Answer the questions with yes (prefer anjy for ‘they’) and translate.

Example:      A wrug hy gwary i’n lowarth?

Gwrug, hy a wrug gwary i’n lowarth. Yes, she played in the garden.


1.       A wrug an jyn tedna dos in mes a’n park?

2.       A wrug an gwyns herdhya der an crow?

3.       A wrug Mabm ha Tas vysytya an hens horn?

4.       A wrug ev leverel “Gromercy”?

5.       A wrussyn ny gweles gavar?

6.       A wrug an maw mos dhe’n scol wàr y rostell?

7.       A wrug ev settya an bara wàr an voos?

8.       A wrussons y ûsya collel ha forgh?

9.       A wrussowgh why pêsya desky Kernowek?

10.     A wrug an lostek ponya dhe ves?



1.       Gwrug, an jyn tedna a wrug dos in mes a’n park. Yes, the tractor came out of the field.

2.       Gwrug, an gwyns a wrug herdhya der an crow. Yes, the wind blew through the shed.

3.       Gwrussons, Mabm ha Tas a wrug vysytya an hens horn. Yes, Mother and Father visited the railway.

4.       Gwrug, ev a wrug leverel “Gromercy”. Yes, he said thank you.

5.       Gwrussyn, ny a wrug gweles gavar. Yes, we saw a goat.

6.       Gwrug, an maw a wrug mos dhe’n scol wàr y rostell. Yes, the boy went to school on his skateboard.

7.       Gwrug, ev a wrug settya an bara wàr an voos. Yes, he set the bread on the table.

8.       Gwrussons, anjy a wrug ûsya collel ha forgh. Yes, they used knives and forks.

9.       Gwrussowgh, why a wrug pêsya desky Kernowek. Yes, you continued learning Cornish.

10.     Gwrug, an lostek a wrug ponya dhe ves. Yes, the fox ran away.