Convert the preterite forms into present forms and translate.

Example:      Hy a wrug gwary i’n lowarth.

Yma hy ow qwary i’n lowarth. She’s playing in the garden.


1.       An marchont a wrug gwertha lies margh.

2.       An Gernowyon a wrug kerdhes dhe Loundres.

3.       An paloresow a wrug esedha wàr an âls.

4.       Anjy a wrug prena try fytsa.

5.       My a wrug spêna nebes mona i’n dre.

6.       An venyn a wrug vysytya an ûnyversyta.

7.       Ev a wrug ûsya an scubel.

8.       Hy a wrug marhogeth wàr verhyk bian.

9.       An medhek a wrug ry medhegneth dhedha.

10.     An logosen a wrug ponya dres an leur.



1.       Yma an marchont ow qwertha lies margh. The merchant sells many horses.

2.       Yma an Gernowyon ow kerdhes dhe Loundres. The Cornishmen are walking to London.

3.       Yma an paloresow owth esedha wàr an âls. The choughs are perching on the cliff.

4.       Ymowns y ow prena try fytsa. They’re buying three pizzas.

5.       Yth esof vy ow spêna nebes mona i’n dre. I’m spending a little money in [the] town.

6.       Yma an venyn ow vysytya an ûnyversyta. The woman’s visiting the university.

7.       Yma ev owth ûsya an scubel. He’s using the broom.

8.       Yma hy ow marhogeth wàr verhyk bian. She’s riding a small pony.

9.       Yma an medhek ow ry medhegneth dhedha. The doctor’s giving them some medicine.

10.     Yma an logosen ow ponya dres an leur. The mouse is running across the floor.