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  •  30/11/2023 19:30
  • Online Event

This class is currently for those progressing to Common European Framework of Reference B1 (Lower Intermediate). Thursdays, 19:30, by Zoom. The coursebook is Cara Kernowek Book Three, with lessons available in pdf format while we road-test it. Our vocabulary resource is Gerlyver Kescows (free access on-line). The course is planned to go as far as CEFR B2 (Upper Intermediate), subject to demand.

  •  21/12/2023 19:30
  • Online Event

Rag gôlya an sêson lowen ny a vydn metya warbarth rag redya devydnow in Kernowek a'n tâla Carol Nadelyk gans Charles Dickens. 'Contact Us' mara carsowgh jùnya dhe'n wharvedhyans-ma.

  •  04/01/2024 19:30
  • Online Event

Rag merkya Degol Stûl a vëdh in nes, ny a vydn examnya Secùnd Chaptra Awayl Mathew i'n trailyans coth gans Wella Rowe ha'y gomparya orth an trailyans arnowyth gans Nicholas Williams, yw growndys warnodho. 'Contact Us' mara carsowgh jùnya dhe'n semynâr-ma.