckya

client client

cliff âls

climate aireth

climb crambla

climber cramblor

cling glena

clinic clynyk

clip clyp

clitoris calhednyk

cloak clôk

cloakroom clôkva

clock clock

alarm clock clock dyfuna

clockwise adv gans an howl

anti-clockwise adv warbydn an howl

clog taga

close adj ogas, clos

close adv ogas, in nes

close degea

close to prep ogas dhe, in ogas, in nes

closed adj degës

closer adj/adv nes

cloth padn, clout

clothes dyllas 

cloud cloud

cloudy adj comolek

clover mùllyon

club clùb See also clubs below

go clubbing phr clùba

clubs mùllyon

clumsy adj cledhek

coach côcha

coal glow

coast arvor

coastguard gwethyas âls

coat côta

coat-hanger gwarak wysk

cock culyak

cockerel culyak

cockpit cabyn lewyador

cocktail cocktêl

cocoa côcô

coconut knofen gôcô

cod barvus

code cod

coffee coffy

coffin geler

cognate adj unwoos 

cohesion unvereth

coin bath

coincidence kenwharvedhyans

cola côla

cold adj yêyn

cold yêynder, anwos

coldness yêynder

coleslaw salad cavach

collapse codha warbarth

collect cùntell

collection cùntellyans

collective adj cùntellek

college coljy

collide omweskel

colony trevesygeth

colour colour, sewt

colour lywa

column coloven

coma clafhun

comb crib

comb crîbya

combination kesudnyans

combine kesudnya

come dos

come and go phr daromres

comedian gesyor

comedy antarlyk

comfort comfort, attês

comfort comfortya

comfortable adj attês

comic adj wharthus

comic comyck

coming adj a dheu

coming(s) and going(s) phr daromres

command gorhemmyn

command gorhemmyn, comondya

comment ger

commentary menegyans

commerce kenwerth

commiseration kescodhevyans

commission comyssyon, radnles

commissioner negejyth

commit to phr omsettya dhe

committee kessedhek

common adj kemmyn

The House of Commons Chy an Gemmyn

communicate kemunessa

communion comûn

community kemeneth

compact adj kempen

companion coweth

company cowetha, cowethas 

compare comparya

compared with phr adâl, adâl dhe

comparison comparyans

compartment caryach

compass compas

compassion pyta

compel constrîna

compensate astevery

compete kesstrîvya

competent adj abyl, hardh

competition kesstrîf, kesstrîvyans

competitor kesstrîvyor

complain croffolas

complaint croffal

complete adj cowl-

complete cowlwil

completely adv glân, qwit See also dien

complex adj complek

complexity complethter

compliance obeyans, gostythter

compliant adj gostyth

non-compliant adj dywostyth

complicate complekhe

complicated adj complek

complication complecter

complimentary adj See cortesy

comply obeya

compose compôsya

composer compôsyth

compost teyl

comprehensive adj compassus

compress gwasca

compromise kesassoylyans

compulsory adj constrînus

computer amowntyor

comrade coweth

conceal cudha, keles

concealed adj cudh

conceive concêvya

concentrate on phr sensy dh’y vrës

concept conceyt

concern bern

concern tùchya

concerning prep adro dhe, ow tùchya [dhe]

concert kescân ilow

concisely adv wàr verr lavarow

conclude ervira

conclusion ervirans

conclusive adj ervirus

concrete concrît

condemn dampnya

condemnation damnacyon

condensation glûth

condition ambos, studh

conditional adj ambosek

conditioner êwnor

condom condom

conduct fara

cone pykern

confederation kefrysyans

confer omgùssulya

conference kescùssulyans

confess confessya

confession confessyon

confide in phr kyfya

confidence omfydhyans

self-confidence omfydhyans

confident adj hardh

confidential adj pryva

confidentiality pryvetter

confirm confyrmya

confirmation fast’heans

confront gortheneby

confuse kemysky, ancombra

confusing adj ancombrus

confusion ancombrynsy

congestion daromdak

congratulate keslowenhe

congregation cùntellva

congress cùntelles

conjunction kevren

connect jùnya

connected adj kelmys ganso

conscience consyans

conscientious adj dywysyk

consent consent, assentyans

consent assentya

consequence sewyans

conservative mentênour

consider kemeres preder, ombredery, consydra, [om]sensy, acowntya

considerable adj larj

under consideration phr in dadn avîsment

consist of phr consystya a

consistency kessenyans

consistent adj kesson

consolation comfort

console panel

console comfortya

consonant kesson

conspire kesplottya

constant adj heb hedhy

constantly adv heb hedhy

constituency dôwysqwartron

constitution corf lahys

construct derevel

construction worker gweythor chy

consult omgùssulya

consultation cùssulyans

consumer consûmyor

contact kestaf

container cafas

shipping container sensor carg

contaminate mostya

contemporary adj/n kevoos

contempt despît

content content

contentious adj cavylek

contest kesstrîf

contestant kesstrîvyor

continent brâstir

continue pêsya

contraception andenythyans

contraceptive haslet

contract kevambos

contraption injyn

contrary adj contrary

on the contrary phr i’n contrary part

contribute darbary shara

contribution shara

contrivance injyn

control rêwl

control controllya

controversial adj cavylek

convention cùntelles

conversation kescows

convict convyctya

convince perswâdya

cook kegy, parusy

cooking kegynieth

cool mygla

co-operate kesobery

co-ordinate kesordna

cope omweres

copper cober

copy copy

copy copia

copyright gwir pryntya

core colonen

cork corkyn

corkscrew alweth corkyn

corn poppies ros mogh

corner cornet

Cornish adj/n Kernowek

bad Cornish cragh-Gernowek

Cornishman Kernow 

the] coronavirus an cùrunvîrùs

correct adj ewn

correct êwna

correction êwnans

correctness êwnder

correspond gortheby, kesscrefa

corridor tremenva

corrupt adj podrak

corrupt pedry

corruption podrethes

cosmetic afînuster

cosmos cosmos

cost còst

cost costya

costume gwysk

cosy adj cles

cotton coton

cotton wool gwlân coton

couch gwely dëdh

cough pas

cough passa

council consel

Cornwall Council Consel Kernow

counselling cùssulyans

count nyvera, comptya

counter- pref gorth-

country pow, bro, gwlas

countryside pow

couple copel

coupon colpon

courgette pompyonyk

courier resor

course cors, steus, sant

of course phr heb mar [na martesen]

