We will endeavour to reply by email, within a reasonable time, to every communication that we receive, however it is sent to us, unless (1) the communication states that no reply is expected, or (2) no valid email address is provided, or (3) the communication is an unsolicited offer of goods or services, or (4) we suspect the communication may be an attempt to hack or introduce malware, or (5) we consider the communication to be defamatory, mendacious, vexatious, in extreme bad taste, indicative of illegal activity, or an incitement to hatred or to disregard of the law. An automatically generated message that we will reply to a particular communication must be understood to be subject to all of the foregoing. We will not forward any communication to any person without the consent of the sender. This does not apply to any communication we suspect might be evidence of criminal behaviour or the placing of any vulnerable person at risk. 

We will use the personal details of any person who contacts us only for the purpose of replying, and will not disclose those details to any third party, save as required by law. We are not responsible for actions or omissions of any intermediary involved in transmitting a communication to us or any reply by us. 

This policy is published in the interest of openness and transparency. It does not restrict our existing rights at common law or in equity, including by virtue of any statutory provision.

Last updated: 30 October 2022