Exercise 36

I’ll eat an ice cream. You will understand. He’s going to use a tablet computer. She will speak Cornish. We shall meet in the café. You’ll be seeing a good film. They will run home. The woman will wait for the bus. Peternel will be playing sport. The learners are going to do the easy exercise.

Exercise 37

Crysten and Tôny are going to have lunch with two friends, Jenefer and Mathew, in a restaurant near Redruth. They’ll be having pizzas. What are they saying?


Tôny, will you be eating one pizza? Or sharing one with me: half half?


No, I’ll have a whole pizza. I’m hungry. So with three toppings.


I’ll split a pizza with you, Crysten. With two toppings perhaps.


I’ll eat a whole pizza, and four toppings on it.


Four! And you aren’t even fat!


Nope. I do ten kilometres every day on an exercise bike.


How many toppings are there?


Nine. Pepperoni, ham, chicken, mushrooms, olives, onion, pineapple, sweetcorn, and extra cheese.


Maybe ham and mushrooms for us, Crysten?




I shall have pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives.


Very good. And I’ll be choosing pepperoni, chicken, onion, and extra cheese.


And after that, ten kilometres on the bike, then ten kilometres again!

Exercise 38

27 June 1497

an seythves warn ugans a vis Metheven, peswardhek cans naw seyth

5 November 1605

an pympes a vis Du, whêtek cans màn pymp or whêtek cans pymp

4 July 1776

an peswores a vis Gortheren, seytek cans seyth whegh

26 December 1777

an wheffes warn ugans a vis Kevardhu, seytek cans seyth seyth

11 November 1919

an unegves a vis Du, nawnjek cans onen naw or nawnjek cans nawnjek

6 August 1945

an wheffes a vis Est, nawnjek cans peswar pymp

9 November 1989

an nawves a vis Du, nawnjek cans eth naw

11 September 2001

an unegves a vis Gwydngala, dyw vil màn onen or dyw vil onen

23 June 2016

an tressa warn ugans a vis Metheven, dyw vil onen whegh or dyw vil whêtek

8 September 2022

an êthves a vis Gwydngala, dyw vil dew dew