Exercise 76

One warm sunny day, the Tonkin family went in the car towards the west. They decided they didn’t want to stop in Sant-Brieg or Gwengamp. They kept going as far as Lannuon. They thought the many timber frame houses in the old quarter of that town were very charming to look at; also the church on the top of the hill. Elen and Demelsa agreed that Sant-Maloù wasn’t half as attractive. After lunch the five drove on to the coast. There Elen and Demelsa were happily sunbathing, and Danyel started to build a sand castle. Mark said no sensible lad would do either the one thing or the other, and he was playing wildly with his father in the sea.

Exercise 77

Kynth yw ev cotha ès my, me yw furha ès dell vëdh ev nefra. Kynth eus plenta kyttrynyow, hy a dhôwysas kerdhes tre, oll an fordh dhia gres an cyta. Nyns eus ma’s try happa wàr an pytsa-ma kyn whrug vy erhy peswar. Ny yw perswâdys y bosans in dadn showr a dednva kyn na wor den vëth an skyla. Kyn whrug vy studhya teyr bledhen i’n ûnyversyta, cales fest yw cafos whel.

Exercise 78

Although the sun was shining in Lannuon on the previous day, the next morning was a washout. The Tonkin family visited the museum in Sant-Maloù’s mediaeval castle. The town has a long history. There’s lots of information about it in the museum, though maybe it’s not very interesting for children. Danyel said he was bored stiff. What a pity!

Exercise 79

A ny wrusta checkya an pris kyns fystena dhe erhy oll an daffar-na wàr lînen? A vydn dha vroder dysqwedhes an skeusednow dhedhy kyns ès hy dhe dhyberth? My a wra y wil kyn (or kyns) pedn an mis. An creslu a whythras an mater gans rach wosa recêva agas lyther. Ny a yll parusy soper warlergh an dowlen-ma dhe vos gorfednys.

Exercise 80

Before the family left the museum, they went to the top of the tower to check out the view. The rain was still sluicing down. They were wet through in no time, once they'd walked to the little beach beneath the town walls. There was hardly anyone about, because of the dreadful weather. Elen decided they needed to go completely mad. In her bag was all the swimwear. So all five of them leaped into the waves. After playing there wildly, Danyel wasn’t bored any more at all.