Convert the preterite forms into present forms and translate.

Example:      Hy a wrug gwary i’n lowarth.

Yma hy ow qwary i’n lowarth. She’s playing in the garden.


1.       An tycky Duw a wrug esedha wàr an flour.

2.       My a wrug prena scath.

3.       Why a wrug miras orth an clock.

4.       An flehes a wrug ponya der an castel.

5.       Ty a wrug marhogeth i’n degolyow hâv.

6.       Hy hothman a wrug mos dhe’n eglos.

7.       Ev a wrug gweles dew edhen gwydn.

8.       An wragh a wrug wherthyn.

9.       Agan mabm a wrug gorra hanaf wàr an voos.

10.     Y a wrug kerhes dowr.



1.       Yma an tycky Duw owth esedha wàr an flour. The butterfly’s settling on the flower.

2.       Yth esof vy ow prena scath. I’m buying a boat.

3.       Yth esowgh why ow miras orth an clock. You’re looking at the clock.

4.       Yma an flehes ow ponya der an castel. The children are running through the castle.

5.       Yth esta ow marhogeth i’n degolyow hâv. You ride in the summer holidays.

6.       Yma hy hothman ow mos dhe’n eglos. Her friend goes to church.

7.       Yma ev ow qweles dew edhen gwydn. He can see two white birds.

8.       Yma an wragh ow wherthyn. The witch is laughing.

9.       Yma agan mabm ow corra hanaf wàr an voos. Our mother’s putting a cup on the table.

10.     Ymowns y ow kerhes dowr. They’re fetching some water.