Publication of the second edition of Gerlyver Kescows in printed form is expected once the new Gerlyver Brâs has been finalized. Meanwhile the full text of the Place-Names section appears below. This may be modified from time to time in the light of comments. So if you are supportive of revived traditional Cornish and the Kernowek Standard spelling system, please let us know in the event you find any errors or think something might be improved.

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Last updated: 5 July 2023 (13:00)


Gender is only relevant for place-names insofar as a feminine noun triggers Second State of a following attributive adjective. A few place-names are unequivocally feminine: e.g. Kernow and Loundres. Place-names based on an ordinary masculine noun can be regarded as masculine: e.g. Pow an Sowson. For a city (cyta), a town (tre), or a village (pendra or peneglos), one may apply the convention that, since these words are feminine, the place-name is feminine too. But this can be inappropriate when the name itself is transparently masculine: e.g. Penzans. And the fact that ‘gwlas’ is feminine is not generally considered a ground for treating all country names as feminine too. Names of countries and regions ending -a or -ya based on Latin -a / -ia are feminine for some speakers (as in Latin) but masculine for others (as loan-words). Sometimes vowel length and stress pattern varies for international names adapted to Cornish. One may apply norms common with names native to Cornwall, but there is also the influence of English pronunciation, and one may prefer to be guided by etymology or by pronunciation in language(s) associated with the place in question.

Diacritical marks are commonly omitted from place-names.

Kernow ha Syllan – Cornwall and Scilly

an Lesard Lizard Point

an Stert Torpoint

an Tireth Uhel North Cornwall

Arwednak (Falmoth) Falmouth

Ash Saltash

Austol St Austell

Bosvena Bodmin

Bronel Brannel

Cambron Camborne

Carrek Loos i’n Coos St Michael’s Mount

Din Kernowyon Tintagel Castle

Dowr Fala the [River] Fal

Dowr Tamar the [River] Tamar Note phrase dres Tamar = in / to England

Eglos Hallow Illogan

Eglos Melan Mullion

[Ewny] Redrudh ‖ Redruth

Fowy the [River] Fowey; West Wivelshire

Glasneth Glasney

Gûn Brèn Bodmin Moor

Hayl Hayle

Hellÿs ‖ Helston

Keryer Kerrier

Lanahevran ‖ St Keverne

Langordhow ‖ Fowey (town)

Lanstefan ‖ Launceston

Lanùst ‖ St Just

Lanvausa ‖ St Mawes

Lanwedhenek ‖ Padstow

Logh East Looe

Lulyn ‖ Newlyn

Lÿs Kernow New County Hall

Lÿskerwys ‖ Liskeard

Lÿsnowyth ‖ Lesnewth

Mahonyer the Helford River

Manahek Meneage

Pedera Pydar

Pedn an Wlas Land’s End

Penwyth Penwith

Penzans Penzance

Porth Bian West Looe

Porth Ia St Ives

Porth Leven Porthleven

Pow Ereder Powder

Project Eden (an Edenva) the Eden Project

Ros Rame Peninsula; Roseland

Rÿslegh ‖ East Wivelshire

Stradneth Stratton

Towan (Tewyn) Plustry Newquay

Trûrû (Tryverow) Truro

Trygor Trigg

Wade Wadebridge

An Enesow Bretednek ha’n Chanel – The British Isles and the Channel

Aldernes Alderney

an Chanel The [English] Channel

an Wlascor Udnys The United Kingdom

Belfast ‖ Belfast

Breten Veur (An Vreten Veur) Great Britain

Brystow Bristol

Din Eydhyn Edinburgh

Dowr Havren The [River] Severn

Dowr Tamys (Tavos) The [River] Thames

Dulyn ‖ Dublin

Enesow an Chanel The Channel Islands

Enesow Heleth (Nessa / Pella) The [Inner / Outer] Hebrides

Enesow Orgh (An Orcados) The Orkneys

Enesow Shetlond The Shetland Isles

Enys Oth (Gwyth) The Isle of Wight

[Enys] Manow The Isle of Man

[Enys] Mon Anglesey

Garnsy Guernsey

Gwlas an Hâv Somerset

Jersy Jersey

Kembra Wales

Kerdÿdh ‖ Cardiff

Keresk ‖ Exeter

Kergraunt ‖ Cambridge

Kergynt ‖ Canterbury

Loundres London

Mor Havren The Bristol Channel

Mor Keltek The Celtic Sea

Mor Kembra St George’s Channel

Mor Wordhen The Irish Sea

Plymoth Plymouth

Pow an Sowson (Englond, Inglond) England

Pow Densher Devon

Rësohen ‖ Oxford

Sarkenys ‖ Sark

Scotland Scotland

Wordhen Ireland

Wordhen North Northern Ireland

Brâstir Ewrôpa (Ewrop) ha’n Mor Cres – Continental Europe and the Mediterranean

Albânya Albania

an Alpow The Alps

an Balcanyow The Balkans

an Iseldiryow The Netherlands

an Mor Baltek The Baltic [Sea]

