Put the definite article in front of the noun (as for Drill 9), add a suitable adjective to each noun (as for Drill 19), add the introductory words an re-na yw, and translate. The first one has been answered for you as an example.

1.       boostiow

          An re-na yw an boostiow ker. Those are the expensive restaurants.

2.       croust

3.       flourys

4.       fosow

5.       dôwysyans

6.       haunsel

7.       pel droos

8.       medhegneth

9.       derowen

10.     pluvednow plobm

11.     gwëdhpoll

12.     lost

13.     caltoryow

14.     gwâv

15.     morlanow

16.     carrygy

17.     para

18.     logosen

19.     coref

20.     ganowow


1.       An re-na yw an boostiow ker. Those are the expensive restaurants.

2.       Hèn yw an croust scav. That’s the light (picnic) lunch.

3.       An re-na yw an flourys wheg. Those are the fragrant flowers.

4.       An re-na yw an fosow tew. Those are the thick walls.

5.       Hèn yw an dôwysyans kemyn. That’s the general election.

6.       Hèn yw an haunsel tobm. That’s the hot (cooked) breakfast.

7.       Hòn yw an bel droos vian. That’s the small football.

8.       Hèn yw an medhegneth crev. That’s the strong medicine.

9.       Hòn yw an dherowen goth. That’s the old oak-tree.

10.     An re-na yw an pluvednow plobm hir. Those are the long pencils.

11.     Hèn yw an gwëdhpoll sempel. That’s the simple chess.

12.     Hèn yw an lost cot. That’s the short tail (or queue).

13.     An re-na yw an caltoryow gwag. Those are the empty kettles.

14.     Hèn yw an gwâv glëb. That’s the wet winter.

15.     Hèn yw an morlanow peryllys. That’s the dangerous high tide.

16.     An re-na yw an carrygy serth. Those are the steep rocks.

17.     Hèn yw an para yonk. That’s the young team.

18.     Hòn yw an logosen vunys. That’s the tiny mouse.

19.     Hèn yw an coref gell. That’s the pale ale.

20.     An re-na yw an ganowow leun. Those are the full mouths.