court cort

courtesy cortesy

cousin kenderow, kenytherow

cove porth

cover gorher, cudhlen

cover cudha, gorhery

covert adj cudh

cow buwgh

coward coward

crab canker

crack crig

cracked adj trogh

cradle lesk

craft creft

craftsman creftor

crafty adj fel, sotel

crag clegar

cram stoffya

cramp godrabm

cranberries lus rudh

crane jyn crâna

crash codha in dyfyk

crate clos

crater cowdoll

crave yêwny

craving yêwnadow

crawl cramyas

creak gwihal

cream dehen

clotted cream dehen cowlys

create formya

creative adj rych y awen

creche floghva

credit cresys

creepy-crawly prëv

crematorium corfloskva

crew mêny

cricket crycket

crime drogober, trespasseth

criminal drogoberor

crinkled adj crygh

crisis terstuth

crisp cresyk

criteria scantlyn

criterion scantlyn

critical adj cablek

criticism cabel

criticize cably

croak ronk

croak renky

crocodile cocodryl

crooked adj cabm

cross adj crowsak

cross crows

cross-dresser treusgwyscor

crossing treusva

crossroads peswar torn

crossword crowseryow

crouch plattya

crow bran

crowd rûth

crown cùrun

crown cùruna

crude adj criv

cruel adj cruel

cruelty hacter

cruise trumach plesour

crumbs browsyon

crumpets crampeth tellek

crumple crobma

crumpled adj crobm

crush brêwy

crust cresten

crutch crôch

cry cry, garm

cry cria, ola

cube cûb

cubicle scovva

cuckoo cùcû

cucumber cûcùmbra

cue gwelen

cuff ragvrehel

cuisine kegynieth

cult cùlt

cultivate gonys

cultivation gonys

culture gonysegeth

cunning adj fel

cup hanaf

The World Cup Hanaf an Bÿs

cupboard amary

curb frodna

cure yaghhe

curious adj coynt, whensys dhe wodhvos

curly adj crùllys

current adj a’n present termyn

current fros

curriculum vitae resegva bêwnans

curry cùrry

cursor resor

curtain croglen

curve stubm

cushion pluvak

custard cùstard

custody gwith

custom ûsadow

customer cosmer

cut trogh

cut trehy

cut off stoppya

cutlery daffar lybm

cyber- pref ceyber-

cycle kelgh

cycle dywrosa

cyclist dywrosyas

cylinder cylynder

cynical adj cynycus


Daddy Tasyk

daffodil afodyl

dainty dainty

daisy caja

damage damach

damage shyndya

dame dama

damn dampnya

damnation damnacyon

damp adj glëb

damp glebor

dampen glebya

dance dauns, gwary dauns

dance dauncya

dancer dauncyor

danger peryl

dangerous adj peryllys

dare lavasos

dark adj tewl

dark tewolgow

darken tewlhe

darkness tewlder, tewolgow

darling [ow] melder

dart dart

dart gwibya

dartboard astell dartyow

dash fysky, stêvya

data manylyon

database sel manylyon

date dedhyans

daughter myrgh

dawn terry an jëdh

day dëdh, jorna

dazzle dalla

dead adj marow

deadline dëdh keas

deadly adj mortal

deaf adj bodhar

deafening adj bodharus

deal bargen

deal radna

deal with phr dêlya gans

dealer gwycor

dear adj ker, cuv, wheg

death mernans

debate dadhel, dalva

debate dadhla

debt kendon

decay podrethes

tooth decay poder dans

decayed adj podrak

deceased See tremena

deceit tùll

deceive tùlla

December mis Kevardhu

in December phr mis Kevardhu

decent adj onest

decide ervira

decision ervirans

decisive adj ervirus

deck flûr

declaration declaracyon

declare declarya

decline dyfygyans

decline dyfygya

decorate afîna

decoration afînans

deduct from phr kemeres dhyworth

deed ober

deep adj down, poos

how deep phr pygebmys downderG

deeply adv poos

default defowt

defeat fetha

defecate caw’ha

defect defowt

defence defens

defibrillator dyfybrylyor

deficit dyfyk

define defînya

definite adj dyblans

definitive adj diambos

definition defînyans

defy defia

degree degrê, gradh, pryck

delay strech, ardak

delay strechya, dylâtya

delegate cadnas

delegation canaseth

delete dylea

deliberately adv aborpos

delicacy tabm dainty

delicate adj fin, bludh, tyckly

delicious adj delycyùs

delight delît

delight delîtya

delineate delînya

delirious See varya

deliver delyfra

delivery lyfrêson

dell pans

delve turya

demand gorholeth

demand demondya

demanding adj gorholus

dementia dygowsejeth

democracy democratieth

democratic adj democratek

demonstrate dysqwedhes, protestya

demonstration dysqwedhyans, protestyans

denial nagh

dense adj tew

dentist densyth

deny naha

deodorant dyflêryas

depart departya, avoydya

department adran

depend on phr powes wàr

place on deposit phr gorra in arhow

depress dyglony

depressed adj dyglon

become depressed phr dyglony

depression dyglon, cleves dyglon

depth downder

deranged See varya

derelict See sqwattya

descend skydnya

describe descrefa

description descryvyans

desert dysert

deserve dendyl

design desîn

design desînya

desire whans, plegadow, devîs

desire *whans, whansa, desîrya

desk desk

despair dyspêr

despise despîsya

despite prep in despît dhe

dessert sant melys

destination pedn an fordh

destiny destnans

destroy dystrôwy

detach dystaga

detached adj dystak

details manylyon

detain sensy

determine determya, ervira

develop dysplegya

development dysplegyans

device jynyk

devil dyowl

the devil phr orth an jowl

what the devil? See orth an jowl

devote oneself to See omry

dew glûth

diabetes cleves melys

dialect radnyêth

dialogue kescows

diamond adamant, diamond

diary dëdhlyver

dictator turont

dictatorship turontieth

dictionary gerlyver

die dîss

die merwel See also marow

diehard adj stordy

diesel oyl dîsel

diet rêwl boos

difference dyffrans

different adj dyhaval, dyffrans

difficult adj cales

difficulty caletter

dig palas

digest gôy

digital adj rîvednek

dignity dynyta

dildo càl cog

dilemma penbleth

dim adj dyscler, gwadn

dim gwadnhe

dimension dymensyon

diminish lehe

din hùbbadùllya

dinner kydnyow

dinosaur arghpedrevan

dip dyppa

dip trockya

diphthong dywvogalen

give directions phr brenya

direct adj dydro

direct kevarwedha

direction qwartron

directly adv poran, dhe blebmyk

director kevarwedhor

directory kevarweth

dirt most

dirty adj plos

dirty plosegy

get dirty phr plosegy

disability dysableth

disabled adj evreth

disadvantage afles

disagree dyssentya

disagreement dyssent

disappear mos mes a wel

disappoint See tùlla

disappointment tùll

disapprove of phr *cas

disaster meschauns

discern decernya

discharge dyscarga

disclose dyskevera

disconnect dygelmy

discontented adj drogpës

discontinue astel

discount dyscownt

discover trouvya

discovery trouvyans

discreet adj doth

discretion dothter

discriminate against phr dysfavera

discrimination dysfaverans

discuss cùssulya, omgùssulya

discussions dadhlow

disease cleves

disgraceful adj methus

disguise tùllwysk

dish scudel

dishonest adj dyslel

dishonesty dyslelder

disinfectant adj/n dyglevejek

disk platten

dislike *cas

disloyal adj dyslel

disloyalty dyslelder

dismount skydnya

disobedience dysobeyans

disobedient adj dywostyth

disobey dysobeya

disorder deray

dispatch danvon

dispel defendya

dispenser spencer

display dysqwedhyans

display dysqwedhes

disposable adj tôwladow

dispute dalva

dissatisfied adj drogpës

dissolve assoylya

distance pellder

distinct adj dyblans

distinction dyberthva

distinguish decernya

distinguished adj a bris

distort stubma, cabma

distract from phr trailya dhyworth

distribute dystrybûtya

district randir, qwartron

ditch cledh

dive dîvya

diverse adj dyvers

divide radna

divorce dydhemedhyans

divorce dydhemedhy

DNA See genyn

do gwil

doctor doctour, medhek

family doctor medhek teylu

doctrine dyscas

document scrif, scriven

dog ky

dogged adj stordy

doll popet

dollar dollar

dolphin delfyn

domination mêstrynjys

domino domynô

donation ro

donkey asen

donor rias

door daras

doorway porth

doping dôpyans

dossier covlen

dot dyjyn

double adj dobylN

double doblaN

doubt dowt

doubt dowtya

without doubt phr heb dowt, heb mar, heb wow

dough toos

doughnut knofen toos

dove colom

down adv dhe’n dor, wàr nans

down gûn

downhearted adj dyglon

downland gûn

download iscarg

download iscarga

downstairs adv awoles, an stairys wàr nans

draft draght

drag draggya, draylya

dragon dragon

drain carthpîb, dowrgledh

drain deseha

drainpipe carthpîb

drama drâma

dramatic adj dramatek

draught wheth air, draght

draughts draghtys

draughtsman lînednor

draw tedna, delînya

drawer trog tedna

drawing delînyans

dreadful adj uthyk, a’n pla

dreadful business phr hager-viaj

dreadlock plethen

dream hunros

dream hunrosa

dress pows

dress gwysca

drill tardar

drill tardra

drink dewas

drink eva

drip deveryn

drip devera

drive rôsva

drive drîvya, lewyas

driver lewyor

drizzle glûthglaw

drone dron

drop deveryn, badna

drop codha, gasa dhe godha

drown budhy

drug drogga

drum tabour

drunk adj medhow

drunkenness medhowynsy

dry adj sëgh

dry seha

drysuit sewt stanch

dual carriageway carrhens dewblek

duchy dùcheth

duck hoos

dud adj cog

dummy tethen rubbish

dump poll atal

dumpling pellen

dune towan

during prep dresG

dust doust

duty dûta

on duty phr wàr dûta

duty-free adj dydoll

duvet kewlet pluv

dwarf adj corr-

dwelling trigva

dye lywa

dynamic adj dynamyk


each adj pùbG

each one pron pùbonenG, pùb onenG

be eager to phr *màl

eagerness màl

ear scovarn

earbuds scovarnygow

early adj avarr

earn dendyl

earphones scovarnygow

earring skynen

earth dor

on earth phr orth an jowl

earthquake dorgis

earthworms bùluk

easel trebeth

east adj/n ÿst

eastern adj ÿst

Easter Pask

easy adj êsy

eat debry

echo dasson

echo dasseny

economical adj erbysus

economist economyth

economy economy

economy class côcha

edge amal, min

edit golegy

edition dyllans

editor penscrefor

educate gorra dhe dhyscans

education dyscans

educational adj dyscansek

eel sylly

effect effeth

effective adj vas, effethus

effort strîvyans

effusive adj frôsus

egg oy

eisteddfod esedhvos

either adv naneyl

either ... or conj pò ... pòG, boneyl ... bòG, be va … pòG

elastic elastyk

elated adj hudhyk

elbow elyn

elect dôwys

electric adj tredanek

electrical adj tredanek

electricity tredan

electronic adj electronek

electronics electronek

election dôwysyans

element elven

elementary adj elvednek

elephant olyfans

elevator eskyner

eliminate defendya

eloquent adj helavar

else adj aral, ken

email rîvbost

embarrass gorra meth in

be embarrassed phr *meth, kemeres meth

embarrassment meth

embassy canaseth

emblematic adj arwedhek

embrace byrla

embroider brôsya

embroidery brôsweyth

emergency gorotham

emigrate dyvra

emission(s) dyllans

emit dylla

emoji emôjy

emotion emôcyon, môvyans

emotional adj emôcyonus

emperor emprour

emphasis pooslev

emphasize poosleva

empire empîr

employ arfeth

employee arfethysak

employer arfethor

employment arfeth

emptiness gwacter

empty adj gwag

empty gwakhe

enamel esmal

enchanting adj gorhanus

enclosed adj clos

enclosure clos

encounter dierbyn[a]

encourage kenertha, ry colon dhe

encrypt kelscrefa

end pedn, dyweth

end dewedha

in the end phr wosteweth

endanger peryllya

endeavour attent

enemy escar, envy

energetic adj freth

energy frethter, nerth

engage omgelmy

engaged adj bysy

engine jyn

engine house jynjy

search engine jyn sarchya

steam engine jyn êthen

engineer injynor

engineering injynorieth

English adj/n Sowsnek

engraving gravyans

enjoy enjoya

enmity envy

enormous adj cowrek

enough adv/quant lowr [a], plenty

enquiry govyn, govynadow

enquiry desk govynva

ensure diogelhe

entangle magly

enter entra

enterprise aventuryans

entertain intertainya

enthusiasm dyswysycter

enthusiastic adj dywysyk

entire adj cowl-

entirely See dien

entrance entrans

entrust to phr gorra in charj dhe

enumerate nyvera

envelope mailyor

envious adj envies

environment omgelgh

envy envy

envy perthy envy

epidemic epydemyk

epilepsy drogatty

equal adj kehaval

equation kehavalyans

equilibrium kespos

equip hernessya

equipment hernes

equivocal adj omborthus

eradicate dywredhya

erase defendya

eraser cravel defendya

erect derevel

erotic adj carnal

erupt tardha

eruption tardh

escape diank

escape scappya, diank

escapism diankva

escort hùmbrank

especially adv spessly, specyal

essence essens

essential adj dyhepcor

be essential phr bos res [porrês] See also res

establish establyshya

estate stât

estimate towlcost

estimate reckna ogas lowr

estuary hayl

et cetera phr hag erel

eternal adj nefra a bes

eternity trank heb worfen

ethical adj ewnhensek

etymology gerdardhyans

euro ewrô

the European Union an Udnyans Ewrôpek

evangelical adj awaylak

evasive adj gohelus

even adj leven, compes

even adv kefrës, inwedh, kyn feG

even out levenhe

evening gordhuwher

in the evening phr gordhuwher

this evening phr haneth

yesterday evening phr newher

evenness levender

event wharvedhyans

eventually adv wàr an dyweth

ever adv nefra, bythqweth

ever again phr nefra namoy

ever so phr vÿth marG

for ever [and ever] phr bys vycken [ha bys venary]

every adj pùbG, kenyverG

every bit phr kettep tabmG

every one pron pùb onenG, kenyver onenG, kettep onenG

everyone pron pùbonenG, pùb huny [oll]G, kenyver onenG, kettep hunyG, kettep onenG, kettep pednG

everyone else pron pùbonen kenG

everything pron kenyver traG

everything else pron pùptra kenG

everywhere adv in pùb le

evidence dùstuny

evident adj ôpyn gwelys

evil adj tebel- 

exactly adv poran, adhevîs

exaggerate whetha, gorlywa

examination examnacyon, apposyans

examine examnya

example exampyl

for example phr rag exampyl

excite piga

excited adj frobmys yn fas

exciting adj pigus teg

excellent adj bryntyn, rial

except prep marnas, saw

exception exepcyon

exchange keschaunj

exchange keschaunjya

exclaim cria in mes

excluding prep heb reckna

excursion tro i’n dre / pow

excuse ascûs

executive gwythresor

exercise assay, omassayans

exercise assaya

exhaust spêna

exhausted See spêna

exhibit dysqwedhes

exhibition dysqwedhyans

exist hanvos

existence hanvos emergency

exit daras gorotham

expect gwetyas

expectation gwaityans

expense còst spênys

experience experyens

experiment arbrof

experiment arbrevy

expert arbenygor

expertise n codnek

explain clerhe, styrya

explode tardha

exploit gweytha

exploration whythrans

explore whythra

explosion tardh

exponential adj exponencyal

export esporth

export esportha

expose dyskevera

express gorra in geryow

expression lavar, tremyn

expressive adj rych

extend istyna

extension istynans

extent compas, fînyow

to some extent phr neb gradh

extinguish dyfudhy

extinguisher dyfudhor

extraordinary adj dres kynda

extra-terrestrial bÿsestren

extravagant adj scùllyak

extremely adv dres ehen

extremist teryas

eye lagas

eyebrow abrans

eyelash blew an lagas

eyelid crohen an lagas


fabric gwias, padn

façade tâlenep

face fâss, enep

facetious adj gesus

fact feth See also diogel

in fact phr in gwrioneth, in ober

factor elven

factory gweythva

fake contrefêtya

fail fyllel

failure defowt

faint clamder

faint clamdera

fair adj teg

fair fer

fairness êwnder

the fairies an bobel vian

faith crejyans

faithful adj len, lel-

fall coodh

fall codha

false adj fâls, fâls-, gow

falsehood gow

fame hanow dâ

family teylu

famous adj meur y hanow

fancy fancy

fantasy fancy

far adj pell

how far phr pana bellderG

farce gwary fol

fare fara

farm bargen tir

farm amêthy

farmer tiak

farming amêthyans

fart brabm

fart brabma

fascist fashyst

fashion fassyon

fashionable fassyonus

fast adj uskys, in rag

fasten fastya

fastening kevren

fat adj tew

fat berry grow

fat phr tew’he

fatal adj mortal

fate tenkys

father tas

father-in-law sîra dâ

fatten tew’he

favour favour, torn dâ

in favour of prep abarth, abarth dhe

favourable adj faverus

his favourite adj an gwella oll ganso

fear own, dowt

fear *own, kemeres own, *dowt, dowtya, perthy dowt

feasible adj hewil

feast n kenwes, fest

feathers pluv

February mis Whevrel

in February phr mis Whevrel

federal adj kefrysek

federation kefrysyans

fee gober

feed maga, methy, boosa

feedback daslif

feel tava, clôwes, omglôwes, omsensy

feel one’s way phr palvala

fellow pollat, gwas

female adj benow

feminine adj benow

feminist femynyst

fence ke

ferns reden

ferry treth, keybal

fervent adj gwresak

festival gool, fest

music festival gool ilow

fetch kerhes

fever fevyr

few adj/quant See bohes

a few quant nebesG

quite a few pron lower onenG

quite a few quant lower

very few quant very nebesG

fewer quant le [a]

fewest adj lyha

fiancé gour ambosys

fiancée benyn ambosys

fiasco See meth

fiction fycsyon

fiddle fysla

fidget fysla

field park, gwel

fierce adj fers

fight omlath

fight omlath, batalyas

fight a war phr gwerrya

figs fyges

figurative adj fygùratyf

figure fygùr

file liv, restryn 

fill lenwel

filling station petrolva

film kenen, fylm

film fylmya

filter sythel

filter sythla

filth mostethes

fin askel

final finweth

finale finweth

finally adv wàr an dyweth

finance arhansorieth

financial adj arhansek

find trouvyans

find cafos, trouvya

fine adj fin, man-, brav

fine spal

finest adj flour

finger bës

finish gorfenna

fire tan

fire gordhylla

catch fire phr kemeres tan

on fire See tan

set fire to phr gorra tan in

fire escape skeul diank

firefighter den dyfudhy

fireplace olas

firewood cunys

fireworks tanow creft

firm cowethas

at first phr wostallath

first aid socour tròm

first class phr adhevîs

first of all phr kyns oll

fish pysk

fish pyskessa

fish farm pyskva

fisherman pùscador

fit adj in poynt dâ

fit shora

fit desedha

fitting desedhans

fixed adj stag firmly

fixed phr fast

fizzy adj tythus

flag baner

flake laun

flame flàm

flank tenewen

flare fakel

flash luhesen

flash luhesy

flask costrel

flat adj plat, marow

flat ranjy

flatten plattya

flavour sawor

flax lin

fleas whydn

flee fia [dhe’n fo]

