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Text an recordyans / Text of the recording

Egery in dyw several fenester rag gweles an text ha goslowes i’n kettermyn.

Open in two separate windows to see the text and listen at the same time.

Poyntys an compas in Sowsnek yw ‘North’, ‘East’, ‘South’ ha ‘West’. Gwell o gans Nance pùpprës geryow genesyk ès geryow benthygys. Ytho rag kenyver onen a boyntys an compas Nance a wre comendya dew er: North ha Cledh, Ëst ha Howldrevel, Soth ha Dyhow; Howlsedhas ha West. An termys genesyk ena yw kefys in Lhuyd. Nyns yns y dhe weles i’n textow hengovek. I’n contrary part yma an textow owth ûsya North, Ëst, Soth ha West pùpprës. Ot obma nebes examplys: golsowowgh orth Jûbyter agas tassens a’n barth North ‘listen to Jupiter, your holy father from the North’ Bêwnans Meryasek; Kê Soth ha North ha gwra cry crev in pùb cost ‘Go South and North and make a loud outcry everywhere’ Bêwnans Ke; Cubmyas teg ev a gemeras ha pell dha Ëst ev a dravalyas ‘He took farewell and far to the East he travelled’ Jowan Chy an Hordh; ha’n steren a wrug anjy gweles i’n Ëst êth deractans erna wrug hy dos ha savas dres an le mayth era an flogh yonk ‘and the star they had seen in the East went before them until it came and stopped over the place where the young child was’ William Rowe; Dhe Soth ny a vynn sensy in hanow Crist eus avan ‘We will keep to the South in the name of Christ above’ Bêwnans Meryasek; Howl Soth, torr leun, paravys an gwaynten ‘Sun in the South, a full belly; spring is paradise’ William Scawen; Nyns eus gwas a West dhe Hayl a’n tollo gwell ‘There is no man to the West of Hayl who would bore a hole in it better’ Passio Christi; marhak in pedn West Pow Densher ‘a knight in the West side of the County of Devonshire’ Nicholas Boson. Apert yw fatell vedha North, Ëst, Soth ha West ûsys in Kernowek dhyworth termyn an Ordinalia bys in dedhyow Nicholas Boson. Saw yma dhyn dùstuny a’n geryow ûsys rag poyntys an compas in prydydhieth coth an Kernowek. In y lyver Archæologia Cornu-Britannica in mesk darnow cot erel in Kernowek côwsys yma Pryce ow pryntya avell pros teyr lînen a brydydhieth in Kernowek Cres avarr. Yma an lînednow-na ow rîmya warbarth hag apert yw y dhe formya englyn. Kynth yw an text nebes corrùptys, me a wrussa y amendya indelma rag cafos an versyon gwredhek: Pùb dybarth i’n bÿs pin hir a’th sew/ pàn vo res dal fordh na fors py du/ Howlsedhas, Gogleth, Dùryan, Dyhow [In every quarter of the world long tribulation will follow thee/ when thou must hold to the road no matter which way/ West, North, East, South]. Poyntys an compas i’n englyn-na yw Gogleth ‘North’, Dùryan ‘East’, Dyhow ‘South’ ha Howlsedhas ‘West’. Yth yw Gogleth gwelys inwedh in hanow tyller dhyworth an seytegves cansvledhen, Vounder Gogglas in Pluw Ust. Dùryan yw an keth ger avell Dwyrain ‘Ëst’ in Gembrek, ger usy ow styrya ‘derevel an howl.’ Yth o Nance whensys dhe ûsya geryow Keltek rag poyntys an compas, saw coynt yw na wrug ev comendya oll an termys in englyn coth Pryce.