Gerva an Cùrunvîrùs

Studh 20 Hedra 2020


Ian Jackson

The format and abbreviations are the same as in Gerlyver Kescows, with one refinement. In these listings a middle dot following a vowel sound shows that primary stress is on that syllable (in cases where it is not the penultimate syllable); a double vertical line after a disyllabic word indicates that both syllables are more-or-less evenly stressed.


An English-Cornish listing will be found after the Cornish-English section. 

an Army the Army, the military

an rêwl a whegh phr the rule of six

an wolok dhyragon phr the outlook (for the future)

ancertuster uncertainty

anellans breathing

anhonenus adj unselfish, considerate

anhonenuster unselfishness, consideration (for others)

anwywder [ha camwonys] phr incompetence

arbenygor m arbenygoryon expert

arbrojy m arbrojiow laboratory

arfedhysogyon gorrys dhe sygerneth phr furloughed staff

arwedhyow par hag anwesva phr flu-like symptoms

asnodhow pl resources

assa·y cly·nycal clinical trial(s)

augrym m augrymow algorithm

begh vîrek viral load

bohes y wovenek adj pessimistic

bos clevejys a’n vîrùs phr catch the virus

bos in omwith phr be shielding

bos prevys negedhek orth an vîrùs phr test negative for the virus

bos prevys po·sytyf orth an vîrùs phr test positive for the virus

bothel f bothlow bubble (protective etc)

brâs y wovenek adj optimistic

briansen throat

bys may hyller ragweles for the foreseeable future

cafadêwder availability

chain a brovians m chainys supply chain

chy cûr m treven cûr care home

clâv a’n vîrùs phr ill with the virus

clevejus adj infectious

clevejuster infectiousness

clevejy infect

clevejyans infection

cleves epydemyk epidemic

cleves pandemyk pandemic

cleves wheja nausea, vomiting

clojy m clojiow hospital

clot goos m clottys goos blood clot

colgh m colhow spike (in infections)

coll sens a sawor phr loss of taste and smell

colom f kelemy dove

comen-spyrys community spirit, neighbourliness

coverfu curfew

covyd hir long covid

Covyd Nawnjek Covid-19

covydyot covidiot

cowethas iliow f cowethasow iliow pharmaceutical company

Cowethyans Yêhes an Bÿs The World Health Organization (WHO)

cudhlen fâss f cudhlednow face covering

cùrunvîrùs coronavirus

cùssulyans guidance

cùssulyor sciensek m cùssulyoryon sciensek scientific advisor

daffar prevy testing kit

dassordya an eco·nomy phr restart the economy

dastarthm dastardhow further outbreak

degeans closure (of business etc)

derivadow pùb jorna dhe’n wask daily press briefing

dew vêter alês / an eyl orth y gela phr two metres apart

dornlien paper m dornlienyow paper tissue

dosbarthans triage

dourwith intensive care

dry in dadn rêwl phr bring under control

dryppyn m drypydnow droplet

dyberthva kelgh f dyberthvaow circuit break

dybreder adj unthinking, irresponsible

dyscos adj vulnerable

dysêsys yw y anellans phr he has difficulty breathing

dystrybûtyans distribution (of supplies)

dyw seythen rag, dyw seythen mes phr two weeks on, two weeks off

enesa isolate

epydemyth m epydemydhyon epidemiologist

erna vo clôwys nampyth ken phr until further notice, open-ended

esely an teylu pl family members, relatives

esponencyal adj exponential

ev yw sawyes a’n vîrùs phr he has had the virus [and recovered]

ewnradna ration

fakel skevens pneumonia

fara honenblêsys complacency

fardel scodhya m fardellow scodhya support package / programme

fevyr fever, [high] temperature

fienasow pl anxiety

fowt cafadêwder non-availability

fug-apposyans m fug-apposyansow mock exam[ination]

furvwir adj virtual

gallos gorotham emergency powers

gedlînednow pl guidelines

An Gescresen rag Biosawder The Joint Biosecurity Centre

gober cleves dre laha phr statutory sick pay

golhas dêwla handwash

gon kyrùrjery m gonow surgical gown

gorbeskys adj obese

gorlêsor m gorlêsoryon super-spreader

gorotham emergency

gorra i'n withva phr mothball

gorra twit phr tweet v

gorthcorfm gorthcorfow antibody

gradhegy grade

gradhegy wàr nans phr downgrade

gradhow apposyans pl examination grades

gwely clojy m gweliow hospital bed

gweythor alwhedhek m gweythoryon key worker

gweythor yêhes m gweythoryon health worker

gwiasva f gwiasvaow website

gwia·synar m gwia·synars webinar

gwil musurow / stappys rag phr + verb-noun take measures / steps to

gwithva stoffyes f gwithvaow stockpile

gwrewgh sensy pellder phr keep your distance

gwynsel f gwynsellow ventilator, respirator

heb arwedhyow phr without symptoms, asymptomatic

hernes diogely personal protective equipment (PPE)

