Exercise 21

An gohebyth a wolsowas areth an penvenyster. Aga thas a vetyas gansans i’n gorsaf. Why a wortas i’n lost cabm. Ny a studhyas yn tywysyk. Anjy a whilas bargen dâ. Me a gerdhas tre. An creslu a whythras an mater. Te a berformyas yn spladn i’n nosweyth ilow-na. Oll y dhylajow a godhas dhe dybmyn. My a dhôwysas gans rach.

The reporter listened to the prime minister’s speech. Their father met them in the station. You waited in the wrong queue. We studied hard. They looked for a good bargain. I walked home. The police investigated the matter. You performed splendidly in that concert. All his clothes fell to bits. I chose carefully.

Exercise 22

Yth esen vy ow checkya ow rîvbost. Yth esa an penvenyster ow côwsel yn tâ. Yth esa an havysy ow lenwel an treth. Yth esa an vowes ow cana yn teg. Yth esens y ow whilas aga hothman heb y gafos. Yth esen ny ow comptya an gwedrednow i’n amary brâs. Yth esa coweth ow ranjy ow parusy an soper. Yth esewgh why ow scrifa messach wheg. Yth esa an bobel ow cria in mes. Yth esa y vroder ow neyja i’n mor.

I was checking my email. The prime minister was speaking well. The tourists were thronging the beach. The girl was singing beautifully. They were looking for their friend but couldn’t find him. We were counting the glasses in the big cupboard. The flatmate was cooking the supper. You were writing a nice message. The people were crying out. His brother was swimming in the sea.

Exercise 23

Elen generally buys lots of stuff on line, but she visited the shops yesterday, to take advantage of the sales. She walked the shopping streets in the town centre, searching for cheap clothes. In the first shop she looked at a winter coat, but it was full price. Oh dear, too expensive. She didn’t buy it. But in another shop she found some trousers and two jumpers. In a third shop she got shoes – they were a very good bargain. After buying these things, Elen drank a cup of tea and ate a warmed-up toastie in a busy café. There she met her friend Joyas and showed her all her purchases. Joyas had bought clothes too – three cheap blouses, along with a more expensive skirt.

Exercise 24

My trip to Penzance was easier that I expected. The train is quicker than the bus. Buses are always slower than the train. And a seat in the train is softer too. I’m not sure if it costs less, but I could drink a cup of coffee off the buffet trolley and that was very welcome. My car was at the garage. Now the car’s running better. It’s been well serviced. The weather was a little better, it seems, here in St Austell. As for the sun, it was still shining in the morning. Yes, you’re right, the sky was fast clouding over from the west. But the weather was definitely nastier already in Penzance. Wind and rain there all day.