Everyday Words in Cornish is a stimulating and lively wordfinder for young children. Each double page shows familiar scenes from the world around us, providing plenty of opportunity for talking and sharing. Small, labelled, pictures throughout the book tell the words for things in Cornish.

Everyday Words in Cornish was published in 2004 in the spelling system called Unified Cornish Revised, which was an important milestone in the development of Kernowek Standard.

The book is available from Agan Tavas and Spyrys a Gernow as advertised.

It is also available direct from Ian Jackson, Wadham’s Cottage, North Side, Steeple Aston, Bicester OX25 4SE for £11-50 inclusive of postage to any UK address - send cheque payable to 'Ian Jackson'.

Here are all the words in the book, respelled in Kernowek Standard.

Everyday Words respelled October 2020.pdf