flesh kig

flexible adj gwethyn

flicker flyckra

flies kelyon

flight neyj

flinch plynchya

fling dehesy

flipchart trebeth

flippers botas palvek

flirt flyrtya

float corkyn

float See neyja

flock gre, hes

flood liv

flooding budhyans

floor leur

flour bleus

flow fros

flower flour

flu flû

fluent adj frôsek

fluid adj berus

flush tedna an dowr

flush the toilet phr tedna an dowr

flutter treneyja

fly neyja

foam ewon

focus crespoyntya

fog nywl

foggy adj nywlek

fold pleg

fold plegya

folder plegel

folk gweryn

folktale drolla

follow sewya, holya

follower holyor

very fond See dôtya

food boos, sosten, vytel

fool fol

act like a fool phr dôtya

foolish adj fol

foot troos, troos’hës

football pel droos

footballer peldrosyas

footbridge pons kerdh

footpath trûlergh

footprint ol

for conj ragG

for prep ragG, dheG

forbid dyfen See also sconya

force fors

forceful adj meur y nell

forecast dargan

forecast dargana

forehead tâl

foreign adj estren

foreigner estren

forge contrefêtya

forget ankevy

forgive gava

forgiveness gyvyans

forgo hepcor

fork forgh

fork dyberth in forgh

form form, furvlen

form formya

formal adj furvus

format furvyans

formula furvel

fortunate adj fusyk, gwydn y vÿs

fortunately adv i’n gwella prës

fortune lùck

forum forùm

forwards adv in rag

fossil omgaregyn

foul-mouthed adj plos y davas

found fùndya

foundation selven

fountain fenten

the four of them phr aga feswarN, pùbonen a’n peswarN

fox lowarn

fraction radnriv

fragile adj hedorr

fragments browsyon

fragrance sawor

fragrant adj saworek

frame fram

frame framya

fraud fraws

frayed cloth pyllen

free adj frank, dhe wary, heb còst

freedom franchys

freemasonry masonieth

freeze rewy

freezer rewgyst

frequent adj menowgh

fresh adj fresk

fretting fienasow

Friday de Gwener

on Friday phr de Gwener

fridge yêyner

friend cothman, coweth

friendly adj hegar

friendship felshyp

fries asclas

frighten gorra own in

fringe pyllen

frog qwylkyn

from prep aG, dhiaG, dhyworthG, dhortG, ragG

front tu arâg, voward, front

in front phr arâg

in front of prep dhyragG, arâgG

frontier or

frontline voward

frost rew

froth ewon

frown plegya tâl

fruit frût

dried fruit fyges

frustrate spralla

frustrated See spralla

frustration sens a sprall

fry fria

fuck kyjya

fudge fùj

fuel cunys

fugitive foesyk

fulfil colenwel, cowlwil

full adj leun

fun sport

make fun of phr gesya

function gwythres

function gwythresa

fund arhas

fund arhasa

fundamental adj selvenek

fundamentalist selvenegor

funeral encledhyas

fungus fong

funnel corn denewy

funny adj wharthus

fur blew, pelour

furious adj coneryak

furnish mebla

furniture mebyl

furthermore adv ha pella

fury conar

futile adj euver

future adj devedhek

the future an termyn a dheu


gadget jynyk

Gaelic n Godhalek

gain gwain

gain gwainya

galaxy galeth

gale awel

gallery soler

art gallery oryel pyctours

gallon gallon

gamble hapwary

gambling hapwary

game gwary, gam

board game gwary bord

gang up on See omudnya

gaol bagh

gap aswy

gape dianowy

garage carrjy

garden lowarth

gardener lowarthor

garland garlont

garlic kenyn ewynak

gas gass

gate yet

gateway porth

gather cùntell

gay adj gay


gear hernes, maglen

change gear phr magly

gel jèl

Gemini an Evellas

gender reydh

gene genyn

general adj kemmyn

generally adv dre vrâs

generate denethy

generation denythyans

generous adj hel, larj

genetic adj genydnek

genial adj colodnek

geniality colonecter

genius awenyth

gentle adj clor, whar

gentleman den jentyl

Gents Gwesyon

genuine adj gwir

genus kynda

geographic adj dorydhek

geographical adj dorydhek

geography dorydhieth

germ corrbrëv

gesture môcyon

get cafos

get away scappya

get off skydnya

get up sevel in bàn

ghost tarosvan, bùcka

ghostly adj tarosvanus

gift ro

charitable gift alusen

gifted adj meur y deythy

giga- pref gyga-

gin jynevra

ginger jynjyber

girl myrgh, mowes

girlfriend cares

give ry

give back dascor

give up omry

glad adj lowen

gladly adv [oll] a’y vodh

glance golok scav

glance at phr tôwlel golok wàr

glass gweder, gwedren

stained glass gweder lyw

gleeful adj hudhyk

glider gwylanel

glimpse golok vian

glitter glyttra

global warming tesyans bÿs-efan

glorious adj gloryùs

glory glory

glossary gerva

glove manek

glove compartment sensor manegow

glow golow

glow golowy

glue glus

glue glusa

gluten glûten

gnats gwybes

go mos

go back dewheles

go down skydnya

go straight phr mos i’n ewn fordh

go up ascendya

goal gol

goat gavar

god duw

gold owr

golden adj owrek

goldfish owrbysk

golf golf

all gone phr debrys ha deu

good adj dâ, vas

goods gwara

goodwill bodh dâ

goose goodh

gorse eythyn

gossip scavel an gow

govern governa

government governans

governor lewyth

gown gon

GP medhek teylu

grace grâss

gracious adj grassyùs

grade gradh

gradual adj tabm ha tabm

gradually adv tabm ha tabm

grains greun

gram gràm

grammar gramer

grand adj brav

grandchild flogh wydn

grandfather sîra wydn

grandmother dama wydn

grape grappa

grapefruit aval paradîs

graph graf

grapple gwrydnya

grasp dalhen

grasp dalhedna

grass gwels

grasshopper culyak reden

be grateful to phr bos sensys dhe

grating maglen

gratuity grastal

grave adj sad

grave bedh

gravel growyn

graveyard corflan

gravity dyskerheth

graze pory, dyrusca

grease blonek

greasy adj blonegek

great adj brâs, meur

greatness meureth

greed crefny

greedy adj crefny

green adj gwer, glas

green glesyn

the Greens See gwer

greet salujy

gremlin bùcka

grey adj loos, glas

grid maglen

grief grêf

grieve grêvya

grill rastel

grill rastella

grin gwenwharth

grin gwenwherthyn

grind melyas

gristle gyew

grit grow

groan hanajen

groan hanaja

groove rygol

grope palvala

gross adj cowl-

ground dor, leur, grownd

group bagas

splinter group bagas dyberthys

year group bagas kevoos

grow tevy

growl croffal, gromyal

growl croffolas, gromyal

growth tevyans

bear a grudge phr perthy grêvons

grumble croffal

grumble croffolas

grumpy adj crowsak

guarantee warrantya

guard gwethyas

guard gwardya

guess desmyk

guess desmygy

guest ôstyas

guest house gwesty

guide gedyor

guide gedya

guidebook gedlyver, hensador

guideline lînen gedya

guilty adj cablus

guitar gyttern

gull gùlan

gum(s) kig an dens

chewing gum glus knias

gun godn

gurgle ronk

gurgle renky

gush frôsa

gutter launder, shanel an strêt

guy pollat, gwas

guy(s) sos

gymnasium omassayva

gymnastics corfassayans


habit ûsadow

hack terghya

haddock corvarvus

hag gwragh

haggle bargednya

hail keser

hair(s) blew

hairdresser dyghtyor blew

hairless adj blogh

hake densak

half hanterN As prefix it is hanter-N

half-hearted adj mygyl

hall hel

halve radna inter dewN

ham mordhos

hammer morthol

hamper spralla

hand dorn, leuv, bës See also hands below

hand hedhes

on the one hand ... on the other hand phr wàr an eyl tu ... wàr y gela

on the other hand phr wàr an tu aral, i’n contrary part

handbag tygen

handful tysk

handkerchief lien dorn

handle dornla, dorn

handle handla

handlebars dewdhorn

hands dêwla

handsome adj sêmly

hang cregy

hangover See cùrun

happen wharvos, hapnya

happiness lowender

happy adj lowen

make happy phr lowenhe

harbour porth

hard adj cales

hardback aden gales

hardly adv scant

hardship anken

hardwear daffar cales

hare scovarnak

harm myshef

harm shyndya

harmful adj drog, drog-

harmonious adj kesson

harmony kessenyans

harness hernes

harp harp

harsh adj garow, asper

harshness garowder, asperyta

harvest trevas

hash tag hashnos

hat hot

hate hâtya

hatred cas

haul hâlya

haunt trobla

have cafos See also bos

hawk hôk

hay gora

hayfever cleves strewy

he pron evG, vaG

head pedn

headache drog pedn

headphones fônow pedn

headquarters caslÿs

heal yaghhe

health yêhes

health centre medhegva

the National Health Service Servys Kenedhlek Yêhes

healthy adj yagh, yahus

heap grahel

heap grahella

hear clôwes 

hearing aid clôwel

heart colon

lose heart phr dyglony

heartache duwhan

heartbeat pols

heartburn losk pengasen

hearth olas

heartiness colonecter

hearty adj colodnek

heat tomder

heat tobma

heater tobmer

heather grug

central heating tobmans cresednek

heaven nev

heavy adj poos

hedge ke

hedgehog sort

heed gwil vry a

heel gwewen

height uhelder, hirder, bàn

helicopter troaskel

helix troyll

hell iffarn

the hell phr orth an jowl

hellish adj iffarnak

helm lew

helmet basnet

help gweres

help gweres, ry gweres dhe

helper gweresor

helpless adj dyweres

hen yar

her adj hyG, ’yG

her pron hyG, ’sG

herb erba

herd gre

here adv obma, nes

around here phr i’n côstys-ma

from here phr alebma

right here phr knack obma

here is / are phr otG, ot obma, awotG

hereafter adv alebma rag

heritage ertach

hero gorour

herrings hern gwydn

hesitate hockya

hesitation hockyans

without hesitation phr heb danjer

heterosexual adj/n kenreydhak

hibernate gwâvgùsca

hiccup hyckas

hide keles

hideout covva

hiding-place n cudh

high adj uhel

how high phr pygebmys uhelderG

high ground uheldir

highlight golowboynt

hijack argibya

hill bre, meneth

him pron evG, eG, ’nG

hindrance let

Hindu adj/n Hyndû

Hinduism Hyndûyieth

hinges bahow

hint hyntya

hip clun

hire gobrena, settya [wor’gobren]

his adj yG, ’yG

history istory

hit gweskel, sqwattya

HIV positive phr VID-posytyf

hive cowel

hoarse adj hos

hoax cast

hoax castya

hobby hobba

hold sensy

holder sensor, perhen

hole toll

holiday degol

hollow adj cow

hollow cow

holly kelyn

holy adj sans

home adj tre

home adv tre

home chy, tre, olas

at home phr chy See also tre

from home phr adre

homesick adj hirethek

homesickness hireth

homework lessons tre

homosexual adj/n kethreydhak

homosexuality kethreydhogneth

honest adj lel, gwiryon

honesty lelder, gwiryoneth

honey mel

honour onour

honour onora

hood cùgol

hoodie garnsy cùgol

hoodwink dalla

hoof carn

hook bagh

hook baha

hoop kelgh

hope govenek

hope *govenek

hopeless adj dyweres, anteythy

horizon gorwel

horizontal adj leurweth

hormone hormôn

horn corn

horoscope horoscôp

horrible adj scruthus, casadow, bylen

be horrified phr kemeres scruth

horrify gorra scruth in

horror scruth

horse margh

horseman marhak

horseradish marghredyk

hospitable adj hel

hospital clojy

hospitality gwestva

host ost

hostage gwystel

hostile adj escarus 

hot adj tobm, spîcek

hotel ostel

hound ky

hour our, eur

half-hour hanter-our

house chy

terraced house rewjy

household mêny

how adv fatellG, fatlaG, fatl’G

how are you? phr fatla genes / geno’why?

however adv bytegyns

however many phr pan lies … pynag aG

however much phr pygebmys … pynag aG

however often phr pan lies torn pynag aG

hub crespoynt

hug byrla

huge adj cowrek

hum sia

human adj denyl

human mab den

human being mab den

humane adj whar

humanitarian adj den-gar

humble adj uvel

humid adj leyth

humidity leythter

humiliate shâmya

humour hûmour

hump bothan

hunger nown

hungry adj gwag, nownek

hunting helghyans

hurdle clos

hurl dehesy

hurriedly adv dre hast

hurry fystena

hurt hùrtya

husband gour

hut crow

hybrid adj kemmysk

hygiene glanythter

hygienic adj glanyth

hymn hympna

hyperlink gorgevren

hypocrisy fekyl-cher


I pron myG, meG, vyG, avyG, maG, mavyG, ma vyG

ice rew

ice cream dehen rew

icing whegrew

icon delow

iconic adj iconek

ICT abbr informatyk

icy adj rewys

idea tybyans

ideal adj delvrysek, adhevîs

ideal delvrys

idealism delvrysieth

identify aswon

identify with See omudnya

identity honensys

idiom tavaseth

idiomatic adj teythiak

idiot bobba

idle adj diek

idle sygera

idol idol

if conj marG, marsG, maraG, marasG, aG

if ... not conj mar nyG, naG

if only conj unweyth marG, unweyth maraG, unweyth aG

if only ... not phr unweyth mar nyG, unweyth naG

ignore sevel orth aswon

ill adj clâv

illegal adj ùnlafyl

illness cleves

illusion tarosvan

illusory adj tarosvanus

illustrate lymna

illustration lymnans

illustrator lymnor

imaginary adj desmygyansus

imagination desmygyans

image imach

imagery imajery

imagine desmygy

imitate gwil warlergh

immature adj diathves

immaturity diathvetter

immediate adj desempys

immediately adv dystowgh, desempys

immense adj dres musur

immigrant enbroyas

immigration enbroans

immoral adj camhensek

immunity imûneth

impatience fowt perthyans

impatient adj cot y berthyans

implement gwythresa

impolite adj dyscortes

import enporth

import enportha

important adj a bris, meur y boos See also bysy

impossible adj ùnpossybyl

imprecise adj andyblans

impressed by phr kemerys yn frâs gans

impression argraf

imprison prysonya

improper adj dysonest

improve gwelhe

improvization desmygyans

improvize desmygy knack ena / obma

in adv ajy, aberveth

in prep inG, ajy dhe

inappropriate adj anwyw, anêwn

inch mêsva

inclination plegadow

be inclined to See plegya, whansa

include comprehendya

including prep ha + noun intredhans

incompetent adj anteythy

increase encressya

incredible adj anhegol

indecent adj dysonest

indeed adv in gwir, defry, iredy

independent adj dystak, anserhak

indeterminate adj ansur

index menegva

indicate meneges

indifferent adj bohes y vern

indigestion drog-goans

indignation sorr ewn

indispensable adj dyhepcor

individual person

industry dywysyans

inexperienced adj heb prevyans

infect clevejy

infection clevejyans

infectious adj clevejus

inflammation fakel

inflate whethfy

inflation whethfyans

inflexible adj dywethyn

influence awedhyans

influence awedhya

influential adj awedhyansus

influenza flû

inform derivas

informal adj anfurvus

information derivadow, avîsyans, kevarweth, kedhlow

ingenious adj injyn

ingredient devnyth

inherent adj genesyk, teythiak 

inherit eryta

inheritance ertans

initiate sordya

inject skîtya

injection skîtyans

injure pystyga

injured adj brew

injury pystyk

ink ink

in-laws tus dâ

innate adj genesyk, teythiak 

innocent adj gwiryon, heb drog

innovate nowedhy

innovation nowedhyans

innovative adj nowedhyansus

inoculate breha

inquisitive adj whensys dhe wodhvos

insane adj muscok

insanity muscotter

insect treghvil, prëv

inside adv aberveth

inside parth ajy

inside prep ajy dhe, aberth in, aberveth in

insignificant adj dybris

insincere adj fekyl, fekyl-

insincerity fekyl-cher

insist inia

insistence iniadow

insolent adj taunt

inspiration awen

inspirational adj awenek

inspire inspîrya

inspect whythra

inspection whythrans

inspector arolegyth

install installya

instant adj desempys

instead of prep in le, in le a

instinct(s) anyen

institute fùndyans

institution fùndyans

instrument(s) daffar

insulate enesegy

insult despît

insult despîtya

insurance surheans

National Insurance Surheans Kenedhlek

insure surhe

intact adj dien

intellect skians

intellectual adj/n skiansek

intelligent adj skentyl

intend porposya

intense adj crev, glew

intensify crefhe

intensity crefter

intention porpos

intercept contreweytya

interest les, rent

he is interested in phr les brâs dhodho yw

interesting adj dhe les

interfere mellya

international adj kesgwlasek

the Internet an Kesrosweyth

interpretation interpretacyon

interpreter latymer

interrupt goderry

interval powes 

interview keswel

intestines colodhyon

intimate adj ogas

into prep inG, ajy dhe, aberth in, aberveth in

intolerable adj dywodhaf

introduce comendya

invalid adj heb bry

invest kevarhewy

investigate whythra

investigation whythrans, studhyans

invisible adj dywel

invitation galow

invite gelwel

invoice recken

get involved in phr kemysky y honen in

iron horn, hornel

iron levenhe

irony geseth

irrational adj dyrêson

irrelevant adj heb perthynas

irritable adj crowsak

Islam Islâm

Islamic adj Islâmek

island enys

isolate enys’he

IT abbr informatyk

it pron evG, vaG, eG, ’nG, hyG, ’sG

itch cosva

itch cosa

its adj yG, ’yG, hyG, ’yG

ivy idhyow


jack knava

jackdaw chawk

jacket jerkyn

life jacket jerkyn sawder

the jackpot an pêwas brâs

jagged adj densak

jail See gaol above

jam kyfeth

jangle rugla

January mis Genver

in January phr mis Genver

jar seth

jaws awednow

jealous adj envies

jeans jîns

Jehova’s Witness Test Jehôva

jelly cowles

jellyfish blùbber

jersey garnsy

Jesus Christ Jesu Crist

jet styf

Jew Yêdhow

jewel jowal

jewellery delk

jigsaw puzzle gwary mil dabm

job ober, soodh See also whel

jog gobonya

join jùnya, omrolya See also udnya

joint kevals

joke ges

joke gesya

practical joke cast

joker jôker

joking ges

jolt jàg

journalist jornalyst

journey viaj

joy lowender

jubilee jûbylê

judge jùj

judge jùjya

judgement jùjment, breus

jug podyk, pycher

juggle jùglya

juice sùgan

juicy adj sùgnek

July mis Gortheren

in July phr mis Gortheren

jump labm

jump lebmel

jump about lappya

jump over phr dreslebmel

jumper gwlanek

junction kes’hens

June mis Metheven

in June phr mis Metheven

jungle gwylcoos

the jury dêwdhek Cort an Gùrun

just adj jùst

just adv nowyth

just now phr namnygen

justice jùstys

justify jùstyfia

jut out balegy


kebab golyth Tùrkek

keep gwetha, sensy, kewera

kettle caltor

key alwheth, alwhedhen

keyboard alwhedhel

keypad rîvednek

kick pôt

kick pôtya

kidnap argibya

kidney loneth

kill ladha

kill oneself phr omladha

kilo- pref kîlo-

Cornish kilt golesen Gernowek

kind adj cuv, caradow

kind kynda, sort, ehen

of that kind phr a’n par-na

of this kind phr a’n par-ma

what kind of phr pana vanerG, py parG, pana sort aG

kindle anowy

king mytern

kippers hern ôpyn

kiss abm

kiss abma

kit darbar

kitchen kegyn

kitten cathyk

kitty creunva

knave knava

knead tosa

knee glin See also knees below

kneel down mos wàr bedn dêwlin

knees dêwlin

knife collel

knight marhak

knighthood marhogieth

knit gwia wàr najedhow

knock knoukya

knot colm

know godhvos, aswon

know how to phr godhvos

knowledge godhvos, skians

knowledgeable adj skiansek


label lâbel

laboratory arbrojy

laborious See lavurya

labour lavur

labour lavurya

lace lâss

lack fowt

lack bos heb

lactose shùgra leth

lad maw

ladder skeul

Ladies Myrhas

lady arlodhes

young lady mêstresyk

ladybird buwhyk Duw

lager coref scav

laid adj a’y wroweth

lake lydn

lamb ôn, kig ôn

lame adj cloppek

laminate plastyfia

lamp lugarn

lamp post golowbren

lampshade skeus lugarn

land tir, pow, bro, gwlas

land tira, londya

landing soler

landlord perhednak, ost

landscape tirwel

landslide dorslynk

lane bownder, hens

language tavas, yêth

native language mabmyêth

lap barlen, kelghtro

laptop amowntyor dêwlin

lard blonek

large adj brâs

laser laser

lass mowes

last adj dewetha

last durya

at last phr wàr an dyweth

late adj dewedhes, adhewedhes, holergh

lately adv adhewedhes

latex glus gwethyn

Latin Latyn

latitude lêsres

lattice clos

laugh wharth

laugh wherthyn

laughter wharth

launch launchya

launder glanhe

law laha

lawn glesyn

lawnmower jyn falhas

lay settya

lazy adj diek

layer gwyscas

layout aray

lead plobm

lead lesha

lead hùmbrank, lêdya

leader hembrynkyas, lêdyor

leaflet folednyk

leak devera dowr

lean posa

leap labm

leap lebmel

learn desky

learned adj deskys brâs

leash lesha

least adj/adv lyha

at least phr dhe’n lyha

leather crohen, lether

leave gasa, departya, avoydya

leave out gasa mes

leaves del

lecture areth

ledge legh

left adj cledh

on the left phr aglêdh

on the left of prep aglêdh dhe

to the left of prep aglêdh dhe

left-handed person cledhyas

leg garr, troos pull (sb’s)

