Convert the preterite forms into present forms and translate.

Example:      A wrug hy gwary i’n lowarth?

Usy hy ow qwary i’n lowarth? Is she playing in the garden?


1.       A wrug an den coth mos dhe’n lyverva?

2.       A wrug glaw codha wàr an to?

3.       A wrug an kerry sevel wàr an fordh?

4.       A wrug ev gwysca côta poos?

5.       A wrussons y debry fav ledan ha cawl?

6.       A wrug vy ry lies ensampel?

7.       A wrug ev bonkya an voos gans y dhorn?

8.       A wrusta cùsca termyn hir?

9.       A wrug an chîcok esedha wàr fos an chy?

10.     A wrug an den megy cygaryk kyns mos i’n tavern?



1.       Usy an den coth ow mos dhe’n lyverva? Is the old man going to the library?

2.       Eus glaw ow codha wàr an to? Is rain falling on the roof?

3.       Usy an kerry ow sevel wàr an fordh? Are the cars stopping on the road?

4.       Usy ev ow qwysca côta poos? Is he putting on a heavy coat?

5.       Usons y ow tebry fav ledan ha cawl? Are they eating broad beans and cabbage?

6.       Esof vy ow ry lies ensampel? Am I giving lots of examples?

7.       Usy ev ow ponkya an voos gans y dhorn? Is he banging the table with his fist?

8.       Esta ow cùsca termyn hir? Are you sleeping long?

9.       Usy an chîcok owth esedha wàr fos an chy? Is the house-martin perching on the wall of the house?

10.     Usy an den ow megy cygaryk kyns mos i’n tavern? Is the man smoking a cigarette before going into the pub?