Convert the preterite forms into present forms and translate.

Example:      Ny wrug hy gwary i’n lowarth.

Nyns usy hy ow qwary i’n lowarth. She isn’t playing in the garden.


1.       Ny wrug an jyn tedna dos in mes a’n park.

2.       Ny wrug an gwyns herdhya der an crow.

3.       Ny wrug Mabm ha Tas vysytya an hens horn.

4.       Ny wrug ev leverel “Gromercy.”

5.       Ny wrussyn ny gweles gavar.

6.       Ny wrug an maw mos dhe’n scol wàr y rostell.

7.       Ny wrug ev settya an bara wàr an voos.

8.       Ny wrussons y ûsya collel ha forgh.

9.       Ny wrussowgh why pêsya desky Kernowek.

10.     Ny wrug an lostek ponya dhe ves.



1.       Nyns usy an jyn tedna ow tos in mes a’n park. The tractor isn’t coming out of the field.

2.       Nyns usy an gwyns owth herdhya der an crow. The wind isn’t blowing through the shed.

3.       Nyns usy Mabm ha Tas ow vysytya an hens horn. Mother and Father aren’t visiting the railway.

4.       Nyns usy ev ow leverel “Gromercy”. He isn’t saying thank you.

5.       Nyns eson ny ow qweles gavar. We can’t see a goat.

6.       Nyns usy an maw ow mos dhe’n scol wàr y rostell. The boy doesn’t go to school on his skateboard.

7.       Nyns usy ev ow settya an bara wàr an voos. He isn’t setting the bread on the table.

8.       Nyns usons y owth ûsya collel ha forgh. They aren’t using knives and forks.

9.       Nyns esowgh why ow pêsya desky Kernowek. You aren’t continuing to learn Cornish.

10.     Nyns usy an lostek ow ponya dhe ves. The fox isn’t running away.