Exercise 15

whe gwiasva, eth messach rîvbost, try herdhfôn, dew blòg, udn cargor, peswar amowtyor legh, seyth amowtyor dêwlin, naw messach in mainys socyal, deg iscarg

Exercise 16

Ot an daras. Ot obma an gevren. Otta dew vord dres ena. Ot obma gwedren. Ot obma teyr fluven. Otta ny. Otta sy or Otta why. Ot obma try thiak. Hag otta deg laghyas. Otta udn dhescadores dres ena.

Exercise 17

There are two churches in the town. One is old and beautiful. One is new. In the town there is an excellent library. And there are three pubs in the town. Mrs Pascoe is in a small shop in the town. In the window there’s a large cake. This shop is a baker’s. Mr Pascoe is in the bank. The bank is in the Fore Street.

Exercise 18


Excuse me. Where’s the library?

Mr Pascoe:

The library? That’s in this street. There it is over there. It’s a very good library.


Thank you!

Mr Pascoe:

Are you a stranger here in West Cornwall?


Yes. I’m a North Cornwall man. A researcher of Cornish history. And a Cornish language learner.

Mr Pascoe:

You’re welcome! Cheerio!


Goodbye! And thanks again!

Exercise 19

Yma crow i’n lowarth. Yma cath deg (or teg) vian in dadn an gwely. Yma dyw attêsva i’n chy. Ot obma an gegyn. Wàr an bord yma bara – ha tesen. Yw an amary-ma brâs lowr? Yma paper in dadn an ganstel-na. Ha pluven vlou dres ena. Ple ma’n amowntyor dêwlin? Otta va – wàr an chair.

Exercise 20

Where is the library? The library’s in Fore Street. And what’s the library like? It’s an excellent library. Where is the stranger? He’s in the library. He has come from North Cornwall. He’s a researcher of Cornish history. And he’s also learning the Cornish language. The stranger is welcome in the town.