an Mor Enesek The Aegean Sea

an Mor North The North Sea

an Repùblyk Check The Czech Republic

an Vatycan The Vatican

Armênya Armenia

Austrya Austria

Bavârya Bavaria

Belarûs ‖ Belarus

Bohêmya (Bohêm) Bohemia

Bosnya Bosnia

Bourdel Bordeaux

Breten Vian (An Vreten Vian) Brittany

Bùlgârya Bulgaria

Bùrgayn Burgundy

Catalônya Catalonia

Cossova Kosovo

Crêta Crete

Croâcya Croatia

Cyprùs Cyprus

Denmark Denmark

Dowr Donow The [River] Danube

Dowr Elb The [River] Elbe

Dowr Loyr The [River] Loire

Dowr Reyn The [River] Rhine

Dowr Ron The [River] Rhône

Dowr Seyn The [River] Seine

Estônya Estonia

Frynk France

Fynlond Finland

Grêss Greece

Ibêrya Iberia

Italy Italy

Jermany (Almayn) Germany

Jybraltar Gibraltar

Latvya Latvia

Lettow Lithuania

Lùxemborg ‖ Luxembourg

Majorca Majorca

Malta Malta

Menorca Minorca

Menydhyow Carpathyan The Carpathians

Menydhyow Pyren The Pyrenees

Moldôva Moldova

Montenegrô ‖ Montenegro

North-Macedoyn North Macedonia

Norwey (Norgagh) Norway

Poloyn Poland

Portyn’gal ‖ Portugal

Pow Bask The Basque Country

Pow Beljan Belgium

Pow Swyts Switzerland

Românya Romania

Rùssya Russia

Sardîn Sardinia

Serbya Serbia

Slovakya Slovakia

Slovênya Slovenia

Spayn Spain

Swêden Sweden

Sycyly Sicily

Tùrky Turkey

Ûcrayn [The] Ukraine

Ùngary Hungary

An Norvÿs – The World

Afganystan ‖ Afghanistan

Afryca Africa

Ameryca America

Ameryca Cres Central America

an Antarctek The Antarctic

an Arctek The Arctic

an Cawcassùs The Caucasus

an Gwasttatiryow The Steppes

an Keheseth The Equator

an Kelgh Arctek / Antarctek The Arctic / Antarctic Circle

an Lohow Meur The Great Lakes

an Menydhyow Carnak The Rocky Mountains

an Meurbrasow The Prairies

an Mor Arctek The Arctic Ocean

an Mor Atlantek The Atlantic [Ocean]

an Mor Carybean The Caribbean [Sea]

an Mor Caspyan The Caspian [Sea]

an Mor Cosel The Pacific [Ocean]

an Mor Du The Black Sea

an Mor Rudh The Red Sea

an Morbleg [Arabek] The [Arabian / Persian] Gulf

an Stâtys Udnys The United States

an Trovaow The Tropics

an West-Eyndaow The West Indies

an Ÿst Cres The Middle East

an Ÿst Pell The Far East

Antarctyca Antarctica

Araby Saûdy (Sawdek) Saudi Arabia

Arjentîn Argentina

Âsya Asia

Austrâlya Australia

Brasîl Brazil

Canada Canada

Cashmîr Kashmir

Chîna (Cathay) China

Crymea Crimea

Cùrdystan ‖ Kurdistan

Dowr Amazon The [River] Amazon

Dowr Jordan The [River] Jordan

Dowr Nil The [River] Nile

DowrgledhPanama The Panama Canal

Dowrgledh Sûez The Suez Canal

Dysert [an] Sahara The Sahara [Desert]

Ejyp Egypt

Emîredhow Arabek Udnys United Arab Emirates

Enesow Canary The Canary Islands

Enesow Falkland (Malô) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Evrok Nowyth New York

Ewrâsya Eurasia

Eynda India

Eynda-Cathay Indo-China

Grênlond Greenland

Hong-Cong ‖ Hong Kong

Indonêsya Indonesia 

Irâk Iraq

Irân Iran

Islond Iceland

Israel (Isrel) Israel

Jamaica Jamaica

Japan Japan

Latyn-Ameryca Latin America 

Loghlyn ‖ Scandinavia

Lyban Lebanon

Madagascar Madagascar

Menydhyow Andes The Andes

Menydhyow Hymalaya The Himalayas

Mexycô Mexico

Mor Eynda The Indian Ocean

Morbleg Byscay The Bay of Biscay

North-Ameryca North America

North-Corea North Korea

Pakystan ‖ Pakistan

Palestîn Palestine

Pedn Êhel an North / Soth The North / South Pole

Penrîn an Corn Cape Horn

Penrîn an Govenek Dâ The Cape of Good Hope

Pow an Pùscas Newfoundland

Pow Tay Thailand

Sêlond Nowyth New Zealand

Soth-Afryca South Africa

Soth-Ameryca South America

Soth-Corea South Korea

Sry-Lanca (Ceylan) Sri Lanka (Ceylon) 

Sybery (Sybêrya) Siberia

Syngapor ‖ Singapore

Syrya (Syry) Syria

Taywan Taiwan

Trovan an Avar The Tropic of Capricorn

Trovan an Canker The Tropic of Cancer

Tûnysya Tunisia

Tybet (Tubek) Tibet

Vyetnam ‖ Vietnam

Yemen Yemen


Ethnicities, inhabitants, languages

Cornish has a system of nouns and adjectives for ethnicities, inhabitants, languages; but a list of these words would be too much for a small conversational dictionary. You can always use the name of the country to make a paraphrase. Thus, ‘a Frynk’ (from France) may be substituted for an adjective meaning French, and you can say ‘den a Frynk’ or 'benyn a Frynk' for a French person and ‘tavas Frynk’ for the French language.