hewil adj feasible, viable

hôk m hôkys hawk

holya-trouvya phr track-and-trace, contact tracing

honenus adj selfish, inconsiderate

honenuster selfishness, lack of consideration (for others)

imûneth immunity

in dadn brov phr experimental

kentrevak m kentrevogyon neighbour

kescùssulyans an wask press conference

kevarwedhyans an Governans Government guidance

kevrath an morta·lyta mortality rate

kevrath an sawyans recovery rate, survival rate

kildro f kildroyow recession

kyns arwedhyow phr presymptomatic

lêsa spread tr & intr

leunstroth ‖ lockdown

leunstrothin udn vro phr local lockdown

level m levelyow level; tier

level an gwarnyans phr the alert level

lewyor lyfrêson m lewyoryon delivery driver

loneth f lonethy kidney

lowsel an leunstroth phr ease / lift / relax the lockdown

lyfrêson tre home delivery

mainys socyal pl social media

mêny m mênys household

mêny istynys m mênys extended household

merwel a’n vîrùs phr die from the virus

meth failure (of organ)

model statystyk m modelys statistical model

mothow pl shambles, fiasco

musurow costednys pl targeted measures

na veu bythqweth kyns phr unprecedented

neus gwias col neujen [web] threads 

norma·lyta nowyth (not used with an) the new normal

nôtya announce

nôtyans sodhogyl m nôtyansow official announcement

nowedhy stroth wàr phr reimpose restrictions on

nyver reprodùcsyon (R) reproduction (R) number

ol goly i'n skevens phr lung scarring

omenesa self-isolate

omlêsa spread intr

omsawya recover (from the virus)

omwetha shield intr

o·xygen (o·xyjyn) oxygen

pain i’n vriansen phr sore throat

pas cough

pas sëgh dry cough

pasa cough

pellder socyal social distancing

pellvetya use video conferencing

peryl m perylyow danger, risk

peryllya endanger (somebody); risk (something)

pollgor cùssulya m pollgorow advisory committee

poynt a drailya an vontol phr tipping point

prenassa ownek fol panic-buy

prenassa wàr lînen phr shop on-line

prestyans daslebmel bounce back loan

prevy test

Prevy-Trouvya Test and Trace

purheor dêwla hand sanitizer

pymthek nos fourteen days

qwa·rantîn quarantine

rag tro phr temporary

re boos phr overweight

resystens resistance (to virus)

rethyans gorotham emergency legislation

rumen ascûsys f rumednow exempt category

scant adj limited (resources etc)

scenaryô a’n gwelha câss best case

scenaryô a’n câss lacka oll worst case

sciensyth omdhonek m sciensydhyon behavioural scientist

scodhyans economyk economic support

secùnd todn phr second wave

sensadow dres termyn phr sustainable

sensy pellder see [gwrewgh] sensy pellder 

sensy pellder socyal phr to social-distance

servys lyfrêson m servyssyow delivery service

Servys Yêhes (not used with an) m The [National] Health Service (NHS)

skevens pl lungs

skew dhyffresus f skewyow dyffresus protective screen

skit diarrhoea

sosten food (considered as a commodity)

sqwîthans fatigue

stacyon glanythter m stacyons hygiene station

musurow / stappys dres kynda phr extraordinary measures

musurow / stappys diogely phr protective measures

statystygyon pl statistics

stoffya an withva phr stockpile v

stra·tejy m stra·tejys strategy

system imûneth immune system

tanow adj scarce

tanowder scarcity

tardh m tardhow outbreak

termyn strothys phr [for a] limited period

terstuth crisis

teylu ogas / nes close family, close relatives

tomva f tomvaow hotspot

torrva tan f fire break

tra (pl taclow) a yll happya phr contingency

trailya in y garn phr do a U-turn

treuscorrans transmission (of the virus)

trewyas sputum

tryflek y wely phr triple-layer

tus ha yêhes gwadn gansa phr people with underlying health problems

tus ker pl loved ones

tylly dre garten phr pay by card

udn mêter alês / an eyl orth y gela phr one metre apart

uhel y beryl phr [at] high-risk

uhelboynt m uhelboyntys peak (in infections)

unsys dourwith m unsysow intensive care unit (ICU)

vacsîn vaccine

vîrologyth m vîrologydhyon virologist

vîrùs m vîrùsow virus

vysour basnet m vysours visor

vysour fâss m vysours face mask

vysour kyrù·rjery m vysours surgical mask

warlergh kelghrester phr on a rota basis

whythrans (orth) research (into)


