We are considering whether to organize a weekly on-line class, by Zoom, starting on Thursday 5 September 2024 at 20:00, for those willing to help develop the fourth coursebook in the Cara Kernowek series, to Level B2 of the Council of Europe Common European Framework (approximately equivalent to an A Level or IB). The language explored would be both formal and idiomatic revived Cornish, taking account of all the sources for historical Cornish, and spelled in the system called Kernowek Standard (KS). The teacher would be Ian Jackson, MA (Cantab), MA (Oxon), QTS, author of Cara Kernowek Books One to Three. Students should already be confident with Cornish at Level B1. Contact Us if you are interested in joining this class.

  • Date: 05/09/2024 20:00
  • Location Online Event