Exercise 57

I knew her email address. He knew the whole thing. We knew the way. They knew the beauty of the countryside. The wife of Tùbmas’s brother knew how to make a cake.

Exercise 58

I was able to surf at Porth Towan yesterday. You were able to go to St Austell last week. He was able to visit his grandmother in Penzance. She was able to buy lunch at the baker’s. We were able to travel on the bus. You were able to learn well. They were able to ride across the beach. Mr Pascoe was able to welcome the stranger. Peternel was able to drink cranberry juice. The cats were able to sleep under the bed.

Exercise 59

Tôny’s father lives in Devon. Tôny travelled to Plymouth to visit his father. He could travel on the train. His father was able to meet him in the station. They went to a pub in the centre of the town. They could talk about all their news. And have lunch. And drink many glasses of beer. Tôny mentioned his friend Crysten to his father. His father asked if the relationship is serious.

“I don’t know, Dad,” Tony said. “The relationship isn’t easy at all. Perhaps the two of us don’t have enough things in common. She likes surfing and doing a lot of sport. And she’s a bit extreme about eating habits.”

Tôny’s father counselled against haste. Tôny said, “Don’t worry! I’m in no hurry to find a wife.”

“Nevertheless,” his father replied, “you must get married sometime, mustn’t you?”

“Damn!” Tôny exclaimed. “Can’t we talk without a difficult question like that?”

Exercise 60

yn lowen, yn tien, yn sad, yn trist, yn fenowgh, yn tywysyk, yn harow, yn poos, yn whyls, yn fen