leg phr gwil ges a

legal adj lafyl

legend henwhedhel

legitimate adj alowadow

lemon lymon

lemonade See dewas

lend lendya, prestya See also benthygya

length hës, hirder

lengthen hirhe

Lent Corawys

Leo an Lew

lesbian adj lesbyan

lesbian lesbyanes

less adv le, dhe le

less quant le [a]

the less ... the more phr dhe le ... dhe + compG

lesson lesson, dyscas

let gasa

let go phr gasa

lethal adj mortal

letter lyther, lytheren

letter-box lythergyst

lettuce letys

level adj gwastas

level level

lever colpes

liability kendon

liar gowek

liberal adj/n lybral

the Liberal Democrats an Lybral Democratyon

liberty franchys

Libra an Vontol

library lyverva

driving licence cubmyas lewyas

lichen kewny

lick lyckya

lid gorher

lie growedha, gowleverel

lie(s) gow

tell a lie gowleverel

lie down growedha

life bêwnans

lifeboat scath sawder

lifeguard gwethyas treth

lifestyle beweth

lift eskyner, gorras

lift lyftya

light adj scav

light golow

light golowy

traffic light golow trafyk

lighten scafhe

lighter cunor

lighthouse golowjy

lightning luhes

like adj kepar, haval

like prep See kepar

like cara, *dâ

like that phr indella

like this phr indelma

likeable adj caradow

likelihood lycklod

likely adj lyckly

liken hevelly

likeness hevelep

lilies lyly

limb esel

lime limaval

limit fin, finweth

limit lymytya

over the limit phr dres an cûr

speed limit finweth toth

limited liability omgemeryans strothys

limp adj leyth

limp cloffy

limpets brenyk

limpness leythter

line lînen

on-line adj/adv wàr lînen

linen lin

linesman lînednor

lining ispan

link kevren

lion lion

lip gwe'us

lips min

lipstick minlyw

liquid lydn

list rol

listen golsowes

listen to phr (heed) cola orth

listener golsowyas

literary adj liednak

literature lien

litre lîter

litter stroll

little adj bian

little quant bohes

a little quant nebesG, tùch

very little quant very nebesG

live adj bew

live bêwa

live in phr bos tregys in

liveliness bewder

lively adj bew, bewek

liven up bewekhe

liver avy

lizard pedrevan

load carg

load carga

loaf torth

loan prestyans

loathe abhorrya

lobby kenseth

lobby lobbya

lobster legest

location tyller

loch logh

lock floren, cudyn

lock alwhedha

combination lock floren kesnyver

lockdown leunstroth

locomotive margh tan

locust culyak reden

lode gooth mûn

loft soler

log etew

log off omdhyberth

log on omgelmy

logical adj herwyth lojyk

logically adv herwyth lojyk

loneliness hireth

lonely adj dygoweth, hirethek

long adj hir, pell

before long phr kyns napell

for long phr napell

how long phr pygebmys hësG, pana bellderG

not for long phr napell

long ago phr nans yw pell

for a long time phr pellder

any longer phr na fella

no longer phr na fella

longing hireth

longitude hësres

loo(s) attêsva

look golok, tremyn

look meras See also syght

look for phr whelas

look forward to phr *màl

look out for phr aspia orth

loop cabester

loophole aswy

loose adj lows

loosen lowsya

lord arlùth

The House of Lords Chy an Arlydhy

lorry kert jyn

lose kelly See also lost below

loss coll

lost adj wàr stray

a lot of quant lowr [a], meur [a], showr a

a whole lot of quant bùsh brâs a

the National Lottery an Lotry [Kenedhlek]

loud adj uhel

lounge esedhva

love kerensa

love cara

make love phr cara warbarth

much loved phr meurgerys

lovely adj teg

lover (female) cares

lover (male) caror

low adj isel

lower iselhe

loyal adj lel

loyalty lelder

lubricant uras

lubricate ura

luck lùck

lucky adj fusyk, gwydn y vÿs

luggage fardellow

lukewarm adj mygyl

lull lùlla

lullaby lùll ha lay

lunch ly

packed lunch croust

lungs skevens

lust lust

luxurious adj gorlanwesek

luxury gorlanwes

lying adj a’y wroweth, gowek


machine jyn

cash machine spencer mona

slot machine bathador

ticket machine jyn tôknys

mackerel briel

mad adj muscok

madam madama

madness muscotter

magazine jornal

magic hus

magician hudor

magistrate jùstys

main adj chif-

maintain mentênya

maintenance alymona

maize ÿs wheg

make gwil, rendra, kewera

make-up tremlyw

male adj gorow

malice spit

malicious adj spîtys

mammal brodnek

man den

manage menystra, omweres

manager menystror

mandate mandât

mango mangô

mania conar

maniac coneryak

manic adj coneryak

manifesto derivadow

mankind mab den

manner maner, gis

mansion plâss

manure teyl

many adj/quant lies

many pron lies hunyG

how many phr pygebmysG, pan liesG, pan lowerG, py liesG, pesG, py seulG

as many as phr kebmys aG, kebmys dellG, kenyver aG, kenyver dellG

map mappa

road map hensador

march keskerth

March mis Merth

march keskerdhes

in March phr mis Merth

marijuana kewarhen

mark merk

mark merkya; êwna

diacritical mark merk diacrytycal

market marhas

farmers’ market marhas tiak

stock market marhas stockys

marking êwnans

marmalade kyfeth owraval

marriage maryach

marrow pompyon hir

marry demedhy

Mars Merth

martyr merther

marvellous adj barthusek

masculine adj gorow

mash brêwy

mask minlen, vysour

mason mason

mass mass, oferen

massacre ladhva

massage tosa

mast gwern

master mêster

mastery mêstrynjys

mat strayl

beer mat straylyk

place mat straylyk

match fyt, tanbren

mate mâta

materials daffar

mathematics calcorieth

matrix mabmek

matter mater

it doesn’t matter phr ny vern

no matter phr na fors

mattress colhes

mature adj athves

mature athvejy

maturity athvetter

maxim poynt a skians

maximum adj ughboyntek

maximum ughboynt

May mis Mê

may gallos

in May phr mis Mê

maybe adv martesen

mayonnaise mêyonês

mayor mer

meadow pras

me pron myG, vyG, ’mG

meal prës [boos]

mean adj pyth

mean styrya, mênya

meaning styr, mênyng

meanness pythneth

means main, pegans

meanwhile adv i’n mên-termyn

measure musur

measure musura

measurement(s) musurans

meat kig roast

meat golyth

mechanic jynweythor

mechanical adj jynweythek

mechanism jynweyth

meddle mellya

the media an mainys [kemunessa]

medical adj medhegyl

medication medhegneth

medicine medhegieth

mediocre adj heb teythy specyal

medium adj cres y vrâster

medium main

medley kemmysk

meet metya

meeting metyans, cùntellyans

mega- pref mega

melancholy moreth

melon pompyon wheg

melt tedha

member esel

membership eseleth

memorandum nôtyans

memory cov

mend êwna, amendya

mention mencyon

mention gwil mencyon a

not to mention phr heb côwsel a

menu rol vytel, dôwysel

merchant marchont

Mercury Merher

St Meriadoc Meryasek

merit meryt

mesh magel

mess stroll

message messach, cadnas

messenger cadnas

metal olcan

metaphor metafor

meter musurel

method method

Methodist Methodyst

metre mêter

miaow myowal

mice logas

St Michael Myhal Sans

micro- pref mycro-

microbe corrbrëv

microphone mycrofôn

microwave [oven] corrdodnor

midday hanter-dëdh

middle adj/n cres

in the middle of prep in cres

into the middle of prep in cres

the Middle Ages an Osow Cres

midges gwybes

midnight hanter-nos

might nerth, nell

migrant dyvroyas

migrate dyvra

mild adj clor, mygyl

mildew kewny

mile mildir

mileage See mildir

militant breselor

milk leth

milk godra

milkshake leth shakys

milli- pref myly-

mimic appa

mind brës

mind gwil fors a

bear in mind phr regardya

mine bal

mine working whel

mineral mûn

mini- pref corr-

minibus bùss bian

minimal adj ispoyntek

minimum adj ispoyntek

minimum ispoynt

minister menyster

ministry menystry

mint menta

minus prep marnas See also negedhek

minute mynysen See also minute(s) below

minute covnôtya

minute(s) covnôtyans

mirror gweder meras

miscellany kemmysk

miserable adj truan

misery anken

mislead cabmhùmbrank

mismanage gwadnrêwlya

miss kelly

mission myssyon

mist nywl

misty adj nywlek

mistake fowt

mistreat drokhandla

mistress mêstres

misunderstanding camùnderstondyng

mix kemmysk

mix kemysky

mixer kemyscor

mixture kemmysk

mobile kerdhfôn

mock mockya, gesya

model model, patron, manykyn

moderate adj See tempra

moderate tempra

moderator lewyth

modern adj arnowyth

modernize v arnowedhy

modest adj uvel

modification chaunj

modify chaunjya

module unsys

moist adj glëb

moisten glebya

moisture glebor

mole godh

moment prÿjweyth, tecken, pols

a moment ago phr namnygen

at that moment phr i’n tor’-na

at this moment phr i’n tor’-ma

momentum momentùm

Monday de Lun

on Monday phr de Lun

money mona

monkey sym

monster euthvil

month mis

monument covep

mood cher

moon loor

moor gûn

moorland gûn

mop scubel wolhy

moped whyl tan

moral adj moral, ewnhensek See also morals below

morality moralyta

morals conversacyon

more adv moy, dhe voy

more quant moy [a]

any more phr namoy

no more phr namoy

once more phr unweyth arta

the more ... the less phr dhe + comp ... dhe leG

the more ... the more phr dhe + comp ... dhe + compG, seul + comp ... seul + compG

more or less phr moy pò le

moreover adv gans hedna

morning myttyn

in the morning phr myttyn

this morning See note at ternos vyttyn

mortal adj mortal

mortgage morgaja

mosque mosk

mosquitos gwybes

moss kewny

most adj/adv moyha

mostly adv dre vrâs

MOT abbr prov menystry

moth gowdhan

mother mabm, dama

mother-in-law dama dhâ

motion gway, môvyans, môcyon

motive chêson

motor jyn

motorcycle jyn dywros

motorcyclist dywrosyas jyn

motorway môtorfordh

mouldy adj loos

moult mûtya

mound crug

mount eskyna

mountain meneth

mourn mornya

moustache minvlew

mouth ganow, min

move gway, môvyans

move gwaya, môvya

movement gway, môvyans

mow falhas

MP abbr esel seneth

much adj/adv meur, nameur

as much as phr kebmys aG, kebmys dellG

how much phr pygebmysG, py seulG, pana brisG

not much phr nameur

muck most

mud lis

muddle cabûlva

muddy adj lîsak

muffle megy

mug hanaf hir, podyk

Muhammad Mùhamad

multiply lies’he

multistorey adj liesleur

Mummy Mabmyk

murder moldra

murmur hanajen

murmur hanaja

muscle keher, keheryn

muse awen

museum hendrajy

mushroom scavel cronak

music mûsyk

musical gwary ilow

musician mûsycyen

Muslim adj/n Mùslym

must See bos res [porrês], res yw

mustard kedhow

mute adj omlavar

mutter croffal

mutter croffolas

mutual adj kesparthek

muzzle pednfron

my adj owG, ’mG

mysterious adj kevrînek

mystery kevrîn


nail ewyn, kenter

nail kentrewy

naive adj anfel

naked adj noth

nakedness notha

name hanow

name henwel

namely adv hèn yw dhe styrya

nano- pref nano-

have a nap nappya

table napkin lien dêwla

nappy ledn

narrow adj cul, idn

narrow culhe

narrow-gauge adj les cul

nasty adj dyflas, dysawor, hager-

nation nacyon

national adj kenedhlek

the National Trust an Fythyans Kenedhlek

native adj genesyk, teythiak

natural adj naturek

nature natur, gnas

nausea cleves wheja

navel bêgel

navy lu lestry

near adj/adv ogas

near prep ogas dhe, in ogas, in nes

come near phr nes’he

nearer adj/adv nes

nearest adj nessa

neatness kempensys

neat-and-tidy phr kempen See also clean-and-neat above

be necessary phr bos res [porrês] See also res

if necessary phr mars yw res

neck codna, gwarr

need otham

need *otham

needle najeth

negative adj negedhek

neglect gasa dhe goll

negligence lowsethes

niece nith

neighbour kentrevak

neighbourhood kentrevogeth

neither adv naneyl

neither ... nor conj na(g) ... na(g)G, naneyl ... naG, naneyl ... nagG

nephew noy

nerve nerv

nest neyth

nest neythy

nestle See neythy

net adj elyn

net roos

nettles lynas

network roosweyth

never adv nefra, bythqweth

never again phr nefra namoy

nevertheless adv byttelê, awos hedna

new adj nowyth

brand new phr nowyth flàm

news nowodhow

newsletter kelghlyther

newspaper paper nowodhow

newsworthy adj gwyw dhe nôtya

next adj nessa, a dheu

in next to no time phr in udn labm

nice adj dainty, teg, plesont

nickname les’hanow

night nos

last night phr newher

nightie pows nos

nightingale eosyk

nightmare hulla

nimble adj scav

nipple tethen

nits nedh

no adj vëth (oll)G

no interj 

no one pron den vëthG, nagonenG

noble adj bryntyn

nobleman bryntyn

nod inclynya pedn

noise tros

noisy adj meur y dros

nomination hanwans

nonetheless adv byttelê, awos hedna

nonsense flows

no-nonsense adj dyfroth

noodle nûdel

nook sorn

noose cabester

nor conj naG, nagG

normal adj normal

normality normalyta

north adj/n north

northern adj north

nose dewfrik

nostalgia hireth

nostalgic adj hirethek

not adv nyG, nynsG, naG, nagG, adar

not at all phr malbew dabm

note nôten, nôtyans, nôta See also note(s) below

note nôtyacovnôtya

fifty pound note paper hanter-cans

five pound note paper pymp

ten pound note paper deg

twenty pound note paper ugans

note(s) covnôtyans

nothing pron tra vëthG

notice avîsyans, gwarnyans

notice merkya

notification avîsyans

notion nôcyon

notoriety drokhanow

notorious adj drog-gerys

noun hanow crev

novel novel

November mis Du

in November phr mis Du

now adv lebmyn, i’n eur-ma, now

now ... now phr an eyl torn ... ha tres aral

by now phr nansG

for now phr rag an present termyn

from now on phr alebma rag

up to now phr bys i’n eur-ma

now that conj abànG

nozzle tron

nuance arlyw

nuance arlywa

nuclear adj sprusek

nude adj noth

nudity notha

numb with cold adj crobm

go numb with cold phr crobma

number nyver, nùmber

numeral nyveren

nurse clojior

nursery floghva

nurture megyans

nurture maga

nuts know


oar rev

obedience gostythter

obedient adj gostyth

obese adj gorbeskys

obey obeya

objective meder

obligation kendon

oblong adj hirbedrak

obscure adj dyscler

observe aspia orth

obsess obsessya

obstacle let

obstinate adj stordy

obtain obtainya

obvious adj apert

occupation galwans

occupy ocûpya

occur wharvos

occurrence wharvedhyans

October mis Hedra

in October phr mis Hedra

odd adj coynt, dybarow

odds-and-ends tregeredhow

of prep aG

off adv dhe ves

off prep dhywarG

offence offens

offend offendya

offer profyans

offer profya

office soodh, sodhva

officer sodhak

official adj sodhogyl

official sodhak

official status gre sodhogyl

often See menowgh

how often phr pesqweythG

oh dear interj goevG

oil oyl

oil oylya

olive oil olew

ointment oynment

okay abbr dâ lowr

old adj coth

olives greun olew

the Olympic Games an Gwariow Olympek

ombudsman negejyth gôlyas

omelettes crampeth oy

omit gasa mes

on prep wàrG

on to prep wàrG

once adv unweythN

one pron onenG, denG

the one pron an eylG

the one ... the other pron an eyl ... y gelaG, an eyl ... hy benG

one after another phr in udn rew

the ones pron an reG

onions onyon

only adj udnyk

only adv only See also marnas

ooze sygera

open adj egerys, ôpyn

open egery

opener egerel

openly adv ôpyn

opera gwary kenys

operate gweytha, obery

operation oberyans

opinion tybyans, breus, opynyon

in his opinion phr dh’y vreus [ev]