For genders and plural forms see the Cornish-English listing above.

advisor see scientific advisor

advisory committee pollgor cùssulya

the alert level level an gwarnyans

algorithm augrym

announce nôtya

announcement see official announcement

antibody gorthcorf ‖

anxiety fienasow

the Army an Army

asymptomatic heb arwedhyow

availability cafadêwder

bed see hospital bed

behavioural scientist sciensyth omdhonek

best case scenaryô a’n gwelha câss

blood clot clot goos

bounce back loan prestyans daslebmel

breathing anellans; see also difficulty breathing

bring under control dry in dadn rêwl

bubble bothel

card see pay by card

care home chy cûr

catch the virus bos clevejys a’n vîrùs

circuit break dyberthva kelgh

clinical trial(s) assa·y cly·nycal

close family teylu ogas / nes

close relatives teylu ogas / nes

closure (of business etc) degeans

clot see blood clot

community spirit comen-spyrys

complacency fara honenblêsys

considerate anhonenus

consideration (for others) anhonenuster; see also lack of consideration

contact tracing see track-and-trace

contingency tra a yll happya

coronavirus cùrunvîrùs

cough pas; and see dry cough

cough pasa

covering see\ face covering

Covid-19 Covyd Nawnjek

covidiot covydyot

crisis terstuth

curfew coverfu

daily press briefing derivadow pùb jorna dhe’n wask

danger peryl

delivery see home delivery

delivery driver lewyor lyfrêson

delivery service servys lyfrêson

diarrhoea skit

die from the virus merwel a’n vîrùs

he has difficulty breathing dysêsys yw y anellans

distancing see social distancing

distribution (of supplies) dystrybûtyans

dove colom

downgrade gradhegy wàr nans

driver see delivery driver

droplet dryppyn

dry cough pas sëgh

ease the lockdown lowsel an leunstroth ‖

economic support scodhyans economyk

economy see restart the economy

emergency gorotham

emergency legislation rethyans gorotham

emergency powers gallos gorotham

endanger peryllya

epidemic cleves epydemyk

epidemiologist epydemyth

equipment see personal protective equipment

examination grades gradhow apposyans

exempt category rumen ascûsys

experimental in dadn brov

expert arbenygor

exponential esponencyal

extended household mêny istynys

extraordinary measures musurow / stappys dres kynda

face covering cudhlen fâss

face mask vysour fâss

failure (of organ) meth

family members esely an teylu

fatigue sqwîthans

feasible hewil

fever fevyr

fiasco mothow

fire break torrva tan

food (considered as a commodity) sosten

fourteen days pymthek nos

flu-like symptoms arwedhyow par hag anwesva

for the foreseeable future bys may hyller ragweles

furloughed staff arfedhysogyon gorrys dhe sygerneth

until further notice erna vo clôwys nampyth ken

further outbreak dastardh ‖

Government guidance kevarwedhyans an Governans

gown see surgical gown

grade gradhegy

grades see examination grades

guidance cùssulyans; see also Government guidance

guidelines gedlînednow

he has had the virus ev yw sawyes a’n vîrùs

hand sanitizer purheor dêwla

handwash golhas dêwla

hawk hôk

health worker gweythor yêhes

[at] high-risk uhel y beryl

high temperature fevyr

home delivery lyfrêson tre

hospital clojy

hospital bed gwely clojy

hotspot tomva

household mêny

hygiene station stacyon glanythter

ill with the virus clâv a’n vîrùs

immune system system imûneth

immunity imûneth

incompetence anwywder [ha camwonys]

