Fluent interactive conversation usually owes more to rapid short phrases than to long complex sentences. If you can have a few dozen of these phrases firmly in your head, ready for use, you should find the wheels turning more easily when you engage in dialogue with others.

Note that dell, which is frequent in conversational phrases, may be 'reduced' to dr' before a vowel in forms of bos; and otherwise to der or dre; and it can be written that way too.

[A] wosta

You know (filler)

An very poynt y honen

That’s just the point

Anhegol dell

It’s incredible that

Anodho ny’m deur

That doesn’t concern me


I agree

Bëdh sur

Rest assured

Bohes lycklod

Not likely

Bÿth na lavar a’n dra

Don’t mention it

Cales yw assentya

It’s hard to agree with that

Càm na worama

I haven’t the faintest idea

How should I know?

Côwsel dhe blebmyk


To be honest

Cudyn vëth

No problem

Dell dal consydra

It’s worth bearing in mind

Dell dheseva’

I assume

Dell dyba’ / dybam

I think

I suppose

Dell esoma vy ow qweles an dra

As I see it (playing for time)

Dell eus govenek dhèm

I hope so

Dell gresa' / gresam

I believe

Dell hevel


Dell hevel dhèm

I think

I believe

Dell leverys

As I said

Dell soposys

As I thought

Dell vadna’ brusy

If you ask me

Dell welama vy

As I see it

Dell wodhyr

Of course

Dell wrugam tyby

As I thought

Dell yw apert



Dell yw dhe wetyas

I expect

Dell yw gàs plesour

As you like

Dell yw ôpynwelys

As anyone can see

[Dell yw] res alowa

I must admit

You must admit

Dhe dhyspûtya martesen

Well I don’t know about that

Dhe’m breus vy

In my opinion

Dhe’m tybyans vy

To my way of thinking

Dhe’m desef

I assume

Dhe’m golok

As I see it

Dhe’m govenek

I hope

Dhe wovenek gwir

Let’s hope so

Dowt vëth

No doubt

Don’t worry (expressing certainty)


Er y wu


Worse luck



Flows ha whedhlow


Furneth yw hedna

That’s a good point

Gas ny dhe weles

Let’s see

We’ll have to see

Ges a wrêta

You’re joking

Ges vëth


No kidding

Goda-chauns re’th fo

Good luck with that

Govyn y hyller dâ

One might well ask

Gwir glân

That’s right

Gwir oll

That’s right

Gwir poran

That’s quite right

Gwir yn tien

That’s quite right

Gwra pêsya

Go on

Gwydn ow bÿs

I’m delighted

Ha ny ow côwsel

By the way

Ha ny ow côwsel a'n dra

And while we’re on that

Heb bos gwir oll

Not exactly

Heb bos res porres

Not necessarily

Heb mar

Of course


Hèn yw dhe leverel

I mean

Hèn yw lowr

Enough of that

Hèn yw onen dâ

You must be joking

In neb maner leverel

In a manner of speaking

I’n gwelha prës


I’n gwetha prës


Lawl dell wrug kyns

As I’ve said before

Lawl dell wrug namnygen

As I’ve just said

Lower lycklod


Quite likely

Ma ken breus dhèm

I disagree

I see it differently




I suppose so (when implicitly disagreeing)

Meur dhe dhowtya

I doubt it


Na fors

Never mind

Naneyl obma nag ena

That’s not the point

Neb gradh

Up to a point

Neb styr

In a sense

Ny’m deur

I don’t care

Ny woram convedhes

I don’t understand (why something is the case)

Ny wora’ màn

I’ve no idea

Nynj esom ow cachya dha styr

I don’t quite get your point

Nynj om’ assentys

I disagree

Nynj oma sur

I’m not sure

Nynj yw badna perthynek

That’s got nothing to do with it

Nynj yw marth

No wonder

Ny rov oy a hedna

I’m not bothered about that

Ny vern

It doesn’t matter

Ogh, tybys ken oma

Oh, I wouldn't say that (mildly protesting disagreement)

Osta sad?

Are you serious? (as exclamation)

Ot an dra

The question is

Ow styr yw hebma

What I mean is

Pëth a vynta leverel?

What do you mean?

Pùb lycklod

I dare say

Qwestyon dâ

Good question

I wonder

Re’m fay


Re’n ow thas


Good grief

Scant y fia marth

I shouldn’t be surprised

Scant yw marth

It’s hardly surprising



More’s the pity


Of course

Th’esom’ in nevow

I couldn’t be happier

Tra sur

Sure thing

Tra vëth ny vern

It really doesn’t matter

Tybyans dâ

Good idea

Good thinking


Impossible, out of the question

Unver oll

I totally agree with you

Unweyth arta, mar pleg

Could you repeat that please?

Wàr an tu aral

On the other hand

Wàr dha gàm

Steady on

Not so fast

Wèl mara’th teur

Well if you’re interested

Wèl otta sy

Well there you are

Yn tefry


Yn tien