opponent contrary

opportunist opportûnyst

opportunity chauns, spâss

oppose gortheneby, settya orth / warbydn, omsettya orth / wàr / warbydn

opposite adj contrary

opposite prep adâladâl dhe

opposition offens, omsettyans

the Opposition an Enebyans

oppress compressa

optional adj bolùnjedhek, herwyth bodh

optionally adv herwyth bodh

or conj pò, bò, py, poken

or otherwise phr poken

orange adj rudhvelen

orange owraval

orbit kelghtro

orca morvil denjak

orchestra orkestra

order arhadow

order erhy

in order to prep ragG

in order that phr rag mayG, rag maythG

in order that ... not phr rag naG, rag nagG

ordinary adj kemmyn

ore mûn

organ organ

organic adj organek

organization trevnans, cowethyans

organize trevna

orientation keveryans

origin dalathfos, devedhyans

original adj gwredhek

original mabmscrif

ornament tegen

ornamental adj afînus

orphan adj/n omdhevas

orthodontist orthodontyth

orthopaedic adj orthopêdyk

ostrich strus

other adj aral, ken

the other pron an aralG

the other one pron an aralG, y gelaG

the other ones pron an re erelG

the others pron an re erelG

otherwise adv ken, na hen, pokenG

ought See tyly

our adj aganG, gànG

out adv avês, [in] mes

out of prep [in] mes a

outcome sewyans

outfit gwyscas

outline elvednow

outline lînedna

outlook gologva

outrage outray

outrageous adj outrayus

outside adv avês, [in] mes

outside parth avês

outside prep avês dhe

outskirts See or

oval adj hirgren

oven forn

over prep a-ughG, dresG

overall raglen

overcast adj comolek

overcome overcùmya

overdraft gordennva

overflow fedna

overseas See mor

overtake passya

overturn omwheles

owe See kendon

owl ûla

own adj honenG

own perhedna

on [his etc] own phr honen ollG

all on [his etc] own phr honen ollG

owner perhen


pace pâss

pack trùssa

package fardel

packaging mailyas

packet packet

pad pad

paddle rev

paddle revya, trockya treys

padlock floren crog

page folen

pain pain

painful adj tydn

paint paint

paint paintya, lymna

painter lymnor

painting lymnans, pyctour

pair copel

pal mâta

palace palys

pale adj gwydnyk

paleness gwynder

palm palv, palm

pamper chersya

pan padel

frying pan lejer

pancakes crampeth

panel panel

panties lavregyn

pants lavrak nessa

paper paper

paperback aden vedhel

parachute parashûta

parade omdhysqwedhyans [kerdh]

paradise paradhys

paradox gow gwir

parallel adj keslînek

paralyse paljia

paranoia paranoya

parents kerens

parish pluw

parliament seneth

park park poblek

park parkya

parrot popynjay

parsnips panes

part radn, part

part dyberth

take part phr kemeres radn

participant kevradnak

participate kemeres radn

particular adj arbednyk

parting dybarth

partner kespar

partnership kescowethyans 

n these parts phr i’n côstys-ma

party party, kyffewy

the Communist Party Party an Gemynwer

the Conservative Party Party an Ventênours

the Labour Party Party an Lavur

working party bagas lavur

party-goer kyffewyas

pass passya, tremena, istyna

passage tremenva

passenger tremenyas

passer-by tremenyas

passionate adj meur y wres

passport tremencubmyas

password passêr

past prep dresG

the past an termyn eus passys

pasta pasta

paste glus, toos

paste v glusa

pastry whiogen

pasty pasty

patch clout

patch cloutya

pat what

pâté pâtê

path trûlergh, hens

patience perthyans

patient adj meur y berthyans

patron tasek

pattern patron

pause n/v powes

pavement cauns

paw paw

pawn gwerynor

pay pê, tyly See also well paid below

payable adj taladow

payment pêmont

peace cres

peace and quiet phr cosoleth

peaceful adj cosolek

peach aval gwlanek

peacock payon

peak bleyn

peanuts know dor

pearl perl

pears per

peas pÿs

mushy peas lomen pÿs

peasant gwerynor

peculiar adj coynt

peculiarity coyntys

pedal trosel

pedal trosella

pedestal troos

pedestrian kerdhor

peel dyrusca

peerless adj sompêr

peg ebyl

pen See pluv

ballpoint pen pluven belvleyn

marker pen pyncel

penalty kereth

pencil pluven blobm, pyncel

pendulum polsor

penetrate dewana

penis càl

penny dynar

pension pencyon

Pentecost Pencast

people pobel See also den

pepper puber

bell pepper pubryn

per cent phr an cans

perambulator See pram below

perceive convedhes

percentage cansran

perfect adj perfeth

perfection perfethter

perfectionist perfethyth

performance gwrÿth

perfume scent

perhaps adv martesen

peril peryl

period amseryow

perish mos dhe goll

perishable adj podradow

permanent adj fast

permission cubmyas

permit ry cubmyas rag

persecute persecûtya

persist durya

person den, person

personal adj personek

perspective gologva

perspiration whës

perspire whësa

persuade perswâdya

perverse adj treus

pet mil dov

petition petycyon

petrol petrol

pharmacist apotecary

phase agweth

phenomenal adj barthusek

phenomenon fenomenon

phone pellgowsor

mobile phone kerdhfôn

talk on the phone pellgôwsel

photo skeusen

photograph skeusen

photograph fôtôgrafya

photographer skeusednor

photography skeusenieth

phrase lavaren

physical adj corforek

piano pyanô

piazza plain

pick up cùntell

pickle pyckel

pickle pyckla

picnic croust wàr ves

picture pyctour

pie pasty

piece darn, tabm

piece of paper piss paper

pieces browsyon, gweryn

pierce gwana

piercing gwanas

pig porhel

pigeon colom

pigtail plethen

pilchards hern

pile grahel

pile grahella

pill pelednyk

pillow pluvak

pilot lewyador

pimple cùryak

PIN abbr NAP

pin pydn

pin pydna

pinch pynchya

pineapple pînaval

pink adj gwydnrudh

pint pynta

pioneer ragresor

pipe pib, pîben, pîbel

St Piran Peran

Pisces an Pùscas

piss pîsas

piss pîsa

pit pyt, poll

pitch park

pitcher pycher

pity pyta

pity kemeres pyta orth

it’s a pity phr dieth yw

pixel pyxel

pizza pytsa

place tyller, plâss, le

place gorra, settya

plagiarism lienladrans

plaice porpos

plain adj plain

plainly adv dhe blebmyk

plait plethy

plan cùssul, devîs, towl

plan cùssulya, towledna

make a plan phr tôwlel towl

plane airen, plain

planet planet

planning towlednans

plant plans

plants losow

plaster plaster, plestryn

plastic adj/n plastyk

plate plât

platform soler, arethva, cay

play gwary

play gwary, seny, cana

play on words phr gwary wàr eryow

player gwarior, jyn ilow

playground garth gwary

playlist rol cana

pleasant adj wheg, plesont

pleasantness whecter

please interj mar pleg

please plêsya pleased See 

pleasure plesour

plenty plenty

plot plot

plot kesplottya

plough ardar

plough aras

plug ebyl

plug in ebylya

plum plùmen

plumber plobmyor

plumbing See pîben

plural adj liesek

PMT tynder an mis

pocket pocket

podcast podcast

podium arethva

poem bardhonak

poet prydyth

poetry prydydhieth

point poynt, pryck

point poyntya

decimal point dyjyn

what’s the point? phr pana brow?

pointed adj lybm, pigvôn

pointless adj cog

poison poyson

poison posnya

poke pock

poke pockya

police creslu

police officer gwethyas cres

policy polycy

polish cor, cor lenter

polish polyshya, cora

polite adj cortes

politeness cortesy

political adj polytyk

politically-correct adj polytyk-kewar

politician polytygor

politics polytygieth

pollute mostya

pompous adj bobaunsus

pond lagen

ponder ombredery

pony merhyk

pool poll, bylyard tavern

swimming pool poll neyja

poor adj bohosak, truan

popcorn pop-ÿs

pope pab

poppies ros mogh

popularity kerensa an bobel

population poblans

pop-up adj tròm- 

porch portal

pork kig porhel

pornographic adj pornografek

porpoise morhogh

porridge yos kergh

port porth, portwin

portable adj hedhon

portion shara

portrait portreyans

portray portreya

portrayal portreyans

position savla, soodh, stubm

positive adj posytyf

possess perhedna

possessions pëth

possibility possybylta

possible adj possybyl

post post, soodh

post postya

post office sodhva an post

postage lytherdoll

postcode postcôd

poster scrydel

postpone dylâtya

pot pot

potato patâta

pound pens, poos

pour denewy

poverty bohosogneth

powder polter

power gallos, nerth, nell, power

power cut torrva tredan

poweful adj galosek

practical adj gwythresek, hewil

practice practys, omassayans See also damcanieth

practise omassaya

pragmatic adj pragmatek

praise gormola

praise praisya

pram caryach baby

prawn legestyk

pray pesy

prayer pejadow

preach pregoth

precarious adj diantel

precedent exampyl kyns

precious adj druth

precipice clegar

precisely adv harlych

predict dargan

prediction dargan

predominate gwarthevya

prefer *gwell

pregnant adj torrak

prejudice ragvreus

the Premier League / Premiership an Gùntelles Adhevîs

prepare parusy, darbary

preposition ragêr

prescription gorhemmyn medhek

presence presens

present adj present

present ro

present presentya

presentation presentyans

presently adv wharê

preserve gwetha

preside caderya

president presydent

press gwask

press gwasca

pressure gwascas

prestige roweth

presume lavasos

presumption desef

pretend fâcya

pretentious adj bobaunsus

pretty adj teg

prevent lettya

previously adv kyns

price pris

prick piga

prickle dren

pride gooth

priest prownter

prince pryns

princess prynces

principal adj chif-

principle pednrêwl

print prynt

print pryntya

printer pryntyor

priority bleynorieth

prison pryson

prisoner prysner

privacy pryvetter

private adj pryva

prize pris

probability lycklod

probable adj lyckly

probably dre lycklod

problem problem, caletter, cudyn

procedure proces

process proces

procession keskerth

go in procession phr keskerdhes

prod pock

prod pockya

produce ascor

produce v See ascor

product ascoras

profession galwans

professional adj galwansus

professor professour

profile portreyans

profit gwain, profyt

profound adj down

program towlen

program towledna

programme towlen

progress avauncyans

progress avauncya

prohibit dyfen

prohibition dyfen

project project

promise promys

promise promyssya

promising adj leun a dhedhewadow

promotion remôcyon

pronoun rag’hanow

pronunciation leveryans

proof prov

proper adj onest

prophet profet

sense of proportion phr sens a gemusureth

proportionate adj kemusur, orth an myns

proposal profyans

propose profya

proprietor perhednak

prose pros

prosecute darsewya

prosper soweny

prosperity sowena

prosperous adj sowen

prostitute hora

protect dyffres, gwetha

protection scoos

child protection See diogely

data protection See diogely

protest protestyans

protest protestya

Protestant adj/n Protestant

proud adj prowt, gothys

prove prevy

proverb lavar coth, poynt a skians

provide provia, darbary

providor provior

provisional adj rag tro

provisionally adj rag tro

provoke provôkya

proxy cadnas vôtya

prudence furneth

prudent adj fur, doth

prune dyvarra

psychological adj sîcologyl

psychology enevieth

pub tavern

public adj poblek

the public an bobel

publicity poblegyans

publicize poblegy

publicly adv dhyrag tus

publish dylla

publisher dyllor

pudding pùdyn

black pudding gùsygen

puddle lagen

pull tedn

pull tedna

pull back kildedna

pullover gwlanek

pulse pols

pump pùmp

pump pùmpya

pumpkin pompyon

pun n/v gwary wàr eryow

punctually adv aboynt

puncture gwanas

punish pùnyshya

punishment pùnyshment

pupil dyscor, scolor

puppet popet

puppy colyn

purchase prenas

purchase prena

purchaser prenor

pure adj pur

purée glus

purifier purheor

purpose porpos

purple adj glasrudh

on purpose phr aborpos

purr pùrrya

purse pors

push pock

push herdhya, pockya

pushchair cader herdhya

put gorra

put on gwysca

puzzle desmyk See also jigsaw puzzle above

puzzlement penbleth

pyjamas pyjâmas


quadruple adj peswarplekN

quadruple encressya pedergweythN

qualification composter

qualified adj compes

qualified as phr recêvys avell

qualify composa

quality qwalyta, gnas

quandary penbleth

quantity myns

quarrel n/omdhal

quarry men-gledh

quarter peswora radnN, qwartronN

one quarter phr udn qwartronN

three quarters phr try whartronN

quay cay

queen myternes

question qwestyon

questionnaire govynador

queue lost

quick adj uskys

quickly adv snell, toth men

quiet adj cosel See also peace and quiet above

quirk coyntys

quite adv teg, lowr

quiz qwyz

quorum qworùm

quotation devyn

quote devynes


rabbit conyn

race hil, resegva

racism hilieth

rack clos

racket hùbbadùllya

radiator tobmer

radical adj radycal 

radio radyô

radish redyk

raffle gwary dall

rag pyllen

rail clether

railway hens horn

rain glaw

rain gwil glaw

rainbow gwarak an glaw

raise derevel

rake racan

ramble gwandra

ramp eskynva

range steus

rank renk

rape defolya

rapid adj uskys

rarely adv bohes venowgh

rasp ronk

rasp renky

raspberries avan

rate kevrath

business rates toll negys

rather adv kyns

rather than phr adar

rating scor

ration ewnran

rational adj rêsonek

rats logas brâs

rattle rugla

raw adj criv

ray dewyn

razor alsen

razz[a]matazz hùbbadùllya

reach hedhes, drehedhes

reaction reacsyon

reactor dasoberor

read redya

readily adv heb awhêr

readiness paryster

ready adj parys

real adj gwir

reality gwiryoneth, realeth

really adv dhe wir See also porrês

rear maga

reason skyla, rêson, chêson 

or no reason phr heb ken

reasonable adj rêsonus

rebel rebellya

rebellion rebellyans

receipt aqwytyans

receive recêva, kemeres, degemeres

recently adv agensow, nowyth

reception recepcyon

recess kil

recession kildro

recipe receyt

recipient degemeror

reciprocal adj kesparthek

recklessly adv in sevureth

reckon reckna

reckoning recknans

recognize aswon

recommend comendya

recommendation comendyans

reconnaissance aspians

record record See also record(s) below

record recordya

recording recordyans

record(s) covath

recover sawya

recyclable adj dassteusadow

recycle dassteusya

red adj rudh

reduce lehe

reel rolbren

refer to phr campolla

referee brusyas 

reference dùstuny

referendum referendùm

refill daslenwel

refine afîna

refinement afînans

reflect dastewynya

reform dasformya

refrain bùrdhen

refrain from phr sevel orth

refrigerator yêyner

refugee foesyk

refuse sconya 

regard acowntya

best regards phr oll an gwella, gans gorhemydnow / gorhemynadow / gormynadow a’n gwella

