A message from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek:

Nans yw dyw vledhen y feu Crowdfunder spêda pòr deg in câss An Mis, towlen bellwolok vîsek i’n tavas Kernowek. An mona cùntellys, kefrës ha nebes mona dhyworth an Governans warleny, re wrug gasa an dowlen dhe bêsya whath. Bytegyns, namnag yw an mona-ma spênys bys lebmyn. Yth eson ny ytho ow qwil galow unweyth arta rag mona, mès an dro-ma ow pesy royow rêwlys rag provia dhe’n dowlen rentys diogel ha sensadow dres termyn.

Owth enjoya An Mis yma pobel der oll agan kemeneth. An dowlen yw gweres brâs dhe dhyscoryon, ha pòr dhâ yw goslowes orth lies lev Kernowek, ha desky nowodhow ha wharvedhyans i’n Kernowek. Rewgh ro, mar pleg, ha’n gevren awoles, may halla An Mis durya dres 2021 ha pella.


Meur ras,

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

(Messach askewerys gans cubmyas)

Two years ago there was a very successful Crowdfunder for An Mis, the monthly Cornish Language Television programme. The money raised then, plus some Government money last year, have kept it going ever since. However, that money is running out. So now we are making another appeal for funds, this time asking for regular donations to put An Mis on a secure, sustainable footing.

An Mis is enjoyed by people from across the Cornish Language community, it is invaluable to learners and great for hearing a variety of voices speaking Cornish and for keeping up with Cornish language news and events. If all goes well, we’ll keep An Mis and produce other Cornish Language programmes.

Please donate, at the link below, so that An Mis can continue in 2021 and beyond:


Please share this message with colleagues, friends and family who might also respond to this appeal.

Many thanks,

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek