Exercise 39

Pygebmys uhelder yw an astell dîvya?

Py seul les o an lydn?

Pan downder vëdh an gildro?

Py lies tôkyn yw whath dhe gafos?

Pana vrâster yw an pytsas obma?

Py seul pellder usy gorsaf an bùssow alebma?

Pana bellder vëdh an fylm?

Pan dystemprys yw hy?

Py mar frobmus es jy kyns an daswel?

Py seul yw galon in lîtrow?

Exercise 40

Where will you sit?

When will you be leaving?

Which way did they go?

How high can the aircraft fly?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

How long will it be necessary to stay in hospital?

How would you rather do it?

Why did you do it?

Why did you do it?

How difficult do you want me to make the crossword?

Exercise 41

Where did the plague come from?

Who did they meet in Bodmin yesterday?

When will you ever learn?

Which cupboard did you find that in?

In what language are they learning geography?

What petrol did he fill the car with?

By which bridge shall we cross the river?

Where will I find the treasure?

What song did you hear those words in?

How can we get to the top of the hill?

Exercise 42

Alys likes to party - what chance have you ever seen her miss?

Is there anywhere they don't turn into a mess?

Is there any place at all where I won't find a burger bar?

Why on earth didn't you say so before?

When did we ever not respect you?

Exercise 43

I don't go to the barber any more because it's easier to cut my own hair.

It will be better not to mention that.

You mustn't drive on that flat tyre.

How could he not see all the worries I had?

His wife left him and he didn't know why.  

Exercise 44

The Cornish Language Society has organized a quiz about Cornish culture. When's it happening? This evening. Where's it taking place? In the School theatre. But at noon today Ms Combellack told Demelsa the theatre's needed for rehearsal ahead of the jazz concert Year 11 has planned for next week. Alys is hysterical.


Oh no! Why weren’t we told ages ago? The Year 11 Band! And one completely pointless rehearsal! Why should some rehearsal be more important than our own Society’s event. And who on earth cares about jazz any more anyway? I hate it!


Don’t talk rubbish! When you’re in the right mood what music don’t you just love? Calm down. We must think laterally. Where can we relocate the quiz to?


Don't ask me. Lots of classrooms are big enough. But won’t that be really lame? All of us sitting in a room full of stuff belonging to one of the lower years?


Listen to the Sixth Form's Super Snob talking! But we can’t make use of the sports hall either – it’s much too big. And we'd never get permission for it at such short notice.


Mr Jenner!


Who? Mr Jenner? What about him? What do you mean?


He’s the one who helped me compile all the questions. And he’s the Librarian. Let’s ask if we can hold the quiz in the School library.


It won’t be ideal, but it could be okay. How many students usually work in the library after school finishes – fifteen, twenty? They’ll have to move to one of the ICT rooms. Let me ask very nicely.

(Returns after ten minutes) Damn it! We can’t use the library! Jenner says the School library’s reserved for academic work. He said: “Studying always ranks ahead of activities.” What miserable luck.


Not at all. Never mind! Keverne-Never-Mind! She’s just now given permission to meet in her dance room – where the people learn ballet. We can fetch three tables and plenty of chairs from somewhere else. So problem solved!


Us shift furniture? That’s against Health and Safety. Go quick as you can to Administration and ask for the School to do it. I’ll let everyone know about the change. Thank heavens for dance teachers!