send regards phr dynerhy

regime mêstrynjys

region randir

regional adj randirek

register rejyster

register covscrefa

regret edrek

regret *drog, *edrek

regulate rêwlya

regulation rêwlyans

regulator rêwlyth

rehearsal assay

rehearse assaya

reindeer carow Nordek

reinforce crefhe

reins See frodn

reinstate v restorya

reject sconya

rejoice lowenhe

relate to phr perthyn dhe

related adj kelmys ganso, unwoos

relating to prep adro dhe, ow tùchya [dhe]

in relation to prep in kever

relations kescowethyans

relationship kescowethyans, carorieth

relative car

relax dysqwîtha

release lyfrêson

relentless adj dybyta

relevant adj perthynek

reliable adj See scodhya wàr

reliance fydhyans

relieve oneself phr omsewajya

relieved adj scafhës y golon

religion crejyans

religious adj cryjyk

reluctant adj anvodhek

be reluctant to phr perthy danjer

reluctantly adv [oll] a’y anvoth

rely on phr scodhya wàr

remain remainya

remainder remnant

remains See remnant

remark lavar

remark merkya

remember remembra, perthy cov

remind dry dhe gov

remote sethor

remote control sethor

removal remôcyon

remove remôvya

render rendra

renew nowedhy

renewable adj nowedhadow

renewal nowedhyans

renovate nowedhy

renovation nowedhyans

rent rent

rent gobrena, settya [wor’gobren]

repair êwnans

repair êwna

repay attyly

repayment attal

repeat daswil, dasleverel

repent repentya

repentance repentons

replace kemeres le See also gorra

reply gorthyp

reply gortheby

report derivas, derivadow

report derivas

reporter reportyor

represent representya

representative cadnas

reproach kereth

reproach keredhy

reptile cramvil

republic poblegeth

repudiate naha

repudiation nagh

repulsive adj casadow

reputation hanow

request pejadow, govyn, govynadow

request pesy, govyn

require reqwîrya

rescue rescous

rescue sawya

rescuer den rescous

research whythrans

research whythra

reservation ardak 

reserve ragerhy

reserves creunyo

reservoir creunva 

resign omdhysodha

resignation omdhysodhans

resistance gorthsav

resources asnodhow

respect revrons

respect gwil revrons dhe, gwil vry a

in respect of prep in kever

respite care cûr powes

respond gortheby 

response gorthyp

responsibility charj, omgemeryans

rest powes, remnant

rest powes

have a rest phr gwil powes

restaurant boosty

restore restorya

restraint frodn 

restrain frodna

restrict culhe, strotha

result sewyans

as a result phr dre hedna

retaliate attyly

retaliation attal

retire omdedna

retirement omden

retreat kildedna

retrieve dascafos

return dewheles, dascor

reveal dyscudha

revenge venjans

revenue rent

HM Revenue and Customs Tollva an Wlas 

review daswel

review dasweles

revise amendya, dastesky

the Cornish Revival an Dasserghyans Kernowek

revive dasvêwa

revolution whêldro

reward reward

reward rewardya

rheumatism cleves esely

rhetorical adj arethek

rhubarb trenkles

rhyme rim

rhythm rythym

ribbon ryban

ribs asow

rice riss

rich adj rych

riches rychyth

riddle desmyk

ride marhogeth

rider marhak

ridge crib

ridiculous adj wharthus

riding marhogeth

right adj ewn, compes, dyhow 

right an dâ, gwir

on the right phr adhyhow

on the right of prep adhyhow dhe

put right phr composa, amendya 

to the right of prep adhyhow dhe

rigid adj serth

rind rusk

ring bysow, kelgh

ring seny

riot gùstel

rip sqwardya

ripe adj athves

ripen athvejy

ripeness athvetter

rise derevel

risk chauncya, peryllya

risky adj peryllys

river ryver

road fordh

main road pednfordh

slip road rybfordh 

roar taredna

roast rôstya

rob robbya

robber robbyor

robbery ladrans, ladrynsy

robe pows, gon

robin rudhak

robot robot

rock carrek

rock lesca 

rocket rocket 

rocky adj caregek, carnak

rod gwelen

role rol

roll rol

roll rolya

roller rolbren

rolling stock carvenow

Roman adj/n Roman

romantic adj romantek

roof to

room rom, spâss, tyller

changing room gwyskva

dining room rom kydnyow

guest room gwestva

sitting room rom esedha

root gwredhen

rope lovan

roses ros

rot podrethes

rot pedry

dry rot cùsk

rota kelghrester

rotten adj poder

rough adj garow

roughness garowder

round adj rownd

round rownd, tro, kelghtro

roundabout res adro, fordh adro 

outer rowter 

outine gwythres ûsys

row kedrydn

row res

row revya

in a row phr in udn rew

royal adj rial

royalty mûndalas

rub rùttya

rubber rùber

rubbish atal

rucksack sagh keyn

rude adj dyscortes

rudeness dyscortesy

ruffian bylen

rugby rùgby

ruin crellas

ruin myshevya, dyswil

rule rêwl

rule rêwlya

ruler lînednor

rum dowr tobm molass

rumble n/gromyal

rummage turya

rumpled adj crygh

run ponya, resek, brenya, governa

run out dyfygya

runway hens tira

rush fysky, stêvya

rustle rùstla

rusty adj callek

rut rygol

ruthless adj dybyta


sack gordhylla

sacred adj sacrys

sacrifice offrydna

self-sacrifice omoffrydnans

sad adj trist

saddle dyber

safe adj saw

safe and sound phr salow

safeguard diogely

safeguarding n See diogely

safety sawder

Sagittarius an Sethor

sail gool

sail golya

sailboard astell gool

go sailboarding phr astellwolya

sailor marner

saint sans

for my sake phr a’m govysG

for the sake of prep rag kerensa

salad salad

salary gober

sale gwerth

jumble sale fer sparyon

salesman gwerthor

salmon sowman

salt holan

ready salted phr selys parys

salty adj holanek

the same adj an kethG, an kethsamG

the same one pron an keth hebmaG, an keth hobmaG, an keth hednaG, an keth hodnaG

the same ones pron an keth reG

the same thing pron an keth hebmaG, an keth hobmaG, an keth hednaG, an keth hodnaG