inconsiderate honenus

infect clevejy

infection clevejyans

infectious clevejus

infectiousness clevejuster

intensive care dourwith

intensive care unit (ICU) unsys dourwith

irresponsible dybreder

isolate enesa

The Joint Biosecurity Centre An Gescresen rag Biosawder

keep your distance [gwrewgh] sensy pellder

key worker gweythor alwhedhek

kidney loneth

laboratory arbrojy

lack of consideration (for others) honenuster

legislation see emergency legislation

level level

lift the lockdown lowsel an leunstroth ‖

limited (resources etc) scant

[for a] limited period termyn strothys

local lockdown leunstroth ‖ in udn vro

lockdown leunstroth ‖

long covid covyd hir

loss of sense of taste and smell coll sens a sawor

loved ones tus ker

lung scarring ol goly i’n skevens

lungs skevens

mask see face mask, surgical mask

measures see extraordinary measures, protective measures

take measures to gwil musurow / stappys rag

the military an Army

mock examination(s) fug-apposyans

model see statistical model

mortality rate kevrath an morta·lyta

mothball gorra i'n withva

The [National] Health Service (NHS) Servys Yêhes

nausea cleves wheja

neighbour kentrevak

the new normal norma·lyta nowyth

non-availability fowt cafadêwder

obese gorbeskys

official announcement nôtyans sodhogyl

one metre apart udn mêter alês / an eyl orth y gela

open-ended erna vo clôwes nampyth ken

optimistic brâs y wovenek

outbreak tardh; see also further outbreak

the outlook (for the future) an wolok dhyragon

overweight re boos

oxygen o·xygen (o·xyjyn)

pandemic cleves pandemyk

panic-buy prenassa ownek fol

paper tissue dornlien paper

pay by card tylly dre garten

peak (in infections) uhelboynt

personal protective equipment (PPE) hernes diogely

pessimistic bohes y wovenek

pharmaceutical company cowethas iliow

pneumonia fakel skevens

press briefing see daily press briefing

press conference kescùssulyans an wask

presymptomatic kyns arwedhyow

protective equipment see personal protective equipment

protective measures musurow / stappys diogely

protective screen skew dhyffresus

quarantine qwa·rantîn

ration ewnradna

recession kildro

recover (from the virus) omsawya

recovery rate kevrath an sawyans

reimpose restrictions on nowedhy stroth wàr

relatives esely an teylu

relax the lockdown lowsel an leunstroth ‖

reproduction (R) number nyver reprodùcsyon

research (into) whythrans (orth)

resistance (to the virus) resystens

resources asnodhow

respirator gwynsel

restart the economy dassordya an eco·nomy

restrictions see reimpose restrictions on

risk n peryl

risk peryllya

on a rota basis warlergh kelghrester

the rule of six an rêwl a whegh

sanitizer see hand sanitizer

scarce tanow

scarcity tanowder

scarring see lung scarring

scientific advisor cùssulyor sciensek

screen see protective screen

second wave secùnd todn

selfish honenus

selfishness honenuster

self-isolate omenesa

sense of taste and smell see loss of sense of taste and smell

shambles mothow

shield omwetha

be shielding bos in omwith

shop on-line prenassa wàr lînen

to social-distance sensy pellder socyal

social distancing pellder socyal

social media mainys socyal

sore throat pain i’n vriansen

spike (in infections) colgh

spread lêsa tr & intr, omlesa intr

sputum trewyas

statistical model model statystyk

statistics statystygyon

statutory sick pay gober cleves dre laha

take steps to gwil musurow / stappys rag

stockpile gwithva stoffyes

stockpile stoffya an withva

strategy stra·tejy

super-spreader gorlêsor

supply chain chain a brovians

support package fardel scodhya

support programme fardel scodhya

surgical gown gon kyrù·rjery

surgical mask vysour kyrù·rjery

survival rate kevrath an sawyans

sustainable sensadow dres termyn

symptoms see without symptoms

targeted measures musurow costednys

temperature see high temperature

temporary rag tro

test prevy

Test and Trace Prevy-Trouvya

test negative for the virus bos prevys negedhek orth an vîrùs

test positive for the virus bos prevys po·sytyf orth an vîrùs

testing kit daffar prevy

thread see web threads

throat briansen; and see sore throat

tier level

tipping point poynt a drailya an vontol

tissue see paper tissue

tracing see track-and-trace

track-and-trace holya-trouvya

transmission (of the virus) treuscorrans

triage dosbarthans

triple-layer tryflek y wely

tweet gorra twit

two metres apart dew vêter alês / an eyl orth y gela

two weeks on, two weeks off dyw seythen rag, dyw seythen mes

uncertainty ancertuster

under control see bring under control

people with underlying health problems tus ha yêhes gwadn gansa

unprecedented na veu bythqweth kyns

unselfish anhonenus

unselfishness anhonenuster

unthinking dybreder

do a U-turn trailya in y garn

vaccine vacsîn

ventilator gwynsel

viable hewil

use video conferencing pellvetya

viral load begh vîrek

virologist vîrologyth

virtual furvwir

virus vîrùs

visor vysour basnet

vomiting cleves wheja

vulnerable dyscoos

web threads neus gwias

webinar gwia·synar

website gwiasva

without symptoms heb arwedhyow

worker see health worker, key worker

The World Health Organization (WHO) Cowethyans Yêhes an Bÿs

worst case scenaryô a’n câss lacka oll