Put the definite article in front of the noun (as for Drill 7), add a suitable adjective to each noun (as for Drill 17), add the introductory words an re-na yw, and translate. The first one has been answered for you as an example.

1.       Kernowyon

          An re-na yw an Gernowyon golodnek. Those are the brave Cornishmen.

2.       tyleryow

3.       ûnyversytys

4.       crowyow

5.       qwethow

6.       mynysow

7.       hâvow

8.       gwedrednow

9.       godhow

10.     tycky Duwas

11.     degolyow hâv

12.     cynemas

13.     brythylly

14.     defendoryon

15.     trevow

16.     elydnow

17.     gwelsow bian

18.     hanafow

19.     lovonow

20.     medhygyon


1.       An re-na yw an Gernowyon golodnek. Those are the brave Cornishmen.

2.       An re-na yw an tyleryow pell. Those are the far places.

3.       An re-na yw an ûnyversytys estrednek. Those are the foreign universities.

4.       An re-na yw an crowyow dygempen. Those are the untidy sheds.

5.       An re-na yw an qwethow rych. Those are the rich cloths.

6.       An re-na yw an mynysow cot. Those are the short minutes.

7.       An re-na yw an hâvow glawek. Those are the rainy summers.

8.       An re-na yw an gwedrednow glân. Those are the clean glasses.

9.       An re-na yw an godhow gwydn. Those are the white geese.

10.     An re-na yw an tycky Duwas melenrudh. Those are the orange butterflies.

11.     An re-na yw an degolyow hâv plesont. Those are the pleasant summer holidays.

12.     An re-na yw an cynemas brâs. Those are the large cinemas.

13.     An re-na yw an brythylly bian. Those are the small mackerel[s].

14.     An re-na yw an defendoryon plastyk. Those are the plastic erasers.

15.     An re-na yw an trevow ogas. Those are the nearby towns.

16.     An re-na yw an elydnow ascornek. Those are the bony elbows.

17.     An re-na yw an gwelsow bian sogh. Those are the blunt scissors.

18.     An re-na yw an hanafow hir. Those are the tall cups (i.e. mugs).

19.     An re-na yw an lovonow crev. Those are the strong ropes.

20.     An re-na yw an vedhygyon sqwith. Those are the weary medics (doctors).