Kernowek Qwyck ('Quick Cornish') is a no-frills taster course in Cornish that can be downloaded free of charge. It currently comprises 15 lessons, taking you with just a small vocabulary about halfway through the grammar for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Level A1 (Breakthrough). Every exercise is reversible, so you can check your own work. A guideline pronunciation is given for each vocabulary item.

Kernowek Qwyck is fully compatible with the coursebooks Desky Kernowek and Cara Kernowek 1 and with Cornish classes run by lovinglivingcornish.

Each lesson has been formatted so it may be printed on both sides of a single sheet of A4 paper.

Click here for the pdf.

Kernowek Qwyck

Here is a link to a more comprehensive guide to pronunciation.

Pronunciation Guide

Here is a link to Cara Kernowek 1, a complete coursebook for beginners.

Cara Kernowek 1