Convert the present forms into preterite forms (with auxiliary gwil) and translate.

Example:      Usy hy ow qwary i’n lowarth?

A wrug hy gwary i’n lowarth? Did she play in the garden?


1.       Usy ev ow qweles an qwylkyn?

2.       Esowgh why ow kerdhes dhe’n dre?

3.       Eson ny ow wherthyn?

4.       Esof vy ow miras orth an bellwolok?

5.       Usons y ow prenassa i’n gwerthjy-na?

6.       Esta ow côwsel Sowsnek?

7.       Usy an ky ow cùsca i’n stevel esedha?

8.       Eson ny owth eva coref i’n tavern?

9.       Usy ev ow tebry soper i’n boosty?

10.     Usy an gath ow ponya dres an fordh?



1.       A wrug ev gweles an qwylkyn? Did he see the frog?

2.       A wrussowgh why kerdhes dhe’n dre? Did you walk to [the] town?

3.       A wrussyn ny wherthyn? Did we laugh?

4.       A wrug vy miras orth an bellwolok? Did I watch [the] television?

5.       A wrussons y prenassa i’n gwerthjy-na? Did they shop in that shop?

6.       A wrusta côwsel Sowsnek? Did you speak English?

7.       A wrug an ky cùsca i’n stevel esedha? Did the dog sleep in the sitting-room?

8.       A wrussyn ny eva coref i’n tavern? Did we drink beer in the pub?

9.       A wrug ev debry soper i’n boosty? Did he eat supper in the restaurant?

10.     A wrug an gath ponya dres an fordh? Did the cat run across the road?