Answer the questions with yes and translate.

Example:      Eus bara wàr an voos?

Eus, yma bara wàr an voos. Yes, there’s bread on the table.


1.       Eus deves i’n park?

2.       Eus flehes i’n scol?

3.       Eus lyvrow i’n stevel esedha?

4.       Eus tesednow i’n gwerthjy?

5.       Eus lies carr wàr an fordh?

6.       Eus teyr hath i’n chy-na?

7.       Eus lo ryb pùb hanaf?

8.       Eus moos frank i’n goffîva?

9.       Eus daromres tew i’n dre?

10.     Eus estyll mordardh wàr an treth?



1.       Eus, yma deves i’n park. Yes, there are sheep in the field.

2.       Eus, yma flehes i’n scol. Yes, there are children in the school.

3.       Eus, yma lyvrow i’n stevel esedha. Yes, there are books in the sitting-room.

4.       Eus, yma tesednow i’n gwerthjy. Yes, there are cakes in the shop.

5.       Eus, yma lies carr wàr an fordh. Yes, there are many cars on the road.

6.       Eus, yma teyr hath i’n chy-na. Yes, there are three cats in that house.

7.       Eus, yma lo ryb pùb hanaf. Yes, there’s a spoon beside each cup.

8.       Eus, yma moos frank i’n goffîva. Yes, there’s a free table in the café.

9.       Eus, yma daromres tew i’n dre. Yes, there’s dense traffic in [the] town.

10.     Eus, yma estyll mordardh wàr an treth. Yes, there are skateboards on the beach.