Exercise 29

Wait a moment! Give it me at once! Be careful! Don’t get up! Get off at the next stop! Don’t put that down! Let me have a look at him (or at it)! Go on! Bring cutlery and a lot of sachets of ketchup! Come and choose one!

Exercise 30

Kê gwel an doctour (or an medhek)! Gwra don an seghyer-ma bys i’n carr! Na vedhowgh trist! Gwra erhy pytsa rag soper! Gwra checkya dha rîvbost yn fenowgh! Na dheber hedna! Dro an lies corf in bàn! Gorta pymp mynysen, ena assay arta! Lavar taclow cuv, mar pleg! Gesowgh an dremenysy dhe skydnya kyns oll!

Exercise 31


What’s on television tonight? Let me check in the magazine.


Come on! Give it to me.


No. I’m going to check, not you.


Well, check all the channels. There certainly won’t be anything interesting on BBC.


Look for a really good programme for me, one that’s not grown-up and boring.


Oh Danyel, be reasonable! On Sunday evening there aren’t any programmes specially for children!


(shouting from the dining-room) Cut down on the noise! We’re eating here, nice and civilized! Don’t make a row!

Exercise 32

Yw an gwerthjy egerys? Nag yw, degës yw va. Danvenys veu an fardellyk de Merth. Gesys wàr an bord yth esa an hanavow plos. Yw an nosweyth ilow dalethys solabrës? Kechys or Kychys or Cachys or Cachyes osta! Y gris o uthyk sqwerdys or sqwardys or sqwardyes. Gyllys yw pùb huny dhe ves. Nyns yw an ober gorfednys. Yth esens y ow kerdhes gans aga hy kerys. Yma an kert parkys or parkyes wàr lînen velen dhobyl. Devedhys a vedhyn ny yn scon.

Is the store open? No, it’s shut. The parcel was sent on Tuesday. The dirty cups had been left on the table. Has the concert already started? Gotcha! His shirt was terribly torn. Everyone’s gone out. The job’s not finished. They were walking with their beloved dog. The lorry’s parked on a double yellow line. We’ll soon be there.

Exercise 33

Mark loves football. At school he is the captain of the First XI in Year Seven. He’s a midfielder. His right foot is strong. And his left foot too. The team plays every week against the Second XI to improve their ability. The two teams often swap players. Managing the First XI and the Second XI is the responsibility of Mr Teague, one of the geography teachers. He’s strict but kind, and a skilful footballer too. Sometimes Mark’s team challenges other schools. Last week, in a difficult match, Mark kicked two goals, and the team won, three goals to one. Mr Teague selects the players for each fixture. But Mark is always consulted.