at the same time phr i’n kettermyn

in the same way phr in ketelma

sanctions kessydhyans

sand tewas

sandwich breghtan

sanitizer purheor

sarcastic adj sarcastyk

sardines hern

sat adj a’y eseth

satchel scryp

satellite loren

satirical adj gesus

satirize scornya

to his satisfaction phr dh’y blegadow

satisfy contentya

satnav hensador lorednek

Saturday de Sadorn

on Saturday phr de Sadorn

Saturn Sadorn

sauce sows

tomato sauce sows cogh

saucepan padel dorn

saucer sowcer

sausages col selsyk

save sawya, selwel, erbysy, recordya

savings erbysyon

savoury adj saworek

saw hesken

saw heskedna

say leverel

that is to say phr hèn yw dhe leverel

saying dyth

scaffolding scaffotys

scale gradhva, skeul

scales scant, montol

scam scàm

scampi legestyk Bay Dulyn

scan scanya

ultrasound scan scanyans ughson

scandal sclander

scandalous adj sclandrus

scanner scanyor

scar creythen

scarce adj scant

scarcely adv scant

scare gorra own in

scarf lien codna

scene gologva

scent odour, scent

sceptical adj anhegol

schedule towlen

schedule towledna

scheme rester, towlen

scholarly adj scolheygus

school scol

nursery school scol vêthryn

primary school scol elvednek

secondary school scol nessa

science sciens

scientific adj sciensek

scientist sciensyth

scissors gweljow bian

scold tavasa

scones scons

scooter scûter

score scor

scorn scornya

Scorpio an Scorpyon

scoundrel bylen

scramble crambla, scrambla

scrape n/v cravas

scraper cravel

scratch n/v cravas

scream scrij, uj

scream scrîja, uja

screen scrin

screw screw

screwdriver dyvîcyor

script scrypt

scroll scrolya

scrupulous adj dour

scrupulously adv dour

sculpture imajery

scum kellyn

sea mor

seagull gùlan

seal reun

seal sêlya

search for phr sarchya

seaside gladn an mor

season sêson

seasonal adj a’n sêson

seat eseth

seaweed gùbman

secede omdhyberth

second secùnd

second-hand adj wor’taswerth

secret adj kevrînek, in dadn gel

secret kevrîn

secretary scryvynyas

secretly adv in dadn gel

section radn, adran

secure adj diogel

secure diogely

securities See mewgh

security checkva

security guard gwethyas diogeleth

see gweles

see to it that (not) phr gwetyas may / na

seeds has

seek whelas

seep sygera

seem hevelly

see-saw astell omborth

see-through adj boll

segment trogh

seize sêsya, dalhedna

seldom adv bohes venowgh, na menowgh

select dôwys

self pron honenG As prefix it is honen-G

selfie honen-skeusen

selfish adj honenus

selfishness honenuster

sell gwertha

seller gwerthor

semen has

send danvon, gorra

sense sens

make sense phr gwil sens

sensible adj fur

sensitive adj tyckly, sensytyf

sensitivity sensytyvyta

sentence lavar

sentimental adj amuvyansek

separation dyberthva

September mis Gwydngala

in September phr mis Gwydngala

sequence res

serial adj kevresek

series kevres, steus

serious adj sad, poos

sermon pregoth

serpentine sarfven

serrated adj densak

servant servont

serve servya

server servyas

service servys

service dyghtya

service station othomva

services othomva

servicing dyghtyans

serviette lien dêwla

session esedhvos

set set

set settya, desedha, dosbartha, sedhy

setback let

settee gwely dëdh

setting(s) desedhans

settlement trevesygeth

set-up rester

severe adj sevur, asper

severity asperyta

sew gwrias

sex reydh, carnal joy

sexual adj reydhek

sexism sexieth

sexy adj carnal

shade skeus, arlyw

shadow skeus

shady adj skeusek

shaft shafta

shake shakya, crena

shallow adj bas

shame meth, sham

shame shâmya

it’s a shame phr dieth yw

shameful adj methus

shameless adj dyveth

shampoo shampû

shape shâp

shape shâpya

in good shape phr in poynt dâ

share shara, kevran

share radna, kevradna

shareholder kevradnor

shark morvleydh

sharp adj lybm, sherp

sharpen lebma

shatter brêwy

shave dyvarva, dygwetha

shaved adj blogh

shaver dyvarvor

shawl whytel

she pron hyG

shed crow

sheep davas

sheer adj pur, boll

sheet lien gwely

shell crogen

shellfish boos tryg

shelter goskes, glawjy

shelter goskesy

shelving estyll

sherry sherys

Shia adj Shîyek

shield scoos

shift torn

shine spladna

ship gorhal

shipwreck torrva gorhal

shirt cris

T-shirt cris T

shit cawgh

shit caw’ha

shoal hes

shock scrut, jàg

shock gorra scruth in

shocked adj diegrys

be shocked phr kemeres scruth

shocking adj scruthus

shoe eskys

shoot tedna

shop shoppa

shop prenassa

shore âls

short adj cot

take a short cut phr mos an hens cot

shortage dyfyk

shorten cot’he

shortly adv a verr spÿs

shorts lavrak cot

short-sighted adj cot y wolok

shot tedn

should See codha, tyly

shoulder scoodh See also shoulders below

hard shoulder gladn gales

shoulders gwarr

shout cry

shout cria

shove herdhya

shovel rev

show dysqwedhyans, show

show dysqwedhes

shower cowas

take a shower phr cafos cowas

showroom rom showya

shred frêga

shrewd adj coynt, polytyk

shriek scrij

shriek scrîja

shrill adj tydn

shrimp bîbyn-bûbyn

shrine scrin

shrink omdedna

shut adj degës

shut degea

shutter keas fenester

shuttle gwednal

shuttlecock gwednal

be shy phr *meth

shyness meth

sick adj clâv

sick whej

be sick phr wheja

side tenewen, tu, parth

on that side of See tu, parth

on this side of See tu, parth

siege esedhva

sieve croder

sigh hanajen

sigh hanaja

sight golok, syght, gwel

at first sight phr dhe’n kensa vu

catch sight of phr aspia

sign sin, arweth

sign sîna

signal arweth

signal arwedha

signature sînans

significant adj a bris

Sikh Sîkyas

silence taw

silent adj tawesek

be silent phr tewel

silk owrlyn

window sill legh fenester

silliness gockyneth

silly adj gocky, cog

silver arhans

similar adj kepar, haval

similarity hevelep

simile comparyans

simple adj sempel

simplify sempelhe

sin pegh

sin peha

since conj abànG, dhia bànG, pànG

since prep dhiaG

sincere adj gwiryon

sing cana

singer canor

singing n cana

single adj heb kespar

singular adj udnyk

sink new

sink sedhy

sinner pehador

sinus cowdoll

sip lemyga

sir syra

sister whor

sit esedha

sit down esedha

site savla

sitting adj a’y eseth

situation plit

size brâster, myns

skate eskys slynkresek

skate slynkresek

roller skate roskys

skeleton corf eskern

sketch skech

sketch lînedna

ski sky

ski skia

skid slyppya

skiing skia

skilful adj sley

skill codnek, creft

skin crohen

skip kybel atal

skip dreslebmel

skirt losten

skittle kil

skull crogen pedn

sky ebron

slab legh

slack adj lows

slander sclander

slanderous adj sclandrus

slant leder

slanting adj ledrek

slap what

slate legh, lehen

slaughter ladhva

slave keth

slavery kethneth

sledge carr slynkya

sleep cùsk

sleep cùsca, nappya

sleeping bag sagh cùsca

sleepy adj hunek

sleet erghlaw

sleeve brehel

sleigh carr slynkya

slender adj mon

slice tregh

slice trehy

slide slynk

slide slynkya

slight adj scav

slim adj mon

slim monhe

slip slyppya

slipper pawgen

slippery adj slynk

slipway slynkva

sliver laun

slogan garm

slope leder

sloping adj ledrek

slot bùlgh

slow adj lent, ow kelly

slow down lent’he

slugs melwhes

slush lûbergh

small adj bian, man-

smart adj skentyl

smart casual phr dyllas compes-powes

smash brêwy

smear drogura

smell sawor, odour

smell clôwes, sawory See also sawor

smile minwharth

smile minwherthyn

the Smith an Gov

smoke mog

smoke megy

smooth adj leven

smooth levenhe

smoothness levender

smoulder sygera

smuggler franklondyor

snack croust

snag cudyn

snake serpont

snatch kibya

sneeze strewy

sniff frony

snooker snûker

snore ronk

snore renky

snort ronk

snort renky, frony

snout tron

snow ergh

snow gwil ergh

snug adj cles

so adv marG, magaG

so conj ytho

so be it phr indella re bo

so long as conj hedreG

so many adj/pron kebmysG

so much adj/pron kebmysG

so that phr mayG, maythG, maG

so that ... not phr rag naG, rag nagG

soak glehy

soap seban

sober adj dyvedhow

social adj socyal

socialist socyalyth

society cowethas

Society an Gowethas

sock lodryk

socket crow

sofa gwely dëdh

soft adj medhel

soften medhelhe

softness medhelder

software medhelweyth

solar adj howlek

soldier soudor

sole adj udnyk

sole goles

solemn adj solempna

solicitor atorny

solid adji/n solyd

solidarity unvereth

solitary adj dygoweth

solution assoylyans

solve assoylya

some adj nebG

some pron reG, radnG

some quant nebesG

some of phr darn

somehow adv [in] neb fordh

someone pron nebonenG

someone else pron ken onenG

something pron neppëthG, neb traG

something else pron neb tra kenG

sometime adv nepprës

sometimes adv traweythyow

somewhere adv in neb le

son mab

song cân

soon adv scon, a verr spÿs

as soon as phr kettelG, peskytter mayG, peskytter maythG

soot fylgeth

sore brew

sorrow tristans, duwhan

sort sort, ehen, kynda

sort dosbartha

some sort of phr neb sort a

soul enef

sound son

sound sowndya, seny

soup cowl

sour adj trenk

source penfenten

south adj/n soth

southern adj soth

sow seed phr gonys has

spa fentenva

space spâss, efander

spade pal

spaghetti spagetty

spark elven

sparkling adj tythus

sparks gwrîhon

sparrow golvan

sparse adj tanow

speak côwsel

speaker cowsor, corn

special adj specyal

specialist arbenygor

specialize arbenygya

species ehen

specific adj specyfyk

specimen specymen

speckled adj brith

spectacle gwary mir

spectator aspiyas

speech cows, areth

speed toth

speed uskys’he

speed bump godolhyn lent’he

speed up uskys’he

spell spellya

spelling spellyans

spend spêna

spendthrift scùllyak

sphere pel, kelgh

spicy adj spîcek

spiders kefnys

spike kenter

spill scùllyans

spill scùllya

spillage scùllyans

spin troyll

spin troyllya

spinach spynach

spiral troyll

spiral troyllya

spirit spyrys

the Holy Spirit an Spyrys Sans

spit trewa

spite spit

in spite of prep in despît dhe

in spite of that phr awos hedna

spiteful adj spîtys

splash lagya

splendid adj spladn, rial

splinter skethryk

split fâls

split falja

spoil dyswil, chersya re

spokesman leveryas

sponge sponj

sponsored by phr in dadn vewgh

sponsorship mewgh

spooky adj skeusek

spoon lo

spoonful loas

sport sport

on the spot phr knack ena, knack obma

spotted adj brith

spouse prias

spray styfya

spread lêsa, omlêsa See also ura

spreadsheet folen reckna

spring fenten, gwaynten

sprint gwibya

Brussels sprouts cawlyk

on the spur of the moment phr knack ena, knack obma

spy aspiyas

squabble strif

squad felshyp

squander scùllya

square adj pedrak

square pedrak, plain

squash sponken

squash gwrydnya

squeak gwihal

squeal gwihal

squeeze gwasca, gwrydnya, strotha

squirm gwengel

squirrel gwywer

squirt skîtyans

squirt skîtya

stable adj fast

stable stâbel

stadium stadyùm

staff lorgh

stage gwaryva, stap, agweth

stagnant adj marow

stain nàm

stain nabma

stair stair

stale adj coth

stalk garren

stall stalla

stall dyfygya

stammer hockya in y gows

stamp stamp

stamp stampya, stankya

stamp duty stampdoll

stance stauns

stand sensor, stalla

stand sevel

stand up sevel in bàn

standard adj/n standard

the Standard Written Form an Furv Scrifys Savonek

on standby phr ow cortos yn parys, sqwychys dhe barys

standing adj a’y sav

staple crobmgenter

staple crobmgentra

stars ster

start dallath

start dallath, sordya, tanya

state stât, studh

state meneges, derivas

statement menegyans, derivadow

station gorsaf, stacyon

statue imach

stature hirder

stay godrega, ôstya, remainya

steadily adv wàr gàm

steak stêk

steak and kidney phr bowyn ha loneth

steal ladra

steam êthen

steam êthedna

steel dur

steep adj serth

steer lewyas

stem garren

step stap, pâss

stepfather lestas

stew bros

stick gwelen, lorgh

stick glena

stiff adj dywethyn

stifle megy

stile n trap

still adj cosel, heb gass

still adv whath

sting bros

sting brôsa, piga

stinginess pythneth

stingy adj pyth

stink flêrya

stinking adj mousak

stir cabûly

stirrup gwarthowl

stitch pystyk

stock stock See also stocks below

stock stoffya

stocking loder

stocks See stock in Cornish-English section

stomach pengasen

stone men

stones bùly

stood adj a’y sav

stool scavel

stop stoppya, lettya, sevel, hedhy

bus stop savla bùss

stop up stoppya

stopper corkyn

store gwithva

storm enawel

story istory

stove forn

straddling adj gawlek

straight adj compes, strait

straight adv poran

straighten composa

strain tennva

strain sythla

strainer sythel

strangle taga

strange adj stranj, estrednek, ùncoth

strap cron, cabester

straw cala, gwelen eva

strawberries syvy

stream fros, gover

stream strêmya

street strêt

strength crefter

strengthen crefhe

stress tennva, pooslev

stress poosleva

stressful adj tydn

stretch strechya

stretch out strechya

stretcher grava clevyon

strict adj stroth, strait

strictly adv harlych

strife strif

strike astel ober

strike gweskel, frappya, astel ober

striker astelor

strimmer fylgh raf

string corden, plethen

strip sketh

strive strîvya

stroke strocas, neyj

stroll tro kerdhes

stroll rôsya

strong adj crev

structural adj starnedhek

structure starneth

struggle omdowl

struggle omdôwlel, strîvya

highly strung adj nervus

stubborn adj stowt

stuck adj See stag

student studhyor, dyscor

study studhyans, rom studhya

study studhya

stuff stoff

stuff stoffya

stuffing stoffyas

stuffy adj clos

stumble trebuchya

stump kef

stunt prat

stupid adj gocky

stupidity gockyneth

stutter hockya in y gows

style gis, gis screfa

sub- pref is-

subject testen

subject to prep in danjer

subject-matter devnyth

submarine lester sedhy

submerge sedhy

subscribe to phr ragprena, ragprena eseleth in

subscription ragpren

subsidy gweres mona

substitute See gorra

subtle adj sotel

subtract from phr kemeres dhyworth

succeed spêdya, soweny

success spêda, sowena

such adj a’n par-na, a’n par-ma

such as phr seul aG

suck sugna

sudden adj sodyn, desempys, tròm-

suddenly adv desempys

suffer sùffra

sufficient adj lowr

suffocate taga

sugar shùgra

suggest cùssulya, profya

suggestion cùssul, profyans

commit suicide phr omladha

suit sewt

suitability gwywder

suitable adj gwyw, fytty

suitcase trog dyllas

sulk mûtya

sultry adj tesak

sum sùm

sum up sùmya

summary derivas cot

summer hâv

summit barr

sun howl

sunburn howl-losk

Sunday de Sul

on Sunday phr de Sul

sunlight howl

Sunni adj Sùny

sunny adj howlek

sunset howlsedhas

suntan lyw howl

suntan lotion dehen howl

superficial adj bas

supermarket gorvarhas

supernatural adj dres natur

supper soper

supple adj gwethyn

supplement keworrans, istynans

supplement gorra moy dhe

supplemental adj keworransus

supplier provior

supplies provians

supply provians

supply provia

support scodhyans

support scodhya

supporter scodhyor

suppose soposya

sure adj sur

make sure phr diogelhe

surf mordardh

surf mordardhya, rôsya

surface enep, arenep

surfboard astell mordardh

surgeon chyrùrjen

surgery chyrùrjery, medhegva

surprise sowthan

surprise sowthanas

be surprised phr *marth

surprisingly adv er y varth

surround kerhydna

surveillance aspians

survey arwhythrans

survival duryans

survive durya

suspect drogdyby

suspend astel

suspicion skeus

suspicious adj skeusek

be suspicious phr *skeus

sustainable adj sostenadow

swallow gwednal

swallow lenky

swan swàn

swap keschaunj

swap keschaunjya

swarm hes

swat sqwattya

swear tia, cùssya

sweat whës

sweat whësa

sweatshirt cris whës

sweep scubya

sweet adj wheg

sweet and sour phr wheg ha wherow

sweetcorn ÿs wheg

sweetener melysor

sweetness whecter

sweets whegydnow

swell whedhy

swift adj scav

swim neyj

swim neyja

swimming trunks levregyn neyja

swimshorts lavrak neyja

swimsuit dyllas neyja

swing lesk, trailva

swing(s) lesk lovan

swing lesca, swaysya

swing about swaysya

switch sqwychel

switch off sqwychya mes

switch on sqwychya rag

swoop stêvya

sword cledha

syllable sylaben

symmetrical adj kemusur

symbol arweth

symbolic adj arwedhek

sympathy kescodhevyans

syringe skîtel

syrup syrop

system kevreth

systematic adj kevrêthek


table bord, tâbel, moos

lay the table phr settya moos

tablecloth lien bord

tablet legh, pelednyk

tact dothter

tactful adj doth

tag sygen

tail lost

tail-end tin

tailor trehor

take kemeres, gorra, kibya

take off dysky

talent talent

talk cows, areth

talk côwsel, talkya

tall adj uhel, hir

tame adj dov

tame dova

tampon tampon

tan lyw howl

tangle magel

tank tank, argh

tankard cruskyn

tap tap

tap tùchya

tape snod

sticky tape inkyl glena

target costen

tart tart

task ober

taste tastya, sawory See also sawor

tasty adj saworek, blesys dâ

tattoo corflywans

Taurus an Tarow

taut adj tydn

tax toll

council tax toll aneth

income tax toll wober

inheritance tax toll ertans

tax return furvlen toll

taxi taksy


herbal tea tê losowek

teach See desky

teacher descador

team parra, felshyp

teapot pot tê

tear sqward See also tears below

tear sqwardya

tear up frêga

tears dagrow

shed tears phr devera dagrow

tease hyga

technical adj teknegyl

technician teknegor

technique teknyk

technology teknologieth

telephone pellgowsor

telescope gweder aspias

television pellwolok

tell derivas

temperamental adj siansus

temperature tomder

template scantlyn

temple templa

temporarily adv rag tro

temporary adj rag tro

tempt temptya

temptation temptacyon

tend See tedna

tender adj medhel

tenderness medhelder

tendons gyew

tennis tenys

tension tennva

tent tent

tepid adj mygyl

term termyn

terminate dewedha

terms and conditions phr ambosow negys

terrace terras

terrain tireth

terrible adj uthyk, a’n pla

terrify brawehy

territory tireth

terror euth

terrorism euthweyth

terrorist euthwas

terrorize brawehy

test prov, assay

test prevy

driving test apposyans drîvya

text text

text textya

textile gwias

than prep èsG, agesG, ès dellG, ages dellG, avellG

thank aswon grâss dhe

thank you phr gromercy

thanks See grâss

thanks to prep grâss dhe

that adj -naG

that conj mayG, maythG, maG, fatellG, dellG, tellG, terG, dreG, dr’G, tr’G

that pron hednaG, hodnaG, hènG, hònG, aG, neb aG, hag aG For oblique relative clause see also mayG, maythG, maG

that ... not phr naG, nagG, dell naG, dell nagG

that one pron hednaG, hodnaG, hènG, hònG

that is phr hèn yw

thaw tedha

the article anG

theatre gwaryjy, plain an gwary

theft ladrans, ladrynsy

their adj agaG, gàG

them pron yG, anjyG, ’sG

theme thêma

then adv ena, i’n eur-na, dhan[a], ythoG

by then phr nansG

theory damcanieth

therapeutic adj yahus

there adv ena, dy

from there phr alena

right there phr knack ena

there is / are phr otG, awotG

thereafter adv a’y wosa

therefore adv rag hedna, ythoG

thereupon adv gans hedna

thermometer musurel tomder

these pron an re-maG

these ones pron an re-maG

they pron yG, anjyG

thick adj tew

thicken adj tew’he

thief lader

thigh mordhos

thin adj tanow

thin tanow’he

thin out tanow’he

thing tra

think predery, tyby

third tressa radnN

one third phr udn radn in tryN

two thirds phr dyw radn in tryN

thirst sehes

be thirsty phr *sehes

this adj -maG

this pron hebmaG, hobmaG, hèmG, hòmG

this one pron hebmaG, hobmaG, hèmG, hòmG

thong cron

thorn dren

those pron an re-naG

those ones pron an re-naG

though conj kynG, kynthG

even though conj [ha] kynG, [ha] kynthG

thought preder

thoughtful adj prederus

thrash cronkya

threads neus

threat godros

threaten godros

the three of them phr aga thryN, pùbonen a’n tryN

threshold troosow

thrifty adj erbysus

thriving adj sowen

throat briansen

through prep dreG, derG

throw towl

throw tôwlel

thrust herdhya

thug bylen

thump cronk

thunder taran

thunder taredna

thunderbolt taran

Thursday de Yow

on Thursday phr de Yow

ticket tôkyn return

ticket tôkyn mos ha dewheles

single ticket tôkyn mos only

ticket office tôkynva

tickle cosva

tickle cosa

tide(s) mortîd

high tide morlanow

low tide mordryg

tidiness kempensys

tidy See neat-and-tidy above

tidy kempedna

tie colm, colm codna

tie kelmy

bow tie colmen bleg

tier level

tiger tîger

tight adj tydn, stroth

tighten strotha

tights tydnyow

tile lehen

time termyn, eur, prës, tro, torn, treveth

time reckna termyn

all the time phr prest

on time phr adermyn

this time See tro

what’s the time? phr py eur yw?

