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Egery in dyw several fenester rag gweles an text ha goslowes i’n kettermyn.

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In y erlyfryow rag ‘to hope’ yma Nance ow comendya gwaitya. Dell yw ûsys yma an verb-na ow styrya ‘to mind, to watch, to take care’. Hèn yw cler dhyworth an examplys-ma: gwait bos arâg i’n voward ma na vy sensys coward ‘be careful to be in front in the vanguard lest you be considered a coward’ Origo Mundi; Ha pàn vesta saw ha glân gwait dystrûya yn tien oll templys an fâlj-duwow ‘And when you are healed and clean, be sure to destroy all the temples of the false gods’ Bêwnans Meryasek; Gwaityowgh gul agas devar ‘Take care to do your duty’ Bêwnans Ke. Saw yma an verb ow sygnyfia ‘to wait, to expect’ traweythyow, rag ensampyl: pàn vo pymp mil ha pymp cans a vledhydnyow cler passys, i’n eur-na gwaityans dewhans warlergh oyl mercy pùpprës ‘when a thousand and five hundred years have clearly passed, then let him expect oil of mercy at any time’ Creacyon an Bÿs. Yma Nance ow ry gwaitya avell an hanow verbek, saw nyns yw hedna kefys in tyller vÿth. An hanow verbek destys yw gwetyas, dell yw cler dhyworth an examplys-ma: pana dra a wren ny gwetyas dhyworth Duw alemma rag mar teun ny ha peha ha’y ankevy ev? ‘what can we hope for in the future from God if we sin and forget him?’ Tregear; fatell yllons gwetyas favour a dhewlef aga Thas a nev, hag y mar spîtfùl ow despîsya an corf ha’n goos agan Savyour Crist? ‘How can they hope for favour at the hands of their heavenly Father, when they so spitefully despise the body and blood of our Saviour Christ?’ Tregear. Qwachas yw form adhewedhes an hanow verbek dell yw gwelys i’n wers-ma dhyworth Jowan Tonkin:

Mytern Jamys ’wrug qwachas y stoppya,

bùs e na alja — yth êth dha gloppya.

Ev a wrug qwachas mos dha’n gwella ternewen

bùs e’ godhas dres in dewhan.  

‘King James hoped to stop him,

but he couldn’t—he went off hobbling.

He hoped to go to the best side

but he fell over into misery.’

Rag ‘hope’ avell hanow yma Kernowek Udnys ow comendya gwaityans. Caradar rag ensampyl in Kernowek Sempelhës a scrif: Indella yma gwaityans genef y whra pùb studhyor a’n lyver-ma…whylas kêwsel kyns ès screfa. Saw nyns yw gwaityans kefys i’n tavas hengovek in tyller vÿth. An ger ewn rag ‘hope’ yw govenek, dell yw apert i’n tyleryow-ma: ro dhymm dha vanneth perfëth rag dhymm yma govenek cafos dhe gens tregereth ‘give me your blessing completely, for I hope to obtain mercy first’ Origo Mundi; ny re dheuth omma adre in govenek exaltya Meryasek in pur certan ‘we have come here from home in the hope of elevating Meriasek very truly’ Bewnans Meryasek; ha Nyns eus dhyn naneyl fëdh, govenek, charyta, pacyens, chastyta na tra vÿth aral yw dâ ma’s dhyworth Duw ‘We have neither faith, hope, charity, patience, chastity nor any other good thing but from God’ Tregear. Wostyweth yma govenek dhybm y whrug oll ow goslowysy cafos Nadelyk lowen hag y dhe gafos bledhen nowyth dâ.