Convert the preterite forms into present forms and translate.

Example:      Hy a wrug gwary i’n lowarth.

Yma hy ow qwary i’n lowarth. She’s playing in the garden.


1.       An deves a wrug gwandra wàr an vre.

2.       An fos a wrug codha.

3.       An kescows a wrug dallath.

4.       Me a wrug debry haunsel.

5.       Y a wrug whythra oll an dra.

6.       Hy a wrug gorra dehen wàr an desen.

7.       An dhescadores a wrug scrifa an practys in mes.

8.       Ev a wrug sevel dhyrag an imach.

9.       An kigor a wrug gwertha kig ôn dhybm.

10.     An flogh a wrug gwary wàr an lesk lovan.



1.       Yma an deves ow qwandra wàr an vre. The sheep are wandering on the hill.

2.       Yma an fos ow codha. The wall’s falling down.

3.       Yma an kescows ow tallath. The conversation’s beginning.

4.       Yth esof vy ow tebry haunsel. I’m having breakfast.

5.       Ymowns y ow whythra oll an dra. They’re investigating the whole thing.

6.       Yma hy ow corra dehen wàr an desen. She’s putting cream on the cake.

7.       Yma an dhescadores ow scrifa an practys in mes. The teacher’s writing out the exercise.

8.       Yma ev ow sevel dhyrag an imach. He’s stopping in front of the statue.

9.       Yma an kigor ow qwertha kig ôn dhybm. The butcher’s selling me some lamb.

10.     Yma an flogh ow qwary wàr an lesk lovan. The child’s playing on the swing.