for the time being phr rag an present termyn

he has no time for phr ny sens ev oy a

it is time to See prës

from time to time phr traweythyow

timer euryor

how many times phr pan lower tornG

many times phr liesgweythN, lies tornN

timetable euryador

tin sten, cafas, cana

tingle cosva

tingle cosa

tinner stenor

tint arlyw

tint arlywa

tiny adj munys

tip bleyn, grastal

tire sqwîtha

tired adj sqwith

tiring adj sqwîthus

tissue lien dorn paper

title tîtel

to prep dheG, bys in, bys dhe

toad cronak

toast [bara] cras

toast crasa, eva yêhes

tobacco backa

toboggan carr slynkya

today adv hedhyw

toe bës troos

toffee clyjjy

together adv warbarth

toilet(s) attêsva

token tôkyn

tolerance godhevyans

tolerate godhevel

tomato aval kerensa

tomb bedh

tomorrow adv avorow

tomorrow morning phr ternos vyttyn 

on tona

tone ton

tongue tavas

tonight adv haneth

too adv re, kefrës, inwedh

too much phr re

tool toul

tooth dans

toothache drog dens

toothbrush scubylen dens

toothpaste toos dens

top gwartha, barr, top

at the top phr awartha

topic testen

topping cappa

tor carn

torch torchen

torment torment

torment tormentya

tortoise cronak ervys

torture torment

torture tormentya

total cowlsùm

touch tava, tùchya

get in touch phr omdava

tough adj gwethyn

tourism tourystieth

tourist touryst

toward prep tro ha

towards prep tro ha

towel towal

hand towel lien dêwla

tea towel lien seha lestry

tower tour

town tre

toy gwariel

trace ol

track lînen, trogh

tracksuit sewt resegva

tractor jyn tedna

trade kenwerth

trade kenwertha

trader gwycor

tradition tradycyon

traditional adj tradycyonal

traffic daromres

traffic jam daromdak

tragedy trajedy

trailer kert adrëv

train train

train manager gwethyas train

trainee prentys

trainer eskys sport

training dyscans

traitor traitour

tram tràm

trampoline labmwely

tranquil adj cosolek

tranquility cololeth

transfer treusperthy

transformer treusfurvyor

transgender adj treusreydhak

transition trailva

translate trailya

translation trailyans

transmit treuscorra

transparent adj boll

transport caryans

transport carya

transportation caryans

transvestite treusgwyscor

trap maglen

transform transformya

trauma trauma

travel viajya, lavurya

tray servyour

treasure tresour

treasurer alwhedhor

treat faverans specyal

treat dyghtya

treatment dyghtyans

treaty kevambos

trunk tron

treble adj tryflekN

treble tryflegyN

tree trunk gwedhen-ven

trees gwëdh

Tregedna Day Dëdh Tregedna

tremble crena

trench cledh

trespasser camdremenyas

trial trial

triangle trielyn

tribunal sedhek brusy

trick cast, prat

trick castya

trickle devera

trifle trufyl

trifling adj trufyl

trigger tryger

trigger sordya

trinket tegen

trip viaj

day trip viaj jorna

trip trebuchya

tripod trebeth

trolley carygel

troop bagas

trot gobonya

trouble trobel, anken

trouble trobla

trough new

trousers lavrak

trout trùth

truck kert jyn

true adj gwir, lel-

truly adv dhe wir

trump trùmp

trumpet hirgorn

trunk gwedhen-ven, côfyr, tron

trust trest, fydhyans

trust *trest, trestya

trustee fydhyador

truth gwiryoneth

try profyans

try tria, assaya See also whelas

try out prevy

tub kybel

tube pib, pîben, pîbel

Tuesday de Merth

on Tuesday phr de Merth

tug tedn

tug tedna

tuition dyscas

tulip blejen tùlyfant

tummy torr

tumour tevyans

tuna tûna

tune ton

tune tonya

tunnel keyfordh

turban tùlyfant

turkey yar Gyny

turn tro, torn

turn trailya

good turn torn dâ

in turn phr pùb wàr y dorn

turn around omdrailya

turn on anowy

turn round omdrailya

turning torn

twilight tewlwolow

twin gevell

twirl troyll

twirl troyllya

twist troyll

twist cabma, troyllya

type tip See also ol

typeface See ol

typical adj tîpek

tyranny turontieth

tyrant turont

tyre bond


ugliness hacter

ugly adj hager [y semlant]

ultimately adv wosteweth

umbrella glawlen

sun umbrella howl-len

unanimous adj unverhës

unbearable adj dywodhaf

uncertain adj ancertan

uncle ôwnter

uncomfortable adj heb comfort

unconditional adj diambos

uncover dyscudha

under prep in dadnG

from under prep adhadnG

underline islînya

understand ùnderstondya, convedhes

understanding ùnderstondyng

undertake omgemeres rag

undertaking ambos

undress dysky

undulating adj todnek

unease anês

uneasiness anês

uneasy adj anês

unemployed adj dyweyth

unequalled adj flour

unethical adj camhensek

uneven adj dygompes

unfair adj anêwn

unfaithful adj dyslen

unfamiliar adj ùncoth

unfold dysplegya

unfortunate adj anfusyk

unfortunately adv i’n gwetha prës

unfriendly adj dyguf

unfurl dysplêtya

unhealthy adj anyagh, anyahus

uniform udnwysk

unify udnya

unimportant adj dybos, bohes y vern

trade union kesudnyans lavur

unique adj udnyk

unit unsys

unite udnya, omudnya

the United Nations an Kenedhlow Udnys

unity unsys

universe ûnyvers

university ûnyversyta

The Open University An Benscol Egerys

unjust adj anjùst

unkind adj dyguf

unknown adj ùncoth

unlawful adj ùnlafyl

unlike adj dyhaval

unload dyscarga

unlock dialwhedha

unlucky adj anfusyk

unmarried adj dybrias

unnecessarily adv heb otham

unnecessary adj heb otham

unpack dydrùssa

unparalleled adj dybarow

unpleasant adj anwhek, dysawor

unplug dysebylya

unprotected adj dyscos

unreasonable adj afrêsonus

unripe adj criv

unrivalled adj sompêr

unroll dyrolya

unruly adj dyrêwl

unscrew dyscrewya

unsuitable adj anwyw

unsure adj ansur

untie dygelmy

until conj ernaG, ernagG, bys pànG, bys mayG, bys maythG, kynsG, kyns èsG, kyns ès dellG

until prep bys in, bys dhe, bys

unwind dysplegya

unwrap dysmailya

up adv in bàn

up to prep bys in, bys dhe

upbringing megyans

upcoming adj a dheu

update nowedhyans

update nowedhy

uphold mentênya

upload carg

upload carga

upon prep wàrG

upper adj gwartha

upright adj serth

uproot dywredhya

upset dystempra

upstairs adv avàn, in bàn

urge inia be

be urgent phr bos res [porrês]

urging iniadow

urinate pîsa

urine pîsas

us pron nyG, ’ganG

use ûsya

make use of phr gwil devnyth a

use up spêna

useful adj vas, dhe les, a brow

useless adj heb les vëth

usual See ûsya

as usual phr avell ûsadow

usually adv dell yw ûsys

utilize gwil devnyth a


vacant adj gwag

vaccinate breha

vaccine breghlyn

vacuum gwacter

vacuum cleaner scubel sugna

vagina cons

valid adj crev

validity crefter

valley valy

valuable adj druth

value valew

value talveja

valve clapes

van carven

vanilla vanyla

vanish vanyshya

vape êthedna

variable adj chaunjus

variety sort

various adj dyvers

vary varya

vase lester flourys

VAT abbr toll daswerth

veal kig leugh

vegetables losow debry

vegetarian losowdebror

vegetation losow

vehicle degador

veil veyl

veins gwythy

velvet paly

venture aventuryans

Venus Gwener

verb verb

verify composa

verruca gwenogen troos

verse gwers

version versyon

very adv pòr, fest, very

vessel lester

vestige ol

vet milvedhek

viaduct ponsfordh

vibrator crenyth

vice byns

vice- pref is-

vicious adj bylen

victim vyctym

victimize persecûtya

victory vyctory

video adj/n vydyô

view vu

vigorous adj freth

vigorously adv yn fen

vigour frethter

vile adj vil

village treveglos

vinegar aysel

vintage trevas

violate defolya

violence garowder

violent adj garow

violet adj glasrudh

violin crowd

viper nader

VIPs brâsyon

viral adj vîrek

virginity gwerghsys

Virgo an Werhes

virtual adj furvwir

virus vîrùs

visa vîsa

visible adj hewel

visit vysyt

visit vysytya

summer visitor havyas

visor vysour

vocabulary gerva

vocation galwans

vocational adj galwansek

vodka dowryk tobm

voice lev

void gwacter

volcano loskveneth

volume myns cûbek, uhelder, kevrol

voluntary adj bodhek

volunteer bodhek

vomit whej

vomit wheja

vote vôta

vote vôtya

vouch for phr mos rag

vowel vogalen

vulnerable adj dyscos

vulture hôk caryn


wafer gwastell

wag gwêvya

wage(s) arfeth, gober

wagon carven, kert

wail uj

wail uja

waist wast

waistcoat crispows

wait gortos

waiter gwas

waitress maghteth

wake dyfuna

wake up dyfuna

walk kerdh

walk kerdhes

walker kerdhor

walk-in adj tròm-

walking kerdh

wall fos

wallet tygen

wallpaper paper fos

wander gwandra

want to phr mydnas See also whansa

war gwerryans, bresel

warfare gwerryans

ward gwithva

wardrobe dylasva

warm adj tobm

warmth tomder

warn gwarnya

warning gwarnyans

warranty mewgh

wart gwenogen

wary adj war

wash golhy, omwolhy

wasps gùhy

waste scùllyans, atal

waste scùllya

waste time phr gwybessa

wasteful adj scùllyak

watch euryor 

water dowr mineral

water dowr mûn

waterfall dowrlam

watermelon pompyon dowr

waterproof adj stanch

watertight adj stanch

wave todn

wave gwêvya

wavy adj todnek

wax cor

way fordh

a little way phr pols bian

quite a way phr pols dâ

we pron nyG

weak adj gwadn

weaken gwadnhe

weakness gwander

wealth rychyth

weapon arv

wear gwysca See also worn out below

wearing adj in y gerhyn

weather kewar, awel

weave gwia

web gwias

website gwiasva

wedding demedhyans

Wednesday de Merher

on Wednesday phr de Merher

week seythen

weekend pedn seythen See also de Sul

weep ola

weigh montolly

weight poos

welcome wolcùm

welcome wolcùbma

welfare les

well adv See 

well interj wèl

well pith

well now phr now

well paid phr gobrys dâ

Welsh adj/n Kembrek

west adj/n west

western adj west

wet adj glëb

wet glebya

wetsuit sewt stanch

whale morvil

killer whale morvil denjak

what adj panG, panaG, pyG

what pron pëthG, pandraG, pandr’G, pëth aG, an pëth aG

what about phr pandr’orth

what ones pron py reG, pana reG

what’s-her-name myrgh hy dama

what’s-his-name mab y dhama

what’s more phr ha pella

whatever adj pynag ollG, neb / pan / pana … pynagG

whatever pron pynag aG, pypynag [oll] aG, pùppynag oll aG

wheel ros

wheelbarrow grava ros

wheelchair cader rosow

when adv peurG, pana dermynG

when conj pànG, mayG, maythG, maG

whenever adv bÿth pànG, pesqweyth [oll] mayG, pesqweyth [oll] maythG

where adv pleG, plethG, py leG, py lethG, py tyllerG, [le] mayG, [le] maythG, [le] maG

from where adv a bleG

where are phr ple maG, py maG

where are they phr ple mowns yG, py mowns yG

where is phr ple maG, py maG

wherever adv pùppynag mayG, pùppynag maythG, pypynag maG, pypynag maythG

whether conj aG

whether or not conj boneyl a ... bò naG, boneyl a ... bò nagG

which adj pyG

which pron py reG, aG, neb aG, hag aG, pëth aG For oblique relative clause see also mayG, maythG, maG

which ... not phr naG, nagG

which [one] pron pyneylG Only used when the choice is confined to two

which [ones] pron py reG

whichever adj pynag ollG, neb / pan / pana … pynagG

whichever pron pynag aG, pypynag [oll] aG, pùppynag oll aG, pyneyl pynag aG (this last only used when the choice is confined to two)

while conj pànG, hedreG

a little while phr pols bian

quite a while phr pols dâ

whim sians

whinger grolyak

whirl troyll

whirl troyllya

whiskey dowr tobm Wordhonek

whiskers minvlew

whisky dowr tobm Albanek

whisper whystrans

whisper whystra

whistle whyban, whyb

whistle whybana

whistle-blower cùhudhor a’n tu aberveth

white adj gwydn

whiteness gwynder

Whitsun Pencast

who pron pywG, pwyaG, aG, neb aG, hag aG For oblique relative clause see also mayG, maythG, maG

who ... not phr naG, nagG

whoever pron pynag aG, pùppynag oll aG, pyw pynag aG

whole adj dien

on the whole phr dre vrâs

the whole adj/an hol

by whom phr gans bywG 

to whom phr dhe bywG, neb mayG, neb maythG

why adv pragG, pragaG

wick bûben

wicked adj camhensek, tebel-

wide adj ledan, efan

how wide phr pygebmys lesG

widely adv alês

widen ledanhe, efanhe

widowed adj gwedhow

width les

wife gwreg

WiFi abbr jùnyans dywyver

wild adj gwyls

wilderness gwylfos

will bolùnjeth, lyther kemyn

willing adj bolùnjedhek See also lowen, parys

willingly adv heb iny, heb awhêr

willpower nerth y vydnas

win gwainya

wince plynchya

wind gwyns

wind gwia

wind turbine melyn wyns

windmill melyn wyns

windpipe briansen

window fenester

windscreen skew wyns

windsurfer astell gool

go windsurfing phr astellwolya

windy adj gwynsak

wine gwin

wing askel

wink gwynkya

winter gwâv

wipe glanhe

wipe deseha

wipe up deseha

wiper deseghyer

wire gwyver

wireless connection jùnyans dywyver

wisdom furneth, skians

wise adj fur, skiansek

wish bolùnjeth

wish *whans, whansa

wish to phr mydnas See also whansa

witch gwragh

with prep gansG, genG, haG, hagG

withdraw tedna, omdedna, kildedna

withdrawal omden

wither gwedhra

within prep ajy dhe, aberth in, aberveth in, kyns pedn

without prep hebG

do without phr hepcor

witness desta

witty adj meur y dhydhan

wobbly adj omborthus

wolf bleydh

woman benyn

womb brÿs [benyn]

wood predn, coos

woodlouse gwragh

[green] woodpecker casek coos

wool gwlân

woollen adj gwlanek

wonder marth

wonder omwovyn

wonderful adj marthys

word ger

work gweyth, ober, whel, lavur, scrif

work obery, lavurya, gweytha

worker gweythor, gwerynor

working gonys

working class rencas lavur

workman oberwas

workplace gweythva

world bÿs

worms See earthworms above

worn out adj ûsys ha deu See also lavurya

worried adj prederus

worry preder

worry ania, perthy awhêr See also anês, gwandra

worse adj lacka

worsen gwethhe

worship gordhya

worshipper gordhyor

worth n valew See also tyly

worthy adj gwyw, wordhy

wound goly, brew

wound golia

wrap mailya

wrapper mailyas

wreath garlont

wreck gwreck

wrestle omdôwlel

wrestling omdowl

wriggle gwengel

wrinkle crygh

wrinkled adj crygh

wrist codna bregh

write screfa

writer screfor

writing screfa

wrong adj cabm, camhensek

wrong an drog


X-ray golowyn X


yard lath

yardstick lath

yawn dianowy

year bledhen, bloodh

last year phr warleny

this year phr hevleny

yearn for phr yêwny

yearning yêwnadow

yeast extract godros bùrm

yellow adj melen

yes interj 

yesterday adv de

yet adv whath, na whath not

yet phr na whath

Yeth an Werin phr Yêth an Weryn

yield dascor, omry

yoghurt yogùrt

you pron tyG, teG, cheG, taG, jyG, syG, tejyG, ta jyG, ’thG, whyG, ’gasG

young adj yonk

your adj dhaG, ’thG, agasG, gàsG

youth yowynkneth


zeal dywysycter

zigzag adj/adv igam-ogam

zip zyp

zone grugys

zoo milva