Simple Drills No. 91



Answer the questions with yes (prefer anjy for ‘they’) and translate.

Example:      A wrug hy gwary i’n lowarth?

Gwrug, hy a wrug gwary i’n lowarth. Yes, she played in the garden.


1.       A wrug an marchont gwertha lies margh?

2.       A wrug an Gernowyon kerdhes dhe Loundres?

3.       A wrug an paloresow esedha wàr an âls?

4.       A wrussons y prena try fytsa?

5.       A wrug vy spêna nebes mona i’n dre?

6.       A wrug an venyn vysytya an ûnyversyta?

7.       A wrug ev ûsya an scubel?

8.       A wrug hy marhogeth wàr verhyk bian?

9.       A wrug an medhek ry medhegneth dhedha?

10.     A wrug an logosen ponya dres an leur?



1.       Gwrug, an marchont a wrug gwertha lies margh. Yes, the merchant sold many horses.

2.       Gwrussons, an Gernowyon a wrug kerdhes dhe Loundres. Yes, the Cornishmen walked to London.

3.       Gwrussons, an paloresow a wrug esedha wàr an âls. Yes, the choughs perched on the cliff.

4.       Gwrussons, anjy a wrug prena try fytsa. Yes, they bought three pizzas.

5.       Gwrug, my a wrug spêna nebes mona i’n dre. Yes, I spent a little money in [the] town.

6.       Gwrug, an venyn a wrug vysytya an ûnyversyta. Yes, the woman visited the university.

7.       Gwrug, ev a wrug ûsya an scubel. Yes, he used the broom.

8.       Gwrug, hy a wrug marhogeth wàr verhyk bian. Yes, she was riding a small pony.

9.       Gwrug, an medhek a wrug ry medhegneth dhedha. Yes, the doctor gave them some medicine.

10.     Gwrug, an logosen a wrug ponya dres an leur. Yes, the mouse ran across the floor.